"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act One - Part One: Gorth

Updated on July 21, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Welcome to Volksville, Roehm! Our roguish protagonist is fitting in nicely with the locals, having already watched one of them being executed by the Sheriff, and despite his belief that he'll be gone in a few days, Roehm seems to be warming to the townsfolk. Now, with a few days to kill before the bridge in the north is fixed, Roehm need only stay out of trouble . . . or avoid it before trouble finds him.

(Coincidentally, 'trouble' may have a bad bowl cut.)

The events of Act One will change depending on which class you adopted during the Prologue. That said, there are certain events which will happen regardless of your class. They're listed below. (I'll have to play through the game a few times before I get a solid sense of what you can do during Act One.)

Act One Events

  • When you leave your room, you can go downstairs at the Inn and eat a meal, courtesy of Ina. Sit at the table on the right. As far as I know, this saves you from needing Trail Rations for that day. As you're leaving, Kessel will tell you about the Town's Market in the evening. You now have the day to wander, though you'll be shunted to the Market once the sun begins to set.
  • If/when you go out into the courtyard at the front of Volksville, you'll find a mass of cultists causing trouble. Rayford will shoo them away, but it's a foregone conclusion that you'll run into this lot again.
  • If you head towards the Tobacconist/Goods part of town, you'll meet up with Gorth, the town bully. You'll exchange insults, and if you antagonize him enough Rayford will show up to yell at you both.

Roehm explores the eastern road in Quest for Infamy. You can't go much further than this.
Roehm explores the eastern road in Quest for Infamy. You can't go much further than this.
  • There's a grassy path running along Volksville's eastern wall that leads into the woods. If you follow it you'll run into a pair of fellows who will try to rob you. Give them bly to make them leave you alone; anything else will get you knocked out and robbed. Conversely, if you're a Rogue, type in the password Ian provided by talking to them—'Lemondrop Billygoat', if you forgot—and they'll let you through without a fuss.
  • If you head to the west of Volksville, you'll find that the bridge to the lands beyond has been repaired. It leads to a crossroads. To the north you'll find Hermit's Homestead, a small collection of poor—but happy—folk. To the far north, you'll find a bridge crossing that's currently out, as well as a friendly, lonely man named Hummel. To the south is Tyr, a port city that's closed. In short, there's not a heck of a lot to see out here right now, but you can get yourself acquainted with the landscape, if you wish.
  • To the east of Volksville, past farm country, is a mountain path leading . . . away. Near the path is a stone tower, and beside that, a locked outhouse. You can use the outhouse to practice your Thievery skills for a while, though once you do get it open the narrator will wildly disapprove. Continue to open it and he'll give you five Infamy, out of spite. You can also try to enter the stone tower if you have a Thieves Kit, and though you won't get in, you can assault the door and build up your Thievery skill for as long as you like.

Along with the above, you can partake of some side missions based on your class. The details are found below.


Act One Side Missions


Speak to Ian after all the craziness with the beast and he'll offer to induct you into a mysterious Order. Problem is, he doesn't want to make it too easy for you. You'll have to find your way to the entrance of the Order, solve a riddle, and provide a bizarre password.


Talk to Prospero the day after your first night in Volksville and he'll give you a list of spells that you can learn. Push him forward on every conversation option he has and you'll eventually learn that he wants Roehm to get rid of a necromancer who's haunting the mines along the beach in the far south of the valley.


Meet Kurdt outside Volksville as he asked and he'll reveal his current predicament: his horse, Mastadon, has gone missing. You need to track the beast down and safely deliver Mastadon back to his master.


Eventually, the day will end, and you'll wind up at the Square. Once this happens Roehm will get into a fight with Gorth, and you'll have to fend the big man off using your might or magic. He's not that much more difficult than any other battler you've encountered thus far, and is a fair bit easier than the creatures in the woods north of Volksville, but Gorth can still give you a fair run if you're low on health. Block whenever your health is low to regain some. Having your class skills unlocked will make fighting Gorth simple, though it's not necessary for absolute victory.

After beating Gorth you'll have the option to kill him or spare him. Either will earn you an achievement. Once that's done, you'll be whisked back to the Inn for the rest of the night.


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