Sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" – Teaser Trailer Takeaways

Updated on June 24, 2019
Hi There!
Hi There!

Back to the Same Hyrule as in the first Breath of the Wild?

When the teaser trailer (below) for the new Legend of Zelda game was released at E3, fans (including this one) were eager to begin dissecting every detail, trying to gain as much insight into the new game as possible. The most obvious takeaway is that this game, indeed, uses the same game engine as the first Breath of the Wild (BOTW) (no complaints there) and is a direct sequel to that amazing interpretation of Hyrule. In fact, at the end of the trailer, we seem to see the same exact Hyrule. Does this mean there will be little in the way of variation from the original exploration experience? If they do re-use the same Hyrule map, hopefully there will still be enough changes and variances from the original to make the exploration feel fresh, with new enemies, altered locations, and added areas to investigate.

Is Link studying Zelda's new hair as well?
Is Link studying Zelda's new hair as well?

Is Princess Zelda Now a Playable Character?

When the trailer begins, one of the first things to notice is Zelda’s altered appearance from BOTW. She seems more adventurous and less the goddess-reincarnated type, and has a short bob-style haircut.

They still could have done better with her hair, but at least it’s not the oddly-roundish-yet-long style of the first game (and hopefully she’s had some accent-reduction classes to alter her voice as well). Is this altered hairstyle indicative of something more, such as the option to play as Zelda? Did Nintendo want to do something similar to the male/female options in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, in this regard? The addition of a second playable character would be a refreshing new option for fans to enjoy, and it seems possible that Zelda could have different strengths and weaknesses than Link. And if you don’t like her hair, well, I’m sure she’ll have plenty of headwear options to cover it.

The Zelda-Bob
The Zelda-Bob
What is this hand?
What is this hand?

Is That ReDead Ganondorf Resurrected?

As the trailer progresses, we see that the evil fog from Calamity Ganon is not completely gone. It slowly spreads, and then we see a glowing-green hand reanimate a dried-up corpse that gives viewers tingles of Ganondorf, who hasn’t appeared in a Zelda game since The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Ganondorf is the human form of the pure evil responsible for Calamity Ganon (and Ganon, the pig-monster). We’ll have to wait and see what is responsible for the glowing-green presence, but the identity of the corpse-turned-redead seems much more exciting. The corpse has red hair and is sporting what looks like Gerudo jewelry with a noticeable Gerudo symbol on the earring (as explained in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf is a rare male Gerudo). In fact, the headwear looks very much like the headwear Ganondorf had on in Twilight Princess, and does that corpse also have a similar wound in his chest? The prospects of Ganondorf returning are very, very exciting, and would give some much-needed personality to the main antagonist, which fans found lacking with Calamity Ganon.

Ganondorf From "Twilight Princess"

"I'm resurrecting, and I know it."
"I'm resurrecting, and I know it."

What Was Missing From the "BOTW 2" Trailer?

To summarize what we “think” we know from the teaser trailer: this is a direct sequel to the original Breath of the Wild, they are using the same graphics and game engine, they seem to be using the same map of Hyrule, Zelda has short hair that might indicate a role-change into a playable character option, the evil purple sludge is not dead, and a Ganondorf return seems likely. Also, the trailer gives off a darker vibe, so perhaps that will be a new change of pace in the sequel as well (and perhaps redeads, in general, will make appearances).

But what was missing? The main question on the minds of fans is will they return to a more traditional temple style, which would certainly give the game a different vibe from Breath of the Wild. The divine beasts were cool, but more traditional temples would be awesome if they are created with the same style and massiveness as the other Breath of the Wild areas. Furthermore, temples would be a convenient way to add brand new areas to explore. Also, what about the guardians and other enemies from Breath of the Wild? Will they give us a whole new batch of enemies (redeads please!)? Lastly, will other game mechanics still be the same, or will they be tweaked? For example, Link could have some new combo-moves to make melee combat more dynamic, and perhaps magic will make a comeback as well (hmmm…perhaps as Zelda’s specialty?). Of course, this all remains to be seen. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait 100 years to see it.

View the New "Breath of the Wild" Trailer Here!

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    • Larry Slawson profile image

      Larry Slawson 

      12 months ago from North Carolina

      Looks really fun! Can't wait!


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