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"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms" Walkthrough, Part Three: Thole Quests

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Thole is a bundle of fun little quests that will boost your experience, equipment stores, and coffers.

Thole is a bundle of fun little quests that will boost your experience, equipment stores, and coffers.

Thole Quests

Thole is a busy place. Merchants conspire, guards flew their muscles, and creatures skitter about in the darkness beneath the streets. All of them want a piece of the Devourer and his Puppet, though each for different reasons. The result? A bundle of fun little quests that will boost your experience, equipment stores, and coffers. Huzzah!

An Unfortunate Mishap

  • Trigger: Marib the Silk Warden
  • Location: Northwestern Thole
  • Reward: Money back, 100 experience


  1. Marib the Silk Warden is standing guard near the entrance to the Guild of Silk. Talk to him, and he'll deliver his request: he needs a new Silk Knife, as he lost his own.
  2. Head to the cluster of merchants that reside roughly in the center of Thole. Four of them sell Silk Knives, though at different prices. Fayruz in the south and Akram in the west will both sell you a Silk Knife for 100 gold, tied for the lowest price.
  3. Take the Silk Knife back to Marib for your reward.

Market Tariffs

  • Trigger: Morphew
  • Location: Central Thole
  • Reward: 60 gold, 50 experience


  1. Speak to Morphew in the central market of Thole and ask about tariffs. This will trigger the quest.
  2. You need to collect money from three merchants: Wanion (across from Morphew), Rabbath (south of Morphew) and Tesset (north of Thole's southern gate).
  3. Keep the money if you wish, or, assuming you prefer experience, return it to Morphew for a smaller reward.
"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms"

"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms"

An Eye for an Eye

  • Trigger: Morphew
  • Location: Central Thole
  • Reward: 150 experience, new party member


  1. Speak to Morphew in the center of Thole. If pressed on subjects outside business, he'll reveal that a nearby Abandoned Hostel has been a little quirky of late. You'll find it a short jaunt west of his stall.
  2. Immediately inside the hostel, you'll find Jiisha's Letter sitting on the stairs. Read it and carry on to the ground floor.
  3. The Hostel is your standard dungeon, and you can explore it as you wish, fighting off Desert Tarantulas and collecting treasure from pots and the like. You'll find four more Jiisha's Letters in the rooms of the Hostel, as well. That said, your only real goal here is to investigate the two skeletons sitting at the bottom of the main staircase.
  4. Return to Morphew with your findings. He'll suggest asking other merchants around Thole.
  5. You can speak to them in any order you like, but you're best off starting with Rabbath, the merchant nearest the Captain of Guards. He'll tell you about a Sura mercenary that entered the Hostel not that long ago.
  6. Speak to Fayruz in the south about the mercenary to learn that he's acting suspiciously, then speak to Akram in the east to learn a little more about Fayruz's dealings.
  7. Return to Fayruz and talk to him twice for the full story.
  8. Head back into the hostel and approach the skeletons as the Devourer. You'll find a spirit lingering near them. Wait for the Devourer to finish talking, and you'll have a new party member, an Ishkai sniper called Urshak. He works similarly to your starting Puppet, specializing in ranged attacks on the mortal side of the game.

A Marital Dispute

  • Trigger: Dione
  • Location: Western Thole
  • Reward: Varies; see below


  1. After triggering the quest, switch back to your Puppet. You need to find Dione's husband, Tope. He's standing maybe five feet away. Convenient. Saunter over and talk to him.
  2. Tope has a slightly different account of how things happened, but he still acknowledges that his wife is dead, and he wants your Puppet to dispose of the body. Lovely. He'll offer a coin for your services.
  3. Head back east. The Salt Barrel is up the first set of stairs you'll find. Grab it.
  4. You now have a choice. You can either dispose of the Salt Barrel as Tope requested, or you can turn it over to the Captain of the Guards.


If you decide to get rid of the Salt Barrel, head north through Thole. At the end of a lengthy bridge, you'll find the Burial Grounds, a new dungeon to explore and exploit.

Enter the Burial Grounds as your Puppet and approach the chasm near the bridge in the north. You'll automatically place the Salt Barrel on the ground.

Attack it to send it flying over the edge. Return to Tope once the job is done, and he'll give you your reward: 150 experience and 33 gold.


If you decide to tell on Tope, head south through Thole. You'll find the Captain of Guards standing near the town's southern entrance. Speak to him, and he'll immediately arrest Tope, bringing the quest to a close. Speak to Dione again after he's done for to receive your reward: 150 experience and 15 essences.

