Shin Megami Tensei 4: How To Beat Xi Wangmu

Updated on August 5, 2013


This hub is going to talk about how to beat Xi Wangmu in Shin Megami Tensei 4. She is fought at Ikebukuro, where she has dedicated herself to eating humans because that is what most demons do. The Ring of Gaea has a vested interest in taking out Xi Wangmu and ask you to stay out of the fight even after it took your intervention to get to her in the first place. However, since this is a video game, you will be directly interfering. Otherwise, where's the fun?

So, read on and see how you can defeat her!

Stat Overview

Here's a helpful table listing Xi Wangmu's relevant stats, such as total hit points (HP), weaknesses and strengths, and attack list.

Elemental Affinities
Ailment Affinities
Other Stats
Attack List
Resists Physical, Weak to Force, Nulls Light/Dark
Nulls Poison/Lost, Resists Panic/Sleep/Bind/Sick
Ziodyne, Maziodyne, Megaton Press, Queen's Feast, Orchard Guardian
Source: This information is taken from the strategy guide that was in the limited box edition of Shin Megami Tensei IV. Any possible inaccuracies are due to printing errors.

Let's Talk Strategy - Tips and Tricks

Seriously, you're going to notice an interesting trend with Shin Megami Tensei IV: As the game goes on, bosses will become easier and easier. Harder fights will usually involve Hordes or a group of enemies rather than a single enemy. In any case, Xi Wangmu is only particularly dangerous if you have one or more party members that are weak to her Electric spells, since she'll accumulate more Press Turns where she can keep using them. In my case, I had two demons that take normal damage from Electric attacks and one demon resistant to the same.

  • A demon with Dekaja comes recommended thanks to Xi Wangmu's Orchard Guardian spell, which she will use on the second turn of the battle to increase all of her stats by one stage. However, having Tarunda/Sukunda is more than enough to stop her in her tracks (Rakunda is to kill her faster, but once you have the battle under control, it doesn't really matter how long it takes).
  • If you're struggling to survive Megaton Press, you can use Tetrakarn to have Xi Wangmu hit herself with the attack (which will also prematurely end her turn if she uses it as her first action).

There's not much too much more to say in the way of tips and tricks. Check the next section for a table listing my party members and their respective skills.

My Demons Are A Bit Different

Skill List
Media, Sukukaja, Energy Drain, Agilao, Dia, Rakukaja, Zanma, Recarm
Mazanma, Zanma, Recarm, Sukukaja, Judgement Light (skill mutation), Spirit Drain, Bufula
Javelin Rain, Bad Company, Haste Lesson, Blight, Zionga, Bind Voice, Rakukaja
Dekaja, Energy Drain, Sukukaja, Sukunda, Rakukaja, Tarunda, Tarukaja
The skill list for my protagonist and the three demons that make up my main party.

My Protagonist's Equipment Layout

Upper Body
Body Armor
Lower Body
Bruce Gun
Aquans Rounds
Silver Mars
Ahazuya Red
White Samurai
Silver Necklace
The equipment my protagonist had equipped when I fought against Xi Wangmu.

General Battle Flow

As far as boss battles go, this one has a really interesting start. On the first turn of the boss battle, you will be unable to damage Xi Wangmu. Any type of attack (yes, even Almighty attacks) will only deal a single point of damage. Spirit Drain? Will steal 1 MP. In any case, how I went about my turn 1 was to debuff her and buff my party as best I could. So, I used Sukukaja with my protagonist and Narcissus, Rakukaja with Yoshitsune, and Sukunda with Kamapua'a.

Before the start of the second turn, you are treated to a really awesome sequence that deserves to be seen. So, you'll have to forgive me for not telling you. Let's just say that Xi Wangmu gets a bad stomachache which happens to lower her defenses, allowing you to actually deal damage to her.

So, how does she fight?

  • She has two Press Turns. Once the sequence plays out, she will use Orchard Guardian to boost her stats by one level as her first action. I personally did not see her use it again, but you should be debuffing her attack and evasion/hit rates anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal.
  • As her second action of her first turn, she will most likely use Maziodyne.
  • Once your next turn comes up, you should keep debuffing Xi Wangmu (prioritize her hit/evasion rates and then her attack damage; if you have Rakunda, it'll be useful, but not as important). If you have any demons that can use Force attacks, use them to get those extra Press Turns and do that extra damage.
  • Xi Wangmu prefers to use Ziodyne and Megaton Press. As she loses HP, she'll add Queen's Feast to her attack list (Life Drain on all enemies) and start using Maziodyne more frequently.

All in all, Queen's Feast doesn't do nearly enough damage to warrant worry and, in fact, it is a welcome attack whenever Xi Wangmu decides to use it. As long as you don't have any demons weak to Electric attacks, you should be fine. As usual, the hardest turns are the first few until you debuff her attack and accuracy.


A Samurai's Companion

For this fight, Jonathan is the best option as he can cast Zanma to attack Xi Wangmu's weakness. However, there's no truly bad companion for this fight (although Walter's tendency to use Critical Wave makes him a bigger liability in this fight as Xi Wangmu has Physical resistance).

Conversation Options

Besides the aforementioned sequence which deserves to be watched rather than talked about, XI Wangmu doesn't actually talk during the fight. So, this is another fight where you can concentrate completely on just beating the stuffing out of your opponent.

If you're wondering whether this section will ever have actual substance again for a future boss, the answer is yes. But, that's later, not now. ;)

Were you (your protagonist character) Under or Over Leveled for this Battle?

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All in all, Xi Wangmu has the potential to be dangerous if you allow her to sit on her stat boost from Orchard Guardian unopposed and let her hit your Electric weaknesses. However, you probably haven't gotten to this point in the game if you haven't figured out precisely not to do that, so this fight will be as easy as cake. Defeating Xi Wangmu will give you access to the bookstore where the Black Samurai is located. As a major plot point nears, how will you choose?

Feel free to post your own strategies for beating Xi Wangmu in the comments section, as well as demons you prefer for the task and why. Or, just feel free to talk about the game as well (try to limit spoilers).

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)


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