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"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms" Walkthrough, Part Seven: Oasis and Broken Spear Pass

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Devourer is away from Thole and headed west, passing through the Outlands and into the more temperate regions in the south of the great desert. The forces of evil... eviler... are on his floating heels, however, and his fellow demons are more than capable of taking the fledgling summon down for good. What revelations will the Oasis hold to make the risk worth the trip?


  • After a quick chat upon arrival, you’ll be free to explore. The first thing to note is that this area has lots of crafting items—Wolfsbane and Duskweed, to name two. You’ll want to keep your eye open wheresoever you roam.
  • Head south from the entrance. You’ll find a small nook in the map where Krenze is waiting, not far from a Cenotaph. He’ll ask if you’re ready to begin your mission; don’t say yes just yet.
  • Head north through Oasis from the entrance. You’ll soon come to a lonely merchant by the name of Saleen. Saleen is in dire straits thanks to the Nomads outside Thole, and if you press him enough on the issue he’ll offer you the Lost Cargo quest. He’ll also offer to sell you a bunch of stuff, and there’s a Crafting Anvil maybe ten feet away from the guy. Handy.
  • You can’t go any further east yet, so speak to Krenze. He’ll start to talk and give you a biiiiiig info dump regarding the backbone of the plot. Take notes.
  • When you’re done talking with Krenze, you can stay the night in the Oasis, though trouble will come looking for you when darkness falls. You’ll be forced to escape. One of your pursuers will be waiting to the north, so head east instead. You’ll soon hit a dead end…


Oh dear. This is not a fight which you should pursue. Evanger is ridiculously powerful, and unfortunately, you’re penned into fighting him. Fortunately, you can—and must—escape from this dude. Running around as Evia, evade Evanger’s attacks while hitting the switch beside the bridge to the northeast. Each time you hit it, the bridge will lower a little more, until, after five triggers, the bridge is fully lowered and you can escape. Once it’s down, flee across and bolt for the exit to Broken Spear Pass.

Do not attempt to engage Evanger. He is ridiculously powerful, and will murder you. He also exists in both realms, so swapping to the Devourer will not save you—especially since the Devourer can’t operate the switch. Keep a few paces ahead of Evanger and this shouldn’t be too difficult a confrontation.

Broken Spear Pass, a rocky wilderness filled with feral beasts and waaaay too many Sebekans.

Broken Spear Pass, a rocky wilderness filled with feral beasts and waaaay too many Sebekans.

Broken Spear Pass

  • Broken Spear Pass starts off with a brief encounter against a Mountain Hound. These melee creatures are roughly as strong as Sebekans, though minus their regenerative abilities. Ironclad Zombie or Zaar are highly recommended for taking them down. You can also jump to the Devourer to escape them, as the Shadows are populated by Soulravens which should be easy enough to kill by now.
  • Make your way along the narrow, twisting path as it guides you steadily west. Aside from a slight northbound diversion that leads you to a Shadow Crystal in the Shadows, it’s a pretty straightforward trip.
  • After a trip across a narrow, natural bridge you’ll come to a grassy area populated by Sebekans and Mummified units. I recommend taking on the Sebekans as the Devourer first to cut down on the number of enemies you have to face—fighting the Sebekans and the Mummified dudes can be pretty annoying. Lure your foes towards the bridge to create a nice bottleneck either way.
  • The path splits here. If you go northeast along another thin land bridge you’ll run into a Mercurial Demon and a Bone Demon, a sign of what’s to come in the northern ruins. Up here you’ll face significant crowds of both Demons, as well as a bunch of Mummified units in the normal world and Phantom Spirits in Shadows. This path splits, but it ultimately leads to a place called Kogog’Aak. We’ll explore it in another article.
  • Head northeast from the split you’ll find another thin path (and, along the way, a Shadow Crystal to bust open as the Devourer). This leads south, and after you pass under a small waterfall the path splits to the right and left. Go right to find a Cenotaph.
  • Continue battling your way to the southwest. The path splits briefly, though it seems to be a dead end. Switch to the Devourer and you’ll find a bridge in Shadows that leads to a Drainage gate. Use the Ironclad Zombie to smack it down and you can wander inside the Underground. As soon as you enter you’ll receive the Defeat the Sebekan Slavers quest. This is also where Jasker needs to go to complete the quest Find Kiri Malfagon, and Evia will have to come through here for The Imperial Staff.
  • Continue west along the lower path. After battles with Sebekans you’ll find a branch in the path. If you attempt to go across the northwestern bridge you’ll be snagged by an old buddy who will entreat you to take up a quest. This will only happen if you don’t have Zaar in your party.
The Blind Demon, plying his vile trade in Broken Spear Pass.

The Blind Demon, plying his vile trade in Broken Spear Pass.

The Blind Demon - Evacuate Thole

Trigger: The Blind Demon

Location: Broken Spear Pass

Reward: -

  • You’ll find The Blind Demon as you attempt to cross a wooden bridge in the far west of Broken Spear Pass. It will ask you to return to Thole and tell your ‘comrades’ there to evacuate in the wake of an impending attack.
  • (I had Zaar in my party, so I’m not sure how this quest goes, as the Blind Demon didn’t appear on my second trip across the bridge. I suspect you return to Thole, kill him, and put him in your party. When I get a chance to play through again I’ll skip getting him and see what happens. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments, as well.)
  • Put Zaar at the front of your party and speak to the Gate Guard in front of the exit from Broken Spear Pass. He’ll allow you to carry on to the world map from there.


Sergey on December 01, 2014:

How to make quest "Evacuate Thole"? And how to use bone key?