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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act One: Hermit Homestead and Hummel

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Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Roehm has been saddled with a terrible task, the poor man, and he can't even find a way to wriggle out of his problem. He now has to collect the four pieces of the Killington family crest, which, supposedly, will open the way to a precious, powerful, dangerous artifact. First, though, he has to deal with some family secrets that certain parties would rather leave buried forever...

This quest is tied into the search for the four parts of the Killington family crest. Three of the crest's four pieces can be found after you've talked to Kayanna about the matter, but the fourth piece absolutely requires that you finish up this side task first.

Hermit Homestead

  • Head to Hermit Homestead during the day. You'll find it along the western road running between the bridge in the north and Tyr in the south. It's a short ways northwest of where Swart is camped out.
  • Once there you'll be 'greeted' by an old man named Frederic. He wants Kyser Wood before he'll be at all willing to talk to Roehm. Jerk.
  • You'll find Kyser Wood in the swamp on the east side of the valley. Return to Volksville, then head into the North Woods and follow the upper path east, past the remains of the Killington residence. Soon you'll come to a split in the path where the northern road leads into a murky purple. Head this direction.
The darkened swamp of Quest for Infamy, lit by fireflies.

The darkened swamp of Quest for Infamy, lit by fireflies.

  • Sitting outside the swamp you'll meet Hobbs, a young boy from Volksville who frequents this area. He goes in the swamp all the time, and if you talk to him, you'll learn that you need a natural light source to get around. He settles for fireflies in a jar. Keep talking to him to get an Empty Firefly Jar.
  • You now need two more ingredients: Glowing Fungus to attract the fireflies, and the Fireflies themselves.
  • (Hobbs is right, as well. Attempt to enter the swamp without a light source and you'll find nothing but darkness. Oh well.)
  • If you jump back to Volksville, go speak to Jerrod, the man who runs the Apothecary's. Ask him about Potions, then the Swamp, then Hobbs, then Glowing Fungus. He'll eventually tell you that Glowing Fungus grows on trees in the north woods, and can only be seen at night.
  • Find a way to waste away the day, then head to the Killington's ruined abode in the forests to the north of Volksville. Head west along the bottom edge of the ruins to find your way into a more remote section of the forest.
  • Follow the path past the ruins of the mansion and deeper, until you find a large, fallen tree across the path. Glowing Fungus grows atop the tree. Climb up onto it via the grassy bank it's lay on and grab some. Combine the Fungus with the Jar to get a Glowing Fungus Jar.
A ruined house on the grassy plains of Quest for Infamy.

A ruined house on the grassy plains of Quest for Infamy.

  • Now to find some Fireflies. The little devils can be found in two place: at the entrance of the farm, east of Volksville, and in the wide fields to the west of Volksville. Either way you'll get a Full Firefly Jar. (The clicking may seem ineffectual at first, but trust me, this is how it works. Keep clicking the area 'til you get the jar.)
  • Don't leave the farm just yet. There's something else you need here. Head into the fields to the east and look for a shed. Inside the shed is a Saw, propped against one of the walls. Grab it, then run over to Udo, outside Volksville, and buy/steal some Oil (60 bly if bought). Use it on the saw to get rid of the rust clogging the teeth.
  • Head west through the swamp until you reach a tree lit by a lantern. Go north from here until you come across a conspicuous, fallen red tree. This is what you need. Use the Saw on the tree to gain Kyser Wood.
  • Leap back to Frederic at Hermit Homestead. He's now willing to speak with you on a wide variety of topics. He'll speak a lot about Hummel, the dude near the Tower Bridge, in particular.
  • You now need a Crowbar. You can buy one in Volksville, if you wish, or if you check the farm to the east of Volksville you'll find one in the shed. I recommend buying the Diamond-Tipped Crowbar, if you have the cash, but the free one will do in a pinch.
  • Head back to Hermit Homestead and go south of Swart's little setup one screen. Here you'll find the remains of the Hummel home. Approach the chimney and use the Crowbar on the 'H' sigil on the chimney to reveal a hidden niche. Inside is Hummel's Diary.
  • Jump to the Tower Bridge and show Hummel the Diary. He'll then reveal where one of the parts of the Killington family seal may be located—namely, by a waterfall. There just happens to be a waterfall not too far from here...