SWGOH Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Artist of War Event Tips

Updated on October 25, 2017

SWGOH Artist of War

SWGOH Artist of War
SWGOH Artist of War | Source

Artist of War Legendary Event

Thrawn is one of the most loved villains in the history of Star Wars, and his recent addition to the canon through the Rebels cartoon increases his popularity. More importantly, when it comes to SWGOH, Thrawn is a game-changer for Empire squads and a difference-maker for both Rancor and AAT raids.

The problem is that there's only 1 way to get Thrawn, the Artist of War event, and it's probably the most difficult legendary event in the game. So, not only are you waiting 3-4 months for your chance, but just having the right toons won't be enough. So my goal is to provide the tips so that you can get your 7* Thrawn and add him to your roster.

SWGOH Phoenix

SWGOH Phoenix
SWGOH Phoenix | Source

Phoenix Squadron

I hope you're a fan of Star Wars Rebels, because that's the best reason to get the Phoenix Squadron you'll need to acquire Thrawn. Simply put, if not for this event, they're a ragtag bunch that is best off as your 4th or 5th squad.

But for the purposes of this discussion, we need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Phoenix so that you can get Thrawn. Remember that the event has come back on a quarterly basis, so if you've just missed one, that gives you enough time to farm the toons you need. So let's start there! Who will be the leader of this bunch?

Hera Syndulla

Hera, the Phoenix leader
Hera, the Phoenix leader | Source

Hera, Daughter of Cham

The only leader for the Phoenix Squadron is Hera. As you know from Rebels, she's the daughter of Cham Syndulla (prominent in the novel about Darth Vader and Sidious) and literally spent her whole life fighting alongside rebels. It's fitting that she's the only possible leader for Phoenix, and so you have no choice but to level and gear her up as much as possible. Here's what you need to know:

  • With her leadership skill, Phoenix unique skills are shared. That means that you'll largely be picking your 5 Phoenix toons based on their unique skills and which ones will most benefit Ezra (more on that later).
  • Backup Plan skill allows her to prepare a toon for revival. Her best quality aside from her leadership skill is this one since it brings back one of your toons. Unfortunately it's not foolproof since Thrawn's fracture cuts right through it.
  • She can do a single debuff cleanse which calls that ally to attack with bonuses. Translation: you'll be using it on either Sabine or Ezra to do some serious damage on Thrawn and his death troopers.

So, bottom line, Hera needs to be gear level 9 or more if you want to survive the Thrawn event. If she falls in battle, uniques are no longer shared, and you don't stand a chance.

Artist of War Guide

4 More Phoenix Members

With Hera taking the top spot on your team, that leaves you with 5 Phoenix members and 4 slots. Who do you take with you?

  1. Ezra Bridger - The young Jedi deals the most damage of all Phoenix members, and he has a generous skill set. He can remove buffs from a single enemy and he can also call an ally to attack an enemy first. You're going to want Ezra for Artist of War, and you may even want him for your Jedi squad too.
  2. Kanan Jarrus - Ezra's Jedi master has a terrific unique ability for this battle - 70% counter chance and health gain when debuffed. Both will come in handy throughout the event, especially when death troopers use their AOE attack. Also, given the relatively low health and defense of Phoenix toons, the added health boost when debuffed is crucial.
  3. Chopper - Chopper's the wildcard of the bunch. His taunt is a nice feature since that could work in tandem with Hera's skills. Bottom line - the cooldown reduction chance and bonus attacks are worth all the negatives he brings to the table. He's also naturally fast and is easy to acquire.
  4. Sabine Wren - Before I start here, I'll say that I know other players that have won with Zeb instead of Sabine. My reason for including Sabine is that on the 7* event, the biggest challenge is doing enough damage. Sabine and Ezra are the only toons that really dish out damage, and her unique increases critical chance and damage.
  5. Zeb - If you're going with Zeb, you'll need to be fully devoted to using him for all bonus attacks. His main feature is that he can stun on a 2nd debuff hit, so you'll need to give him as many chances as possible for that.

Final Battle Strategy

Let's not waste time on battle strategy for early battles. If your team is geared to level 9+ with strong mods, you'll get to the final battle and the fun really begins. Actually, the best word isn't fun, it's PAIN. No event caused me more heartburn than this one, and it's because Thrawn and his buddies are two handfuls of awfulness.

So how do we prepare?

  • Don't use Backup Plan on Kanan Jarrus. Losing Kanan is a deathblow to the team as outlined above. If you're going to use Backup Plan at all, you need to wait until Thrawn has already used Fracture otherwise it's wasted.
  • Take out the Stormtrooper Captains first. They're healers and the first time you watch them heal a death trooper on the verge, you will rip out your hair. Double that feeling if heal Thrawn.
  • Remember Thrawn's counters. There's a reason you save him for last, and this is it. It's easier to deal with counters when there aren't other enemies to take advantage of it.
  • Be prepared to restart many times. It took me half a day to get Thrawn, and thank goodness he's worth it. But that doesn't change the fact that even after moving mods and setting my strategy that it still took countless restarts. But, trust me, he is worth it.

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