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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act Two: The Morroi

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Rayford has a task for you, a task that he promises will be his last. Sounds fine, but it's a doozy: you have to kill the leader of the Morroi, the cult of zanies who live on the outskirts of town. Roehm won't be free to leave the valley until this horrendously-dangerous mission is completed. Gee, thanks, Rayford...

North Woods

  • Your next trip will take you up to the Morroi HQ, past the spot where you met Kayanna earlier in Act One and learned about her true allegiance. Past the talking trees and up the mountain, you'll find a green forcefield that will prevent you from passing. You must get past this forcefield...
  • ... and movable runes on the arch that bears the forcefield likely provide passage. Problem is, there are five runes to move into different configurations, and over a hundred possible permutations. You could brute force your way through, but it's easier to simply look for the combination elsewhere.
  • Head to Tyr and check the ever-helpful Library. Jovan, the head librarian, will have a book ready if you ask him about Runes. Info in hand, head back to the archway and rearrange the runes so they read 'Is There A Water Inside?', with the rune for 'Inside' flipped upside-down. (Basically just swap the first two runes as you drag them down, keep the next two in the same position, and right click on the fifth rune to flip it around once it's in place.)
  • You'll arrive at the front gates of the Morroi stronghold, and, unfortunately, the place is still well-guarded. You'll need a way past them, and the bet way to accomplish that is to look like them. Think about that for two seconds and the solution is pretty obvious.
Roehm visiting Tyr's Lost and Found in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm visiting Tyr's Lost and Found in Quest for Infamy.

Morroi Robe

  • (You can also infiltrate this place by going through the Sewers, accessible via the swamp in the north woods. I'll go through this place and report back on my second pass through the game.)
  • To blend in, you'll first need a Cloak. Head to Hermit Homestead and speak to Kora, the woman sitting by the fire on the left. She'll sell you a White Cloak for 50 bly.
  • White doesn't get you anywhere. Now you need it dyed. Head to Tyr and look for Tara, a woman in the main square (beneath the apartment of the slave trader you killed) who offers dyeing services. Ask her about dyeing the cloak green...
  • ... and, yes, she won't have what she needs. You need an Artichoke, the Cloak, and 300 bly. Ouch. Tara says she'll lower her price to match someone who could dye it for less.
  • First, the Artichoke. You can go buy one at the Goods store... or you can check out the Lost and Found on Tyr's docks and find one inside for free. Check the barrels arranged along the bottom of the screen.
  • Next, someone cheaper. (I honestly don't know who this is. I looked around for a fair while, but Tara's the only one besides Kora who seems to have anything to do with clothing. Anybody know? Give me a shout in the comments if you do, or if you know that Tara's claim is a dead end.)
  • Back to Tara. Hand over either the Artichoke or the Cloak and she'll give you a Morroi Robe on the spot. Sweet.

Jump back to the North Woods and head up to the Morroi stronghold. Change into the Morroi Robe once you arrive at the stone arches, then continue northward. You'll now have to answer several questions to get past the guards. You'll get one of four sets of three questions, each relating to the things you can learn about the Morroi in Tyr's library. The answers are provided below if you think reading is for chumps.

  • "At the appropriate times, no."
  • "Jhondar"

  • "Deleai"
  • "The Bodnar"
  • "Taargh"

  • "The Catyclysm"
  • "Indescribable"
  • "Humans and beasts"

  • "Uotaargh"
  • "In Taargh, you have become."
  • "Pain and restraint."


The Sewers

  • Not interested in using the front gate to access the Morroi stronghold? You have an alternative. This one is just as dangerous, though it requires slightly less work, especially if you're a Sorcerer.
  • First, if you're not a Sorcerer, head to Volksville and purchase some Rubbing Alcohol from Udo. Grab a Flint and Steel if you don't already have a set, as well, and a Crowbar. You can buy one in Volksville or steal one from the farm to the east of Volksville.
  • Head to the Swamp and check to the north of the entrance. You'll find a sewer grating if you walk far enough. Use the Crowbar to bust your way in.
  • Beyond the grating you'll come toe-to-toe with a Gelatinous Cube. These things are horrifying, and will kill you if you attack normally or otherwise get too close. You need fire to kill this one. If you're a Sorcerer, simply use Flaming Vengeance on the thing. If you're anything else, use the Rubbing Alcohol on the Cube, then set it on fire. Woo! (Thanks to sslkid for the alternate method of taking out the Cube.)
  • Continue up the ladder near the Cube and you'll wind up in a kitchen, not far from one of the Morroi. You can rush over and slice him up with your sword or use some sort of offensive weapon (the spell Inner Fear included) to take him out. Check the cook for a fistful of bly, then check the shelves on the left for Smeat, if you... really want some... then leave.

Once you're through you'll get to watch a lengthy cut scene, and when it's done you'll have to face Uotaargh in combat. The fight is what you'd expect by now, and you simply have to hold your ground, block when your health is getting low, and strike back at the cultist with your special attacks and normal strikes. So long as you've upgraded your weapon and armour at least once, he's not that bad. Kill him and you'll be on your way to Act Three.


EvilSquid on August 15, 2014:

BTW did you notice that the first time you eat the Smeat, it replenishes some of your health, and also increases your maximum health stat, and finally also gives you infamy (for some reason)?

Subsequent Smeat meals merely top up your health similar to a health potion (though I think it might be better than a health potion, but haven't checked to be sure). You can only feast on it a limited number of times before it's used up however.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 16, 2014:

Yeah, I mentioned the sewers very briefly above, as I found them while exploring the swamp earlier. Didn't now they led up there when I found 'em, though. I'm going to try them out on my next play through. Thanks for outlining how you get in and past the cube.