Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Empire Daring Droid R2-D2 Event Tips

Updated on October 27, 2017


SWGOH R2D2 | Source

Daring Droid Legendary Event

As you've probably noticed while playing SWGOH, R2-D2 is a common piece of the top squads in Squad Arena. It's easy to see why:

  • He fits well with Droids, Rebels, Resistance
  • His basic attack does decent damage and can stun enemies
  • His AOE always hits and the debuff works really well in some squads
  • His defense and HP are both top-notch so he's a tough cookie
  • His Zeta abilities are great and make the whole team stronger

As you can tell, it's imperative to get R2-D2 since he'll improve pretty much any squad out there. With all of that set, we should start talking about getting the droid in the Daring Droid Legendary Event.

R2-D2 In-Depth

R2-D2 In-Depth
R2-D2 In-Depth | Source

Extremely Rare Event

Daring Droid is classified as an Extremely Rare Event (all Legendary events qualify) so you're looking at 3-4 months between opportunities. When the Luke Legendary event took place, they bumped the timing up to only 2 months, but I don't expect that to happen again anytime soon.

Therefore, if you've just missed the Daring Droid event, that means you've got a couple months to get your act together and build up an Empire squad worthy of the mission. Believe me when I tell you that R2-D2 is going to be the most effective Legendary character for 75% of players (Luke excluded since most players did not unlock him the first time around). I would put R2 ahead of Thrawn, Palpatine, Yoda in terms of usefulness so let's get to building that squad.

SWGOH Empire Toons

SWGOH Empire Toons
SWGOH Empire Toons | Source

Pick Your Adventure (Leader)

For this event, the focus is on Empire toons so we need to start by picking a leader. Luckily, there are several that can get the job done in Daring Droid, so let's explore more deeply:

  1. Emperor Palpatine - Palpatine is a popular choice for the Empire. He is easy to gear, is effective against Rebels and Jedi without any Zeta abilities, and his AOE stun comes in handy. Given his strong leadership skills, you can basically put together a wide array of different squads based on either strong offense, defense or debuffs/turn meter. The only major caveat is that you'll want a tank or two to keep him clean since he's fragile.
  2. Darth Vader/Zader - Obviously if you have a Zeta'd Vader, then he's going to be your go-to leader for this event. But even without the increased leadership abilities, he's a solid choice because of the attack boost and the chance to reduce enemy turn meter. Even if you don't use him as the leader, Vader is a strong choice for the squad because of his elite skill set and toughness. Fitting for the former Jedi master turned Jedi hunter.
  3. Grand Moff Tarkin - Tarkin represents an old school SWGOH leader in that he's all about speed. Adding that much speed to any team is a good boost, and if you're missing Palpatine and/or Vader, there's no shame in lining up behind Tarkin. Speed is generally an issue with Empire toons so he effectively fixes the biggest problem with the bucket-heads and imperials.
  4. General Veers - Now we're on to the fun pick. It's unlikely you're reading this guide while having a properly geared General Veers, but if you do, he is a blast in Daring Droid. Few squads are as exciting to play with as Veers + imperial troopers, because their boosted offense and constant turn meter gains make them difficult to beat. You probably won't resort to Veers, but don't shy away from him.

Yes, you can also lead with Thrawn and/or Krennic but I think these 4 are your best options for this event.

Best Empire Toons

Building Out the Team

Assuming that you're using one of the leaders above, let's look at some popular and valuable pieces to make a squad worthy of the Daring Droid event:

  1. Tie Fighter Pilot (TFP) - TFP is a hit-or-miss prospect. He's got terrific speed, an effective AOE and can do lots of damage once the debuffs have set in. He's also very fragile and highly ineffective against squads that can cleanse debuffs. For my money, I'll take his speed and AOE since they fit perfectly under Palpatine, Vader or Tarkin.
  2. Royal Guard (RG) - Everyone seems to have him, and there's good reason. RG was the de facto tank in the first year of the game, and while he's lost some luster, he's still pretty good. And importantly, you probably already have him geared and ready. His auto-taunt when an ally falls below 50% health saves lives (especially Palpatine). His stun basic attack is shockingly helpful as well.
  3. Stormtrooper - In a better situation, Stormtrooper takes the spot for RG since each Empire ally boosts his defense significantly. A well-geared Stormtrooper soaks up hits and keeps on ticking, and he's a decent attacker for a tank. Plus, don't you need an old-fashioned bucket-head when going after the elusive R2-D2?
  4. Shoretrooper - Not likely that you have him at a sufficient level for the event, but he's Stormtrooper ++. Starting the battle with a taunt is super helpful, and the healing ability is a nice addition. I didn't have him in time for Daring Droid so he's not essential, but he definitely makes things easier.
  5. Snowtrooper - The last addition to the possible team is Snowtrooper. He's an above average hitter with a strong AOE attack, and his unique skill boosts turn meter for Empire allies whenever an enemy is defeated. That alone is worth having him in this event, and if you set him up under Tarkin he can be a force.

Again, you have more options including the full trooper group with Veers (so fun!) but we'll leave this list here.

Last Words

We both know how important it is to get R2-D2 for both reasons in-game and for sentimental reasons too. This droid is one of the original George Lucas heroes, and he's been a key character in the Star Wars movies and novels.

In SWGOH, R2 is a plug-and-play difference-maker that makes the game more fun to play. And all it takes is a handful of good Empire troops, so what do you think?

I think you go with a safe squad of:

  • Palpatine
  • Vader
  • Tarkin
  • RG
  • TFP

Good luck and let me know when you get R2-D2 at 7*.

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