Primary Sources - Act III People Lore Book Location Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on August 23, 2013

This guide will covers where players can find all of the People Lore Books that need to be found in Act III of the video game Diablo 3 for the Primary Sources achievement. There are 10 books to find in the group altogether, spread throughout the act, adding background information to many of the game's characters.

**Spoiler Warning**
Just a heads up, this guide contains spoilers to the game's plot line.


Diablo 3 Achievements


  1. Bloodstained Letter
  2. Ghom's Log
  3. Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain
  4. Leah's Journal, Part 13
  5. Leah's Journal, Part 14
  6. Leah's Journal, Part 15
  7. Leah's Journal, Part 16
  8. Morgan's Journal, Part 1
  9. Morgan's Journal, Part 2
  10. Morgan's Journal, Part 3

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Bloodstained Letter

The Bloodstained Letter journal is found of the corpse of one of the keep guards, labeled as a Dead Soldier as opposed to the typical Dead Guardsman corpses you'll find littering the grounds of the Keep Depths 1 during The Breached Keep quest in Act III. The soldier can be found just about anywhere, but will always be on the first level of the Keep Depths.

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Ghom's Log

In the larder of Bastions Keep, the chamber in which the boss battle with Ghom takes place, search the corners of the room for the corpse of one of the keep guards labeled as "Half Eaten Guard". Search the corpse of this poor fellow for Ghom's personal journal, describing his plans for some of the "prisoners" he has taken.

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Journal of Hansan Haile, Captain

In the east corner of the Bastion Stronghold map, where you TP to in Act III and next to Covetous Shen the jeweler, is a merchant named Vidar the Collector. Right next to Vidar's feet is a box labeled Captain Haile's Supply Chest that can be opened to drop this journal. You should be able to get the journal at any point in the act, but if you find yourself not dropping it, make sure to pick it up at the very beginning.

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Leah's Journal, Part 13

Leah's Journals in Act III can be found in the armory room, where Leah and Adria are working on containing the spirits of the crystal. Check the southern corner to find a smaller room which branches off from the main one, where you can find Leah's Journal (the object) which can be used to drop the journals. This one falls out while you have The Siege of Bastion's Keep quest active.

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Leah's Journal, Part 14

Check back in the same spot you picked up Leah's 13th journal once you've started the quest Turning the Tide which takes place in the Stonefort area, when you have to help Bastion's Keep raise the catapults to help fend off Azmodan's onslaught. This journal mentions some of Leah's troubling dreams shes had lately, along with expressing appreciation for her mother's help.

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Leah's Journal, Part 15

Once you've reached the Keep Depths 2 during the quest The Breached Keep, activating the "Find the breach in the Keep Depths" phase, return to the armory and check Leah's Belongings again to find part 15 in the series.

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Leah's Journal, Part 16

After killing Ghom, in the quest Tremors in the Stone, head back to the armory as your instructed and help fend of the shadow demon attack. Once you've cleared out the little bastards, before talking to Leah, head back over to the small room with Leah's Belongings to collect the final part of her journals here. You can probably still grab the journal after this point, but this is the earliest time it becomes available.

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Morgan's Journal, Part 1

This journal drops out of a satchel found in the Skycrown Battlements area of act 3 during the quest, The Siege of Bastion's Keep. It is always located right next to one of the grates which the demons break through and crawl up to attack. It seems to be able to move around from midway through the area to right near the entrance.

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Morgan's Journal, Part 2

Keep an eye out for more grates once you reach the Stonefort during the quest Turning the Tides. Next to one of these grates you will find another satchel, again labeled Morgan's Satchel which will drop the second part of the journal when opened. They seem to spawn around these grates which the Demon Troopers like to break through, but it may be worth keeping an eye out elsewhere just in case.

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Morgan's Journal, Part 3

Now technically, you are supposed to locate this journal off a dead guardsman corpse by the name of Morgan's Corpse, found in the Keep Depths (level 1 apparently) but however it can be difficult to do considering the number of dead guardsmen that spawn there, the Keeps random nature, and the corpse's very random nature of moving around quite a bit. The better, and far easier way, is to return to one of the two Morgan's Satchels you found for the first two parts, in either Skycrown Battlements or Stonefort, where the Demon Soldiers break through the floor grates.

Open up the pack after finding the first two and you should receive the third and final (somber) part of Morgan's journal. You may also want to make sure you have the quest The Breached Keep active for good measure.

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