Quest for Infamy Walkthrough, Prologue - Part Two: Rogue, Sorcerer, or Brigand

Updated on January 4, 2017
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

One execution later, Roehm is fitting in nicely amongst the people of Volksville. The rogue is not put off by the thought of death for crimes, and seems quite happy to contemplate illegal doings of his own. Of what nature might they be, however? Ah, that remains to be seen. It's time to choose a path for Roehm, one that will change the game forever...


  • After watching the execution and introducing yourself to Rayford, the lovely Sheriff, you'll wind up outside the Sheriff's office. The sun is going down, and you need to find someone with whom to bed down for the night. Speak to Udo for some updated topics of conversation, and, if you want, have a look at the head on the spike beside the Volksville sign. Lovely.
  • Wander through town. Aside from a somewhat shady fella named O'Burr outside the Goods shop and steadfast Smith by the... smithy... there's not much to see, as most places have closed up. One big exception is the Magic Shop, where you can enroll Roehm upon the Path of the Sorcerer and begin learning spells, if you so wish. Oooo. Partaking of this Path will force you to engage in a simple card matching game before Prospero will take you on as a student.
  • Check the graveyard, past where you watched the execution. Three dudes here are playing at dice, and one of them, Ian, will speak to Roehm. Play Craps with him and, eventually, you'll weasel up to the Path of the Rogue. Choose him if you'd rather be a thief, which seems to fit Roehm's disposition rather nicely.
  • Head to the Pub. Heavy drinker Kurdt is inside, and he'll challenge you to a drinking contest. To beat him you need to click on the 'Drink Up' button and not the 'Give up' button. This sounds easy, but the more you drink the more the cursor flies around, and the blurrier the buttons become. Eventually Kurdt will offer the Path of the Brigand.

Roehm encounters a creature in the northern woods of Quest for Infamy, his first battle in the game.
Roehm encounters a creature in the northern woods of Quest for Infamy, his first battle in the game.

Choosing a Path

Before you can proceed in Quest for Infamy, you must choose one of the three Paths listed above. Each will determine Roehm's character class from this point on, and his class will determine how he fights and how he proceeds through certain events. The Path of the Sorcerer is for those who enjoy the subtle arts of magic, and don't mind being a little physically frail; the Path of the Rogue is for tricksy, slight-of-hand thieves; the Path of the Brigand is for burly fighters. Choose wisely, as you can't change your class later.

The Beast

Regardless of the Path you chose, you're now sent on a mission: to kill a horrid beast on the edge of town and bring back something for either Prospero, Ian, or Kurdt. They'll all help you get outside Volksville, and each will give you a Healing Potion to aid in slaying the beast.

  • If you're playing as the Rogue, you'll start out to the west and north of Volksville, past the footbridge with the hole in it. Check the ground nearby for a Fish. If you're the Sorcerer or the Brigand you'll start outside the front gate and will have to hoof it over here to find the Fish, which I recommend.
  • Head east from the Fish and you'll hit a crossroads. Continue east and you'll find the beast in the flesh. En garde! (If not east, then check north. The beast seems to change spots.)
  • Your first battle! Combat in Quest for Infamy is turn-based, but you don't have a ton of time to decide on your actions. In this case you're best off using the thrusting action (first from the left) until you take the beast down, as it seems to be the most accurate. In later battles the other moves will come into greater prominence. Use the Healing Potion you were given earlier if your health wanes a little too quickly for your liking.
  • After the beast is dead, use your Sword on the carcass to collect the Beast's Head. Ew.
  • Huzzah! Your quest is a success. Now you need to get back inside the town. Return to the front gate (west, south, east if you came out as the Rogue) and try climbing the gate. You'll fail... until you do it enough times that you gain a +1 to your Climbing. Then you can clamber right over.
  • Now, depending on the Path you took, you need to approach the situation differently.


Prospero wants the beast's head, straight up, no questions asked. But he also requires the blood of a dead man, and unless you want to go to jail after murdering someone it's best you look for an alternate source.

Head to the Pub, order a drink, and steal the Pint Glass off of the countertop. Then return to the front gate and use your Sword on the head of Markus, to the right of the gate. Use the Pint Glass on the bleeding head for a Glass of Blood. Return this to Prospero to complete the quest, set off upon the Path of the Sorcerer, and gain the spell Flaming Vengeance. Ooo.


Ian just wants the blood of the beast, not the whole head. Go to the Pub and get a glass of ale. Once done, snag the Pint Glass off of the bar and use the Beast's Head on it to get a Glass of Blood. Take it back to Ian and he'll want to cut the blood with oil.

Return to the Pub and get another glass of whatever. Nick this Pint Glass as well, and use the Fish you picked up earlier on it. This will get you a Glass of Oil. Take this back to Ian to complete your quest, and to officially start upon the Path of the Rogue. Sweet.

Roehm is up to no good in Quest for Infamy, preparing to release the blacksmith's horse as a diversion.
Roehm is up to no good in Quest for Infamy, preparing to release the blacksmith's horse as a diversion.


Before returning to town, look in the woods for a screen with a half-rotted corpse sitting beside a tree. It's one screen east and one screen north of the aforementioned crossroads. Check the tree trunk the corpse is laying against to find a Helm. This will be important momentarily. (Congratulations for choosing the most difficult of the three Paths, by the way!)

Kurdt wants the beast's teeth, though he needs them melted down into something like, oh, say, a medallion. Use your Sword in the inventory window on the Beast's Head to pry the Teeth out. Combine them with the Helm for a Helm with Teeth. Now you need to melt the suckers...

... and Smith, with his forge, has the means of doing so - though he won't do it himself. Stand near Smith's horse and wait for him to turn away to look at his forge, then enter sneaking mode via the top menu and use the Hand icon on the horse to untie it. Wait for Smith to go back to the forge a second time, then use the Hand on the horse again to make it run away. Smith will chase after it. Quickly rush over, grab the Tongs beside Smith's anvil, and combine them with the Helm with Teeth for a Helm w/ Tongs. Use this amalgam on the forge.

Done? Not quite. Grab the Silver Disk from the pool beside the forge, then put the Tongs back where you found them. If you don't, the next time you come back Smith will rage at you and have you arrested. Ouch. Job done, return to the Pub and present Kurdt with the Disk. Welcome to the Path of the Brigand.

Once you've completed one of the three Paths, head for the Inn. Speak to Kessel and inquire about a room, speak to his daughter Ina for some bawdy talk, and head upstairs to find the room waiting. Use the bed to get a good night's sleep... and to watch a sinister cut scene. Act One begins!


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