Shadows - Heretic Kingdoms Walkthrough, Side Quest: The Imperial Staff

Updated on December 22, 2016
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only.
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms owned by Games Farm. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Evia has learned the horrible truth about her people - namely, that her entire empire is gone - and she seeks the remnants of her once-proud lineage. Ancient Imperial Tombs lead the way to her long-gone power, though, and as she leaves Thole Evia learns that her next destination is the Outlands. Here she seeks the Imperial Staff, an item of great strength which will bring her a little closer to her former glory.

The Imperial Staff

Trigger: Complete Legend of the Garulian Empire; only available to Evia

Location: The Outlands

Reward: Imperial Staff, 3,000 experience

  • To trigger The Imperial Staff you must first complete Legend of the Garulian Empire, part of your escape from Thole. As soon as you defeat the Guardian General and receive your swag from the quest, The Imperial Staff will become your active quest…
  • Though you won’t be able to complete it for a while. First you need to make your way to the Outlands, which requires finishing up in Thole and making your way through the first section of Chapter II. You’ll also have to get through roughly half of the Outlands.

Evia explores the Ruins of the Outlands, discovering a long-dead body in the process. Lovely.
Evia explores the Ruins of the Outlands, discovering a long-dead body in the process. Lovely.
  • Once you reach the second Cenotaph in the Outlands, named Ruins, you’ll find a path to the south that splits off and takes you northeast. Here you’ll find a set of Ruins populated by Sebekan Warriors and Mages. Fight your way through and into the Ruins, located at the bottom of a short set of steps. Be careful - Sebekan units are both strong and durable, have constantly-regenerating health, and exist in the normal world and in Shadows. There’s no escaping a tough battle by jumping to the Devourer. Evia herself isn’t that great at killing Sebekans, so you may want to use the Ironclad Zombie and / or Zaar somewhat liberally in here.

Ruins, 1F

  • You’ll come under Sebekan attack immediately inside the Ruins. Fight them off, then have a look around. There are Desert Tarantulas in the rooms to the northeast and the northwest, as well as plenty of Tricholoma to grab, but you ultimately have to go downstairs via the stairs to the right of the entrance.

Ruins, 2F

  • Head northwest from the entrance. After defeating two Sebekan Warriors and a few Desert Tarantulas in an adjacent room, you’ll find a small box. Inside is Rope. You’ll need this later in this dungeon, so don’t miss out on this box. There’s also a Crafting Anvil in this room, if you feel the need to Craft.
  • Head back southeast a short ways and up the corridor to the northeast. Fight your way through the hallways to the room in the far north. Up here you’ll find a ladder leading to the first floor.

Ruins, 1F

  • Battle your way through this small chain of linked rooms to the southeast. In the final room you’ll see a bed to your right; pop open the treasure chest beside it for some goodies. South of here you’ll find a gap in the floor that you can descend through using the Rope you found earlier. At the bottom…

Ruins, 2F

  • Is a small chain of rooms that end at a locked cell. Use the Ironclad Zombie to smash it open, then check the skeleton sitting on the ground. It will drop the Silver Fuse, triggering the Secret of Ruins quest.

Ruins, 3F

  • Head back upstairs and loop back to the beginning of the second floor. You’ll find stairs to your immediate right leading to the third floor.
  • There’s an irksome excess of Desert Tarantulas down here which you should attempt to dispatch at a distance, so as to avoid poisoning. Make your way northwest.
  • There’s a gate ahead flanked by two Door Mechanisms. Use the Silver Fuse on the left Mechanism to open the gate. Save and heal, as a boss is waiting on the platform beyond.

The Ironclad Zombie takes on the Bone Demon Champion. Which calcium-infused warrior will emerge triumphant? (Hint: it doesn't look like a dinosaur.)
The Ironclad Zombie takes on the Bone Demon Champion. Which calcium-infused warrior will emerge triumphant? (Hint: it doesn't look like a dinosaur.)

Bone Demon Champion

Though it’s technically a boss, what with the dramatic entrance, the Bone Demon Champion is pretty much a glorified normal enemy. It has above-average health and can hit pretty hard, but is otherwise incredibly predictable. All it does is follow you around and try to chew your face. Pull out either your Ironclad Zombie or the Devourer himself to take it on, as it stretches between dimensions, and beat it down. No big deal. The Bone Demon Champion drops the Storm Amulet upon defeat, a fairly useful item for warding off elemental attacks. It also drops the Golden Fuse, which you need to continue your quest.

(Also, this completes Secret of Ruins. Huzzah!)

  • There’s a Bridge Mechanism on the other side of this platform. Activate it using the Golden Fuse and you’ll create a path to another Imperial Tomb. Inside you’ll face a throng of Guardians, exactly the same as they were in the Lower Catacombs - and, sadly (for them), no stronger than before. You should have a pretty easy time dispatching ‘em. There’s a Guardian General at the end to thwomp, which, again, should pose no trouble.
  • Check the coffin at the end of the path for a chronicle that will send you to your next destination: Broken Spear Pass.

Evia explores the Underground beneath Broken Spear Pass.
Evia explores the Underground beneath Broken Spear Pass.

Broken Spear Pass

  • Proceed through the Pass until you reach the area’s only Cenotaph. West of here you’ll find a splitting path, one of which requires the Devourer to cross; both ultimately lead you to a Sebetan camp. If you take the Devourer route you can use the Ironclad Zombie to smash your way into the basement, and if you take the normal route you can fight through the camp’s front door. Either way, you’ll find a path to the Underground.
  • Jasker’s personal quest will take you down here, as will the recruitment of another character. Either way, we’ll explore this path in more detail in another article. Be prepared for a large fight against a number of Sebekans.
  • After defeating the Sebekan Leader you’ll receive a key that will allow you to enter the jail behind the battlefield. Continue north through here and you’ll find a ‘Brick Wall’ in the back of the jail. Use a Puppet to smash it open and slip through.
  • Behind is a watery path stretching to the east and the west. Head east, taking out Bone Demons as you go, to find an Imperial Tomb. Step inside. You’ll find the usual assortment of Guardians inside, and since they’re no stronger than earlier in the game, you’ll slaughter ‘em easily.
  • Check the coffin at the rear of the Tomb. You’ll receive the Imperial Rod, along with some extra instructions.
  • Leave the Tomb and look for the nearest Crafting Anvil, likely at the Border Camp. Toss the Imperial Stave and the Imperial Rod together, Craft, and voila! You have an Imperial Staff. Fancy that. Now you can begin that new quest, The Timeless Paragon, that popped up a while ago…


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