Shadows - Heretic Kingdoms Walkthrough, Side Quest: Find Kiri Malfagon

Updated on November 20, 2014
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Jasker’s return to life has not been without trouble. After saving one of his former soldiers, a loyal Ishkai named Shakkik, Jasker learns that kinsman Kiri Malfagon has been kidnapped by slavers. He needs to find her before she’s sold off and lost to the black markets of the Heretic Kingdoms… or even worse. (There’s no telling what could be worse than that, mind, but let’s just focus on saving her, yes?)

Find Kiri Malfagon

Trigger: Shakkik; only available to Jasker

Location: Burial Grounds

Reward: Varies; see below

- This mission begins as you’re headed through the Burial Grounds in Chapter I. Shakkik will come find you just as you’re about to enter the more dangerous half of the Burial Grounds, and you’ll receive the quest automatically. Yay.

- Proceed through the game until you reach the Outlands. Once there, head aaaaaall the way from the top-left corner of the map to the bottom-right. The path is described in this article. After you mangle a small settlement of Nomads, you’ll find a rear exit from their camp that leads to the world map. This unlocks the Oasis location on the map. More details on this section can be found in this article.

Jasker stalks through the Outlands while searching for Kiri Malfagon.
Jasker stalks through the Outlands while searching for Kiri Malfagon.

- Pass through Oasis and you’ll find your way to Broken Spear Pass, another large section with its own article (found via the previous link, in fact). The quest to locate Kiri Malfagon will take you far across the map to the west side, where you’ll find a large Sebekan fort. There are two ways inside:

  • First, you can get in via the front door. This is easily found by following the normal path, though you’ll have to wade through a huge crowd of Mummified units and Sebekans. Good for experience, bad for your health. Be sure to nab the treasure chest near the door into the Underground if you choose this way in.
  • Second, you can get in via the Drainage door. As you approach the fort from the east you’ll find the path splitting in two. Take the upper path as the Devourer to discover the remains of a bridge in Shadows. This bridge leads to the Drainage entrance of the fort. Pop it open with the Ironclad Zombie to bypass the defenders on the fort’s walls.

Either path will take you inside, triggering a new quest that will require the completion of a single fight… though a difficult one, at that.

Zaar hunts the Underground of Broken Spear Pass while searching for Kiri Malfagon. (He's about a hundred feet from her at this point.)
Zaar hunts the Underground of Broken Spear Pass while searching for Kiri Malfagon. (He's about a hundred feet from her at this point.)

Defeat the Sebekan Slavers

Trigger: Enter the Underground

Location: Underground, Broken Spear Pass

Reward: See below

This area is nice and small, and consists of a big brawl. You need to take down a group of Sebekans - two Soldiers, two Mages, and a Leader - to get through. Pause at the entrance and aggro the Soldiers into rushing over without support, then, after they’re gone, go after the Mages. The Leader is a fairly ferocious magic-using combatant with fair durability, so you’ll want to avoid fighting him until the Mages are dead. Rush the Mages with a speedier character such as Urshak, then switch to the Ironclad Zombie and smack them down. Beating the Leader is just a matter of time after that.

- Once defeated, the Sebekan Leader will join your party as a Puppet. Sweet. He’ll also drop a bunch of gear, including the Slaver Key. Use it on the door behind the Leader and you’ll find an open area with a single cage containing Kiri Malfagon. Free her as part of the Rescue Kiri Malfagon quest if you’re playing as Jasker, or simply free her as one of the other two characters. Either way you’ll receive the quest Help Kiri Malfagon Return to Kyallisar. You can agree to let her go for 1,000 silver or nothing at all.

- Kiri will hide on the Broken Spear Pass. Continue north after leaving her to find the Taymurian Border Camp. Switch to Zaar, then speak to the camp’s captain, Ataka Darkfang, in the top-left tent of the camp. Once Zaar renews his oaths of fealty to Taymuria she’ll agree to let him light a beacon in the camp to alert Kiri that all is well. The beacon is in the northeast corner of camp, atop a series of rocky bluffs. Light it up and you’ll be zipped to Kiri. Speak to her to send her on her way.

- That done, speak to Ataka Darkfang one last time to end the quest. (I’m sure there’s more to it than this - probably another section of Jasker’s quest - but I haven’t seen it as of yet. Once I do I’ll stick it in here.)


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