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"Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms" Walkthrough: The Outlands

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.

The fun never ends. Having made his way through the Nomad Camp - and potentially earned a new Puppet - the Devourer must now brave the perilous Outlands. Fraught with danger in both dimensions, the Outlands are not to be travelled lightly.

The Outlands mark a decent diversion in the respective quests of your chosen Puppet avatar, and they lead to a number of side areas that relate to quests you received earlier in the game. Consequently, your path through here might be quite different depending on your avatar. This walkthrough will remain fairly neutral in that regard, and explore the whole of the Outlands instead.


  • When you arrive in the Outlands you’ll find yourself in a large, open field, well to the northwest of where you need to go. This first field is populated by Young Porcupines and Maggots in the corporeal world, neither of which are terribly dangerous on their own - but they become dangerous if you fight them in large groups. Move slowly, killing in small groups. As you head southwest you’ll start running into full-blown Scorpions, which, with their capacity to poison you, can prove incredibly dangerous. If healing becomes an issue, swap to the Devourer and kill Soulravens for a while. (Soulraven Nests here are much less durable, speaking of which, and can be easily destroyed once their guardians are killed.)
  • As you head southwest you’ll come to a land bridge. Jump to the Devourer and check northwest of the land bridge for a Cenotaph, Outlands - Beginning, then carry on south. Across the bridge, you’ll start running into Mummified Soldiers, a slowish lot that can be dispatched fairly easily from a distance. Also here you’ll find Mummified Guards, which, despite being fairly easy to dispatch with magic or the Ironclad Zombie’s mighty special abilities, will continually be revived. This is irritating . . .
The Devourer pauses at a Cenotaph in the Outlands.

The Devourer pauses at a Cenotaph in the Outlands.

  • … until you switch to the Devourer. This will reveal that the area is haunted by a Revenant, a ranged creature with a fair amount of health that’s otherwise a fairly straightforward kill. The Revenant keeps the Guards ‘alive’, and once it’s destroyed, the Guards will no longer regenerate back in the mortal world. Fancy that.
  • Head southwest on the next large platform until you hit a bridge. Cross it and follow the wiggly path as it curves east and up to another large area. There are a ton of regenerating Mummified Guards here, which, predictably, are held in thrall by a Revenant on the other side. Take it down, then hop back to the human world on the other side of the bridge and take them on as the Ironclad Zombie. Its abilities make short work of the crowds of undead.
  • Murder your way to the northeast. Here the path will branch in two directions, to the northeast and to the northwest. If you go northeast you’ll find a small Nomad camp; if you go northwest you’ll find a crumbled bridge (traversable by the Devourer) that leads to a large platform populated by your first normal-sized Porcupine, as well as a path down to a new area, the Canyon. We’ll explore the Canyon in another article.
  • Head through the Nomad camp. It’s smaller than the last, but is populated by tougher enemies - including the occasional Elite Nomad unit. Proceed slowly so they don’t gang up on you over much. Your destination is a rear path to the northeast of the entrance, but if you clear the entire camp you’ll find a Crafting Anvil up the northwestern path, atop a small ridge. You can also find a treasure chest with some random goodies atop a half-finished bridge, up a hill to the right of the entrance.
  • The southeastern path leads, eventually, back to open terrain. As you make your way south you’ll find caves on your right, each leading into the Scorpion Caves. This is another area we’ll explore elsewhere in the walkthrough. For now, just mind that there are a lot of Scorpions spawning in this area, so be careful that you aren’t travelling while poisoned. This path is ultimately a dead-end…
  • … so unless you plan on exploring the Scorpion Caves, take a left when you emerge from the Nomad camp and head east. The path winds south until you hit a split leading either further south or to the southeast. There are a ton of Young Porcupines along the path, bolstered by Maggots, and their numbers may wear on your stamina. If so, run down the southern path and up the first hill you find. There’s a Cenotaph on your right, Outlands - Ruins, that you can use to restore your health.
  • Back down the hill and to the east is a dead-end platform absolutely teeming with Mummified creatures, many of which will come back if killed. Jump to the Devourer and you’ll find three Revenants keeping them going, and they’re protected by three Soulraven Nests and a number of Dire Soulravens. Proceed slowly through here, drawing the Revenants away from the Nests one-by-one, towards the Cenotaph. It may take a while, but you can carefully whittle down their numbers this way with little risk to yourself. Then jump back as the Ironclad Zombie and wipe out the Mummified mob. (Admittedly, though, there’s nothing to see on this platform, aside from lots of potential drops and experience…)
  • Head south from the Cenotaph. Here you’ll start running into Mercurial Demons, powerful melee opponents which cross the borders between the physical realm and the demonic - meaning both your Puppets and the Devourer can fight the same creature. For safety’s sake, it’s better to use a strong melee warrior to take them down.
The Ironclad Zombie smashes a group of Mummified Guards. Mummified Guards can only be destroyed for good if their local Revenant is eliminated first.

The Ironclad Zombie smashes a group of Mummified Guards. Mummified Guards can only be destroyed for good if their local Revenant is eliminated first.

  • The path here splits. If you go northeast you’ll find a fort of sorts, and if you slip inside via the Devourer you’ll start running into Sebekan Warriors and Mages, powerful units both that also exist in both dimensions. Take care not to face them more than one-at-a-time at this point, as they’re really strong for early game fighters. After a short scrap you’ll find your way to the Ruins, another area we’ll investigate in another article.
  • If, on the other hand, you decide to continue south, you’ll find your way to another Nomad camp. This way-too-open area is packed with Nomad Archers, and they like to sit on the edges of your screen while Nomad Warriors rush in and mob you to death. Make your way slowly through the camp so as not to attract too much attention. You may find this area a bit easier to navigate as the Devourer, since he faces fewer foes on average. If you take the southern route through this camp you’ll find a back path that leads to the world map, opening up the Oasis location that’s a part of Jasker’s quest. More on that in another article.
  • Almost done with the Outlands. If you carry on west through the south of the Outlands you’ll come to a Sebekan settlement, just after an island covered in Young Porcupines. The Sebekans are incredibly numerous here, and charging straight in will get you absolutely murdered. If you really want to go through here now, use a ranged character to aggro the Sebekans when they’re on the edges of the screen and wipe them out one-at-a-time. Be particularly careful of the Mages’ long range spells, as you can dodge them if you remain alert. If you manage to make it through here, you’ll find a path on the west end of the camp that leads to one last field, this populated by more Mercurial Demons. (You’ll also find a treasure chest packed with goodies on the west side of the camp. Don’t miss it.) And to the north…
  • … you’ll find the Shrine. Yep, another area we’ll explore in another article.

Three different characters, each with their own personal quest. Which one awaits you? Time to settle some of your puppets’ earthly problems.