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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act Two: The Moonshiner and the Slave Trader

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Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ohhhh dear. This is not good. Roehm has located the Eye of Jaager, but, er, it's been... appropriated... by Rayford. The ruthless sheriff has Roehm under his thumb, and if our luckless vagabond is ever to get free again he'll have to help Rayford deal with the scum of the valley... and probably not make too many friends in the process.

The Moonshiner

  • The Act begins with a cutscene. Rayford, you sly weasel.
  • You now have a new quest: deal with a moonshiner named Lloyd, who operates out of the forest in the south. Talk to Jan for a smidgen more information, then leave the jail and make tracks.
  • As you leave Volksville you'll be approach by Kayanna. She's little help. Continue into the woods, by map or by hoofing it. You may want to stop by Udo's and grab some Rubbing Alcohol before heading in, as well - it will come in handy soon.
  • Search the woods. You won't find the moonshiner, but you will eventually come across a hunter named Visa. (He seems to wander the northern path more often than not. Keep crossing through screens 'til you find him.)
  • Ask Visa about the Moonshiner. He has info, but he wants something in exchange. Ask about the Arrangement and you'll learn that Visa either wants food or 50 bly. You can get the food - a Skinned Rabbit, to be precise - from the folks at Hermit Homestead. Steal it from the line of Rabbits on the left side of the screen. Either path will get you an achievement.
Visa in the Southern Woods of Quest for Infamy. You'll need to bargain with him for information.

Visa in the Southern Woods of Quest for Infamy. You'll need to bargain with him for information.

  • Visa will advise you to hide on a path where you can see a big, red shrub. You'll find said shrub (I think it looks more of an orange, personally) in the far west of the woods, on the left side of the screen. Once you've found it, hide behind the tree in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Randy, the assistant, will pop out. He'll have directions for you if you just rough him up or push him around. The directions change depending on your approach; the route is slightly easier if you stab him, though it's... also... wrong. (You'll get an achievement this way, at least.)
  • Now you have to get past the stupid bush. Use the Rubbing Alcohol you found earlier on the bush, then set it on fire with Flint and Steel or a Tinderbox. If, however, you're a Sorcerer, you won't be allowed to set the thing on fire. You'll have to use the spell Float on a Cloud to get past instead. This article will help you put together the spell if you don't already have it.
  • You're now in a single-screen maze. Follow Randy's directions to get through: go east twice, south twice, east, north twice, west, north, east, and west, in that order. Do so and you'll wind up by Lloyd's shack. Note that the eastern path is the upper path on your right, not the lower. Take the lower path at any point and you'll wind up back in the normal parts of the forest.
  • Helloooo Lloyd. Head over to the Moonshiner. You have three options:
  1. Destroy Equipment
  2. Rough Up Moonshiner
  3. Discuss Payment
  • The first two options will get you the Moonshiner Payment. The third will prompt the Moonshiner to try to sneak off. You can either attack him for a humorous animation or imply wait 'til he leaves before kicking down the door.
  • Help yourself to a Sample of Moonshine from the still on the left, then head back to Rayford. He has... another job for you. Sigh...
Roehm sneaking through the streets of Tyr in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm sneaking through the streets of Tyr in Quest for Infamy.

Edmond Chegwin

  • Rayford now wants you to take care of a slave trader. This job gets better and better. Edmond is located in Tyr, so you know where to go.
  • Your first task is to figure out where Edmond lives. Head to Tyr and check the small lost and found beside the Red Door, down on the dock. The proprietor, Junior Mills, will tell you that a 'slave trader' maintains an apartment in the center of town, accessible via a balcony.
  • Head west through Tyr to the square (the spot where you appear if you travel to Tyr by map). Speak to the young man loitering on the left and he'll tell you that Chegwin lives in the apartment above the stall on the right.
  • Buy a Grappling Hook from the Goods store in Volksville, if you don't already have one, and return to Tyr at night. (Sorcerors will need the spell Float on a Cloud instead.) Grapple / float up to the balcony and wander inside in Sneaking mode. Don't enter normally or you'll be seen at once.
  • There's a guard inside the door. Sneak over quickly and attack him, or use Inner Fear if you have the spell. Check his body after he goes down for 1000 bly. Sweet!
  • Head east to an adjacent corridor. There's a second guard patrolling here. Wait for him to turn back east, then sneak up behind him and take him out in a similar fashion. (I can't seem to make Inner Fear work on him, so your sword will have to do.) He, too, carries 1000 bly.
  • Sneak into the room of the slave trader. Hold a moment when you hit a squeaky floorboard, then slip up and pull out your sword. Slice. You'll get the Slave Trader's Ring.
  • Completing this act will bring you back outside. Jump back to Volksville and speak to Rayford to learn that, of course, he's not done using you just yet...


Alex on March 17, 2019:

The guards in the slaver house both had 120 Bly on them in my game, not 1000

Max on July 14, 2014:

Mages can't burn the bushes! Damnnn