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"Pokémon X and Y" Walkthrough: Lumiose City North


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"Pokémon X and Y" owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

"Pokémon X and Y" owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ahhh, a return to the big city! Thanks to your admirable efforts the power to Lumiose City has been restored, and you can now explore the whole of Lumiose City, not just the south. Time to do some sight-seeing, starting with the epic Prism Tower!

Lumiose City North

  • Shauna doesn't give you much choice when you enter the city. Head towards Prism Tower in the distance.
  • At the side of the Tower is a Pokémon Center. Nothing of note in here. (Though one person does mention Professor Oak, as well as his grandson. Hmm, intriguing.)
  • Approach the tower and watch the cut scene. Yaaaay. Prism Tower is now the Pokémon Gym of Lumiose City. We'll get to it soon—but, first, you'd best look around town.
  • Now that Lumiose City in its entirety has been unlocked, you can explore the numerous plazas and avenues surrounding Prism Tower. We'll start with the outer ring and work our way in. (For the areas not covered in this section of the walkthrough, please check this article instead. It covers the south of Lumiose City, and two of the avenues.)
  • Note that you can also now get around town using Gogoat Shuttles. Look for blue signs on posts along the streets to summon a Gogoat Shuttle. It'll cost you $200 per ride.

North Boulevard

  • East of the Route 13 entrance is a building. There's, uh, yeah, not much of use in here. Bit silly, really.
  • Across the street is a cafe. Also nothing in here.
  • Head down the street to the east. Along the outer edge is another building. Something very creepy will happen on the second floor, while a girl on the third floor will give you an Expert Belt. Another girl up here will give you a Protein.
  • Across from the building is an alley. Nothing there now, but . . . eventually . . . something.
  • Past the Route 14 exit is another Pokémon Center. You can buy Heal, Net, and Nest Balls at the second Poké Mart vendor.
  • There's a large building across from the Pokémon Center, no less than the Lumiose Museum. If you feel like paying $200 you can learn about each of the paintings in this area. A man with purple hair on the first floor will give you TM 82, Dragon Tail.
  • Down the street, you'll find the Hotel Richissime.

Hotel Richissime

  • Mr. Bonding is in the lobby. Guess he couldn't afford a room. O-Power time!
  • Head to the fifth floor. A girl in a bathroom in the right suite will give you TM 49, Echoed Voice.
  • Speak to the woman in the lobby, behind the desk with the older man. She'll offer to let you work at the hotel. You can do one of three jobs once per day.

Room Service: Work at the front desk, memorizing orders. Someone in the hotel will order food; you'll have to remember exactly what they ordered and then relay it to the kitchen. Get the order exactly right (I recommend writing it down) and you'll earn an easy $2,000.

Making Beds: Make beds. Simple as that. Move from room to room and interact with each bed to clean it up. There are four beds on the floor, and the rooms are arranged in a square. Easy time, even with other workers running accidental interference. Complete this task within 75 seconds to earn $2,000.

Lost and Found: Enter a hotel room and look for missing items. Basically this amounts to moving from one square to the next, constantly hitting A until you come across the missing item. Don't enter a square without first searching it or you might step on the missing item and destroy it. Find what's missing and you'll earn $2,000.

(I'm not sure if these jobs escalate each time you do them, but it sounds like they might. I'll confirm this in the next few days.)

  • Back to the street. Next to the Hotel is another building. A scientist in the lobby wants to see a Pokémon with Aroma Veil, Flower Veil, or Sweet Veil; show her one such Pokémon (I used a Flabebe) to receive a Star Piece. A little girl on the fourth floor will give you a Prism Scale.
  • Outside this building is a roller skater. She'll teach you how to backflip when skating. Ooo.
  • Beside the Route 16 exit is the Battle Institute. Once you beat the game you can come here and take Battle Tests. Right now it's little use to you.
  • Beside this is Lumiose Station. You don't have a pass, so you can't make much use of this place . . . yet.
  • Boulevard done. Head to the next main street to your right. Take your second right on the approach to Prism Tower.

Jaune Plaza

  • Off to the side of the plaza, in an alley, is a small house. No items, but hey, this is Trevor's house.
  • Take the north path to find . . .

Hibernal Avenue

  • There's a three-star restaurant here where you can dine and battle. You'll have to come back once you've beaten the Champion, though.
  • Across the street from the path to Jaune Plaza you'll find . . .

Rouge Plaza

  • Head down the narrow street leading back to the Northern Boulevard from this plaza to find a restaurant manned by karate dudes. They won't let you in until you're 'famous'. Shrug.
  • Also here is a small home where a man speaks of a "tenant". Hmmm.
  • Return to the plaza and head west to find . . .

