Quest for Infamy Walkthrough: Stealing from Houses

Updated on September 26, 2016
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Ahhh, you Rogue. You've decided to follow Ian's time-honoured advice and steal from the people of Volksville. What a champion of the little guy you are. Well, what they don't know won't hurt anyone - though they may be a little put off when they come downstairs and find their stuff gone.

You can raid, and steal from, four different homes in Quest for Infamy. Doing so is a fun way to build up some extra bly, as well as pick up some awesome items - though as with all good things that fall on the wrong side of the law, it's also a risky pastime.

The Basics

You need three things in order to succeed at pilfering houses:

  1. The dark of night. You can't raid houses during the day. The game simply will not let you.
  2. A decent Stealth skill. You can build this up by Sneaking around wherever you go. If you fail to Sneak while you're inside someone's house you risk being heard, and if you're heard the owner will call for Rayford. You'll then only have a few moments to flee before Rayford appears and busts your party right up.
  3. A Lockpick. You can't enter houses without a Lockpick. Use the Lockpick on the door to get inside. You can purchase a Lockpick in the Thieves Den for 100 bly. Barring that, you'll need the spell Mystical Lockpick.

Ready? Time to hit the houses. Wait until nightfall and go a-plunderin'.

Roehm steals from one of Volksville's houses in Quest for Infamy.
Roehm steals from one of Volksville's houses in Quest for Infamy.

Brattle's Cabin

You'll find Brattle's Cabin one screen south of the bridge leading to the lands in the west. Unlike the houses in Volksville you can infiltrate Brattle's Cabin at any time of the day. Also unlike other houses, Brattle's reeks so strongly of fish that you can't remain inside for any great period of time. You have just enough time to perform one action before getting booted. Inside you'll find:

  • 15 bly in his dresser
  • A Max healing Potion in the ewer on his desk
  • Aaaaand a strange, singing fish on his back wall - it doesn't do anything, but triggering it is pretty funny

Otherwise? Not that helpful. What do you expect, he's a poor fisherman.

House by the Smithy

Aptly-named, you'll find this house on the same screen as the Smithy. Sneak up to it at night and start ransacking. Inside you'll find:

  • A squeaky door on the left of the entrance - don't touch it
  • A locked chest by the door - need something heavy-duty to pop it open, such as a Crowbar, or Mystical Lockpick - contains an assortment of gold and silver for your Loot Bag
  • 25 blys, Snake Oil, a Healing Potion, and a Cigar in the drawer on the right side of the room
  • 20 blys and Rations in the green chair

Do not try to go upstairs. The homeowners will wake up and call for Rayford. If you're foolish enough to try, make for the door immediately.

Roehm steals from an upscale home in Quest for Infamy.
Roehm steals from an upscale home in Quest for Infamy.

First House by the Bank

The first house from the left near Volksville Bank. It's easy to enter. Inside you'll find:

  • A String of Pearls inside the pitcher on your right
  • Furs, Necklaces, and a Gold Candelabra in the cabinet in the back-right corner of the room - you need to move the chair out of the way to get at it, which will make noise in the process
  • A book with a number in red in it - this number is unique to each play-through of the game
  • A bundle of stuff behind the picture on the right side of the room, including 200+ bly - you need to use the safe combination you found in the book to access this hidden cache
  • A Gold Medallion in the small set of drawers topped with a fiery candle
  • Some spare blys in the sofa on the left

Rayford's House

Gutsy. You'll find Rayford's House on the western side of town, near the Magic Shop. You don't have much time to riffle through here before Rayford appears, so move quickly. Inside you'll find:

  • 500 blys and a Great Sword in the chest to the left of the fireplace

That's all, but it's a great haul anyway. Sneak back out before Rayford can come downstairs and bust you.

Breaking into all four houses in and around Volksville will bring your thieving days to an end. It will also earn you the Expert Thief achievement, which is certainly a fun little deed indeed.


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  • profile image


    13 months ago

    Oil everything that makes noise, 25 bly in the bank house door that squeaks.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    You are incorrect with the first one. Try checking the plant in the room twice and the drawer with the 15 bly. Of course, this is only possible if you can do something about the stink of the house. Trust me, it's worth it.

  • profile image

    4 years ago

    Has anyone tried robbing the bank?

  • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

    Matt Bird 

    6 years ago from Canada

    Cool. Thanks for the info! I figured the crowbar was the way to get into that chest when I found one, but I hadn't a chance to pop it open. Also figured the bank might wind up being part of the story, since it's not a requirement for the achievement, but if that's not the case I'll shove it in here as well.


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