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"Ghost of Tsushima" Review

I have always had a passion for gaming. I love being taken out of reality and put into an exciting new universe.


Game of the Year

What a game! Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most beautiful games I have seen on consoles. The story-line is a masterpiece on its own. I have always been in love with Japanese lore and history. I wouldn't recommend it for the easily repulsed, as it's filled with a great bit of gore to show the brutality of the era. This game takes you back to feudal Japan with an extraordinary action packed Mongol fighting experience. You get to fight your way through an invaded Japan as a highly skilled Samurai enhancing your techniques and skills as you progress. You get to test your strengths against groups of bandits and Mongol leaders. It's a free roaming game, which allows you to travel all over gorgeous landscapes. Conquer treacherous tasks in order to receive special gear, and watch how the choices you make to develop your character.


The Land

Ghost of Tsushima presents an amazing story plot that takes you all over the island of Tsushima as Jin Sakai. The scenery alone is a sight to behold. You will encounter different animals as you ride across vibrant landscapes and mountainous areas. Liberate Japan from the Mongol invaders to bring peace back to the island. The map will open up new places as you fight off the invaders. Help the residents of farms and villages through side quests to restore their homes from the damages of war.


Mysteries of the Journey

You can travel to craftsmen of many trades after liberating the villages. They stand ready to upgrade your weapons and armor as long as you have the materials to do so. Gather materials from predators on your journey or collect them from around the villages. Search for flowers to change the look of your armor. Make sure to pay attention to the world around you and the creatures you encounter. You'll find that some serve as mysterious guides to bring you to hidden places that will aid you on your adventure. Collect artifacts, banners, gear, and more from following these special guides.


Stunning Visuals

Ghost of Tsushima makes sure to really capture your attention with the surrounding beauty of the game. The landscapes are brilliant, however the cinematic scenes are about as realistic as I have seen in a console game. They bring the characters to life with crisp facial details and smooth movement. It's like playing through a movie. Each person you meet has their own story and journey. You become involved with several different people, making decisions that will affect your character's standing with those on the island.

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Learning the Ways of Combat

Another aspect of this game that really puts it over the top is the amount of options you have for combat. Enhance your weapons with charms won from battle, learn the different stances for fighting specific foes, or study special moves learned from completing strenuous quest on the side. You'll have access to other nifty utensils at your disposal such as throwing knives, smoke bombs, explosives, and flaming arrows. Pick and choose the equipment best for you. Change it up as you need. You can find materials to replenish your weapons around the camps and villages.


Liberating Tsushima

You come across many possible quest in the game. You can choose to play along with your main journey or take care of some important business on the side. Some of the quest you play through will reward you with new skills and essential knowledge for battle. If you decide to keep on the main quest line you can always go back and finish any uncompleted quests after.


The Ghost of a Samurai

The choices you make throughout your journey will determine the way your story plays out. Stick to the way of the samurai or find other means of doing what needs to be done. This heartfelt tale is filled with love, betrayal, and revenge. You learn to look at things from different perspectives of those being affected by the war. Never a dull moment.


A Powerful Image

I would strongly recommend monitoring who you allow to play this game due to the amount of violence. If you enjoy a bit of Japanese history and culture or happen to be an avid gamer, Ghost of Tsushima is the game for you. I do wish there were a bit more to do. As with any good game it's hard to want it to end. You become invested in the lives of these people as well as you own story.

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