"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms"

"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms"

The Blind Demon: By Foul Means

  • Trigger: The Blind Demon
  • Location: Western Thole
  • Reward: Varies; see below


  1. Head towards the Burial Grounds in the west of Thole as the Devourer. As you cross the bridge to the Burial Grounds the Blind Demon will appear, entreating the Devourer to accept a pair of pacts. Do so and he'll give you this quest.
  2. The Blind Demon wants you to sprinkle the contents of a Phial on a cluster of Supply Sacks in the south of Thole. You'll find the Sacks beside a palm tree in the south of Thole, not far from Fayruz's weapon stand. Change into your Puppet before heading to the Sacks.
  3. You can choose to poison the Sacks, as requested, or ignore the Blind Demon's wishes and not poison them.

Poison the Sacks

The Supply Sacks will change appropriately, and when you return to the bridge as the Devourer the Blind Demon will appear and thank you for your efforts. You'll receive 100 experience in exchange for being a big jerk.

Don't Poison the Sacks

If you decide not to poison the Supply Sacks, the Blind Demon will not reappear, and the quest will end in failure.

The Heirloom

  • Trigger: Arashad
  • Location: The Guild of Silk
  • Reward: Varies; see below


This quest is, in essence, a variant of Jasker's personal quest in Thole. Bear in mind that you don't need to see Shakkik to trigger this quest; you just have to speak to Arashad and ask if there's anything you can do for him. Upon returning with the Heirloom Sword, you can beg off payment, ask for 200 silver, or demand 500 silver.

This next line of quests is fairly long and will send you into danger against some of the toughest opponents in Thole. I recommend saving it until last.

Spider Cull

  • Trigger: Arashad
  • Location: The Guild of Silk
  • Reward: 50 silver, 100 experience


  1. Speak to Arashad and speak to him about Aphotic Spiders. He'll ask you to bring him ten Aphotic Spider Bodies from the Burial Grounds in the west of Thole.
  2. Head to the Burial Grounds and kill ten Aphotic Spiders. Simple enough. Return to Arashad with your booty to receive your prize.

Stop Infestation

  • Trigger: Arashad, complete Spider Cull
  • Location: The Guild of Silk
  • Reward: 100 silver, 200 experience


  1. Now that you've killed some Aphotic Spiders, you can bring their numbers down for good. Speak to Arashad about stopping the Spiders to trigger this quest.
  2. Head to the Burial Grounds and make your way to the second half of the area, to the northwest. Once you ascend onto thin pathways that form a cross, take a right and you'll find a massive statue. Smack it once to knock it over.
  3. Speak to Arashad for your reward ... aaaand for another quest, the final in the line.
"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms"

"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms"

Slay the Aphotic Queen

  • Trigger: Arashad, complete Stop Infestation
  • Location: The Guild of Silk
  • Reward: Varies; see below
  1. Arashad has one final task for you. Ask about slaying the Aphotic Queen, and he'll give you this quest.
  2. Back to the Burial Grounds. Proceed northwest until you hit the first broken staircase, then take a right. You'll hit a big cluster of Aphotic Spiders at the bottom of the statue you smashed before, and beside the statue, you'll find a passage to the Catacombs.
  3. The Catacombs are populated by Aphotic Spiders, their smaller kin, and the occasional Mummified unit. The path is nice and straightforward, but the fighting is pretty brutal. You'll have it a bit easier if you proceed through here as the Devourer since he doesn't have to worry about Queen's Minions bursting out of clusters of eggs along the sides of the path. Note the soul named Piker in the small side room off the larger chamber in the north. He's kind of useless. (Be careful switching out of Shadows here, though, as this place is teeming with Spiders. Very dangerous at low levels.)
  4. As the passage sweeps westward and you start running into spider webs that slow your movement, look for a northern room off the main path. It contains a Cenotaph that will heal your party. You'll probably need it by now.
  5. This room is heavily guarded on both sides, though the Devourer has it a bit easier than your Puppets. Make sure to pop open the chest just outside this room before continuing west.
  6. A short distance away, in a large, circular chamber ...

Aphotic Queen

This is a pretty brutal fight. The Aphotic Queen is a swift opponent, capable of poisoning your characters with her melee attacks, and she has so much health. She's also surrounded by Spider Cocoons, and they'll constantly hatch to release Queen Minions.

Expect to be facing six or seven opponents, including the Queen, at any given time. There's no escaping her, either, as she exists in Shadows, and she moves much faster there. The Devourer is not in a good place to take her on.

You'll want to remain on the move constantly when fighting the Queen. Keep running away from her and using your AOE special abilities whenever they're charged. This will hurt the Queen as well as wipe out her minions, granting you a ton of Essence for healing.

Ideally, you won't ever get caught by the Queen, though occasional web attacks that slow your speed won't help this. Never try to engage the Queen with normal attacks, as she'll slaughter your character. Preserve your Essence for occasional resurrections.

Defeating the Aphotic Queen will earn you a slew of nice items, including a Golden Ceremonial Mask and a Golden Axe that would be handy for Kalig. Once that's done, return to Arashad for your reward. (Note the locked door in the Queen's chamber. You can't open it yet.)

Arashad will either give you 300 silver, 500 silver if pressed, or ... nothing. You'll receive 500 experience regardless of your choice.


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