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Updated on October 26, 2017

SWGOH Jedi Arena

SWGOH Jedi Arena
SWGOH Jedi Arena | Source

Jedi of the Light Force

Before getting into specific characters, I want to take a moment to talk about Jedis as a whole. For the most part, they're easy to get, easy to gear, and not the strongest toons in the game. They're really effective early on and before you know it, you'll have enough for 2-3 squads.

On the plus side, it's easy to get some strong Jedi leaders which lift the rest of the team. And having a strong team of Jedi will get you the first marquee toon, Yoda (not hermit). They're also useful in both the HAAT and Rancor raids.

On the down side, maybe 3 Jedi are above average with the rest needing significant leaders to help them out. If and when you crack the top 200 of your arena, you'll also be a target for the power-hitting teams like Rebels, Sith, Droids.

Let's begin.


SWGOH Jedi | Source

Stay Away From These Jedi

SWGOH entails making choices with limited resources, and while you would logically start with the best Jedi, I think it's best to start by staying away from the worst Jedi. When possible, do not waste and credits, shards, or time on these losers.

  1. Jedi Knight Guardian - She is just awful. Slow as molasses, weak-hitting, no leadership or passive skills of use, and she's generic. You absolutely cannot waste resources on JKG.
  2. Jedi Consular - I understand that you start off with Jedi Consular, and you'll be tempted to ride him all the way to level 85, but DO NOT. As soon as you have 6 Jedi toons, Consular should be your 6th riding the bench. How much can you really expect from Jedi that aren't Jedi masters as we know them?
  3. Eeth Koth - When I first heard about the AAT raid, I thought there would finally be some value for Eeth Koth to make up for his lack of offense, lack of defense, lame leadership, and unmemorable cameo in the Clone Wars cartoon. I was horribly wrong. Eeth Koth doesn't have a home in any half-decent Jedi squad.
  4. Plo Koon - Honestly, if you manage to stay away from the first 3 Jedi then you're already ahead of half of the other starting players. I wanted to add a 4th, and after much thought, I've settled on Plo Koon. He's difficult to farm, doesn't have the counter-attacking abilities of similar Jedi toons, and is squishy in the Fleet Battles.

Take me to Your Jedi Leader

Take me to Your Jedi Leader
Take me to Your Jedi Leader | Source

Jedi Leaders

Leaders are crucial in SWGOH as they can take an average team and make them above-average. They can also hide the weaknesses of weak squad. So who are the best Jedi leaders?

  1. General Kenobi - I know - it's cheating to list the most difficult Jedi to farm, but he is truly the best Jedi leader. Kenobi stacks max health and defense for your Jedi, and extends those benefits to clones. Beyond his leadership, he's a passive tank that gains foresight when you need it most. He also offers a team cleanse ability and hits OK.
  2. Qui-Gon Jinn - Speed is still the most important metric in SWGOH, and QGJ's leadership gives it to you in spades. He's the best example of a transformative leader because he can turn quick Jedi toons like Yoda into speedy toons which gets you more turns. QGJ is also a solid (though fragile) toon for any team since his abilities can remove buffs and get a bonus attack from an ally.
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi - Old man Kenobi used to be the best leader on this list, so maybe this is a sentimental choice. Obi-Wan's leadership skill boosts Evasion for all toons (including non-Jedis) and you gain turn meter whenever you evade an attack. So, if you're taking in a replacement squad into the Squad Arena, you can pile some glass cannons under Obi-Wan and eek out a few more damaging turns. Just remember that Palpatine's leadership absolutely crushes Obi-Wan's.

SWGOH Jedi Arena

Building Your Jedi Squad

So we've crossed the paths of the weakest, and then the best leaders. This leaves us the meat of the sandwich, and identifying a handful of Jedi to line up under your Jedi leader of choice.

  1. Yoda - I'm not covering Hermit Yoda since so few players have started using him - so I'm referring to the original marquee Yoda toon. Yoda combines high speed, foresight more often than not, and a team buff share ability. Under QGJ, Yoda picks up lots of turns and becomes your best defensive toon.
  2. Jedi Knight Anakin - If Yoda is the Jedi of choice for defense, then his offensive counterpart is Anakin. Anakin hits pretty hard, and when an ally falls under 50% health, he hits way harder! Where he's most effective is turning the tide of the battle with his AOE attack.
  3. Barriss Offee - Barriss is the healer to beat in SWGOH. She also is aces when it comes to removing buffs from allies, and gains turn meter when allies take critical hits. Translation - she earns more turns to heal more often. Under General Kenobi, their combination of HP and debuff cleansing make them a scary Squad Arena time because they don't die easily. Barriss is so renowned for her healing ablities that she practically has her own Star Wars novel.
  4. Mace Windu - Let me be clear - Mace Windu does not belong in a typical Squad Arena team. He's listed here because he's a tremendous help in Fleet Arena (and the only Jedi leader there).
  5. Ezra Bridger - Ezra is a hard-hitting, bonus attack-granting ace of spades. The only problem is that he'll always work better within a Phoenix squad because of their shared unique abilities. But if you've geared up Ezra, you'll see he's just as useful as Anakin.

Final Notes

I've left out the other Jedi because I don't think they're worth investing in, until you've moved up the Squad Arena and Fleet Arena. At some point, you'll need Kanan to get Thrawn. And then you'll want Kit Fisto because he's arguably the coolest Jedi swordsman of his generation. And if you somehow end up with Hermit Yoda because of a glitch, you'll enjoy the use of a toon without a single attack.

These Jedi squads I've outlined should give you an advantage over other newer players, and will make you a stronger overall player. Good luck and may the force be with you.

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