Autumnal Avenue

  • A restaurant here will allow you to battle a series of Triple or Rotation Battles in a row for the steep price of $15,000. The money's worth it, though, because not only will you earn a substantial portion of the money back from the four battles, you'll win a prize at the end. Manage to complete each battle without losing your Pokémon, in the described number of turns, and you'll earn more of said prize. For example, I completed all four Triple Battles in the required number of turns, without losing any Pokémon, and I won 20 Big Mushrooms.
  • Next to the restaurant is a store. The vendor will sell you all of the specialty Poké Balls found in the game. Tell the girl in here that you like round things and she'll give you a Luxury Ball.
  • Next, to the west . . .

Magenta Plaza

  • Not much to see here, other than a questionable cafe. Keep going west . . .

Estival Avenue

  • Look for a cafe filled with roller skaters. A girl in here will teach you the 360 skating trick.
  • Across the street is a Loto-ID. Once a day you can get a ticket which will compare to the ID numbers of your pokémon. Match with an ID number and you'll win a prize.
  • Fourth Place: MooMoo Milk (Thanks to Rochelle)
  • Near the Loto-ID store is the office of a magazine. Alexa will act as a guide for the city, and you can read a memo on the desk to learn about the traveling Editor-in-Chief.

Bleu Plaza

  • There are a few trainers in here whom you can challenge: one in the plaza itself, one in the street leading to Prism Tower, and the last in a narrow alleyway.

Chef Kamaboko

Pidgeotto, level 30

Reward: $600

You'll cream him. No contest.

Waitress Paget

Kirlia, level 30

Reward: $600

Another easy one.

Owner Toro

Diggersby, level 30

Reward: $600

Just isn't a high enough level. Oh well.

Vernal Avenue

  • Covered in the previous article. Next!

Vert Plaza

  • More trainer! One, anyway.

Pink Girl Lillian

Krokorok, level 30

Reward: $600

So easy . . .

  • Aside from a little cafe nearby, there's not much else to do here. Time for a Pokémon Gym Challenge!

Return Trip

  • Once you defeat the Champion, visit the large stall on the North Boulevard. The vendor will sell you Lumiose Galettes for $100 each. They will heal any status ailment, similar to Full Heals, at a fraction of the price.
  • The three-star restaurant on Hibernal Avenue will no longer scare you off after beating the Champion. Here you can partake of a Double Battle, a Triple Battle or a Rotation Battle set for $100,000. As usual, you're expected to complete the battles within a certain period of time. Depending on how well you do, you'll get a certain number of Balm Mushrooms. The better you adhere to the turns listed before each battle, the more Balm Mushrooms you get. $100,000 is a very steep price, but you receive a lot of experience and with an Amulet Coin equipped you'll receive a nice return after beating the various waiters. Balm Mushrooms are also worth a lot when sold in a Poké Mart. With some practice, this restaurant can be one of the best money-making venues in the game.


ender on August 05, 2015:

The ghost girl is seen in the hotel or somewhere in lumios city on a floor (I don't know what floor) in a room on the right of the elevator. If you talk to her she will say, “ I'm listening to the elevator.”

Freaky right.

ender on August 05, 2015:

The ghost girl is seen in the hotel or somewhere in lumios city on a floor (I don't know what floor) in a room on the right of the elevator. If you talk to her she will say, “ I'm listening to the elevator.”

Freaky right.

ender on August 05, 2015:

The ghost girl is seen in the hotel or somewhere in lumios city on a floor (I don't know what floor) in a room on the right of the elevator. If you talk to her she will say, “ I'm listening to the elevator.”

Freaky right.

Vicki on October 27, 2013:

3rd place is a PP Up!

Kuroto on October 26, 2013:

Also, between Bleu Plaza and South Blvd (right behind waitress Paget) I ran into Beauty Cassandra. She only has a level 34 Roselia and gives you a Nugget if you beat her.

notalltogether on October 26, 2013:

you don't have to beat the champion to get lumiose galettes, i think i read elsewhere that its time sensitive

Locx on October 21, 2013:

2nd prize pp max for 3 numbers matched

welfycat on October 21, 2013:

3rd Prize in the Loto-ID is a PP Up for two numbers matched

Cfinster on October 20, 2013:

Anyone have any idea what was up with that creepy girl on the second floor??

Brendan on October 19, 2013:

For the hotel after my 5th job my pay went up to $10,000. I only did lost items on that level so far and it doubled the number of items to find.

Koganei on October 18, 2013:

Also, right behind Punk Girl Lillian, I found Beauty Aimee, who had one Fletchinder, Level 34. She gives you a Destiny Knot for beating her, and mentions that she'll "come here again". Hm...

Koganei on October 18, 2013:

Not sure if this is just part of Glitch City, but I was able to leave Blue Plaza, phase into South Boulevard, head back in, and fight Paget and Toro again. May be worth investigating if they have spawn timers or some such thing. Didn't stick around to try to find Kamaboko again, unfortunately :-/

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on October 16, 2013:

Huh. Exxxxciting. Thanks, though - edited it in.

Rochelle on October 16, 2013:

For the Loto-ID, fourth place is a MooMoo Milk.


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