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"Pokémon GO" Beyond the 50 Level Cap

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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Level 50 Guide


The Beyond Update

In late 2020, after years of a maximum level of 40, Pokémon GO has officially increased the cap to level 50. This is a huge change beyond simply allowing users to gather experience and push above 40. It has repercussions to combat power, powering up Pokémon, and even introduces new challenges for moving up each level for players that have already accrued a ton of extra experience above the requirement of level 40.

Reaching New Maximum Levels

Historically, you gathered experience and when you hit the requirement amount you would increase your level. However, experience kept being gathered by dedicated players after reaching the cap of 40 and if that cap suddenly increases they may quickly blow through the early levels or even all the way to 50! To counteract this, Niantic decided to add requirements to each level. This means level 41 takes a set number of experience, but also requires the player to accomplish a list of tasks. Each level has its own emphasis on how to beat it and generally requires the player to engage in all elements of the game to a pretty significant degree.

Task list for reaching level 41


Reaching Levels 41-45

In order to break above level 40, you'll have to complete a list of requirements in addition to hitting the required amount of experience.

Reaching Level 41

  • Catch 200 Pokémon in a single day (Time to use Incense and Lures!)
  • Win 30 raids
  • Power up a Legendary 20 times
  • Earn 5 gold medals

Reaching Level 42

Reaching Level 43

  • Catch 5 Legendaries
  • Earn 100,000 stardust
  • Use 200 super effective charged attacks (time for a Machop with Cross Chop or Submission vs. Blisseys/Chanseys)
  • Earn 5 platinum medals

Reaching Level 44

  • Win 30 trainer battles for Great, Ultra, and Master League
  • Win 20 battles in the GO Battle League
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Reaching Level 45

  • Defeat 100 Team Go Rocket grunts
  • Purify 100 Shadow Pokémon
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket leader 50 times
  • Collect 10 Platinum medals

Reaching Levels 46-50

The heat really starts to turn up in these later levels, to reach higher levels you'll need to really engage in what the game has to offer.

Reaching Level 46

  • Take a Pokémon snapshot 7 days in a row (I recommend an alarm)
  • Make 50 excellent throws
  • Hatch 30 eggs
  • Complete 100 field research tasks

Reaching Level 47

  • Win 30 Raids using a team of all unique species
  • Win a three-star Raid using Pokémon with 1500 CP or less
  • Power up 6 Pokémon to their max CP
  • Earn 20 Platinum Medals

Reaching Level 48

  • Get 20 Souvenirs from your Buddy Pokémon
  • Earn 300 hearts with your Buddy
  • Walk 200 km with your Buddy
  • Walk 25 km in a week 8 times

Reaching Level 49

  • Still to be determined, but the website suggests it will be related to friends and the friend system. It references sending gifts and earning Lucky Pokémon, but I wouldn't be surprised to see reaching various friend statuses a requirement as well.

Reaching Level 50

  • Still to be determined but the website alludes to this level requiring you to be a master of all things. It indicates there may be a task for a streak of excellent shots, defeating Team GO Rocket leaders, and catching Legendary Pokémon.

These certainly are not easy accomplishments and may even be more challenging than hitting the required experience!

While I've already covered how to level up as quickly as possible in Pokémon GO, these new requirements present all new challenges you'll need to be prepared for.

Generally most of them require pouring a ton of time into various features or aspects of the game. The main accelerators of many of these tasks beyond just playing more may be spending more coins to hatch eggs quicker, earn more stardust, or capture more Pokémon. But ultimately this is a significant test of dedication and I recommend narrowing in whichever requirement is likely to take the most time from the list, and focus on that one.

Final Thoughts

Overall I'm excited for this change. It's been a long time since players first started hitting level 40. Many have wondered what would happen next, particularly because Niantic allowed users to keep accruing experience and even claimed at one point that the level cap would not be increased. I personally feel their answer for moving the cap to 50 is a decent one and I've certainly been waiting for a level cap increase. I do think there are more satisfying ways to have players move from level to level at this point but all experience acquired after hitting the cap is still useful. Overall I'd say this is a satisfying and welcomed update.

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