Shadows - Heretic Kingdoms Walkthrough, Side Quest: Legend of the Garulian Empire

Updated on November 15, 2014
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Newly returned to life and quite disoriented, former member of the Imperial royal family Evia needs to get her bearings in the world. She has no idea what's going on, as she lived at least three hundred years in the past before death, and can't figure out what the heck has happened to the Empire she loved so well. In this introductory quest to her plot line, Evia discovers that her imperial line has left a trail of artifacts behind for her to follow...

Legend of the Garulian Empire

Trigger: Arashad; only available to Evia

Location: The Guild of Silk, Thole

Reward: Imperial Stave, Arcanum Key

- To trigger this quest you must first be playing as Evia. Once you’ve reached Thole, go to the Guild of Silk (northeast of the market) and speak to Arashad, the dude in charge. Speak to him about the Empire several times to receive this quest. You can also receive a few side quests from him, described in greater detail in this article.

Evia discovers the door to the Imperial Tomb, deep within the Burial Grounds. The Imperial Tomb will kick off her personal line of quests.
Evia discovers the door to the Imperial Tomb, deep within the Burial Grounds. The Imperial Tomb will kick off her personal line of quests.

- Arashad will direct you to the Burial Grounds in the far west of Thole. This dungeon is filled with Aphotic Spiders in the normal world and a slew of familiar faces in Shadows. Once inside, you need to head directly northwest from the entrance to the far wall. You’ll need to swap to the Devourer twice to get this far. Make sure to kill enemies along the way - not only will this allow you to build up your low level at least once and improve your meagre skills, it’ll allow you to store up plenty of Essence. You’ll need it once you reach the end of this short dungeon. This article describes the Burial Grounds in slightly greater detail; get to know them now, as you'll be back here rather shortly to leave Thole.

- Once you reach the far wall you’ll find a door that only Evia can open, leading to the Imperial Tomb. Be ready, as you’re about to face a rather potent enemy beyond, arguably the first boss in the game.

Evia battles the Guardian General, the first major foe in her quests.
Evia battles the Guardian General, the first major foe in her quests.

Guardian General

Though pretty tame by later standards, the Guardian General can be a challenge for new players. It’s a swift, powerful creature with two attacks: the first is a melee strike that Evia can’t hope to avoid, the second is a magical strike that takes a few seconds to charge, and is telegraphed by a shimmer of light on the ground. This one you can totally avoid.

The fight is simple enough. Use Evia’s Fire Breath, in conjunction with normal ranged attacks, as you lead the Guardian General around the room. You don’t have much space so you can expect to take a fair number of physical hits, but these won’t prove to be a big deal if you have a well-loaded Soul Essence to rely on for healing. You want to keep moving primarily to avoid the Guardian General’s magical attack, which gives you a few seconds before it comes flying down. Take too many of these and you will almost certainly die.

If Evia falls, don’t fret. The Guardian General exists in Shadows, as well, and the Devourer can also give it a run for its money - though for longevity’s sake, you’ll probably want to just resurrect Evia instead, and let her lead the attack. This goes for most battles where you can fight in both worlds, as losing while playing as the Devourer will end your game. Ouch.

- Once the Devourer is toast, check the coffin that pops open. It will provide some Evia-related plot details, as well as give you an Arcanum Key for The Hooded Man quest and an Imperial Stave. The latter is part of Evia’s ongoing line of quests, beginning with The Imperial Staff.

- Now that you have an Arcanum Key, you can proceed with the main line of quests. This will take us back to a previous article to finish up in Thole.


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