Skryim: How to Get the Pale Blade

Updated on June 6, 2018
The Pale Blade. Weapon is leveled, so damage values will vary according to perks, abilities of character etc.
The Pale Blade. Weapon is leveled, so damage values will vary according to perks, abilities of character etc.

The Pale Blade is a powerful enchanted sword that cuts with cold fury and sends enemies fleeing in terror.

One of the great legendary swords of Skyrim is the Pale Blade. Not as well known as the Chillrend—the mighty blue glass sword with the ability to not only damage opponents with cold, but also temporarily freeze them—the Pale Blade has similar characteristics. Like Chillrend, the Pale Blade delivers cold damage per each successful strike, but instead of paralyzing opponents with frost like Chillrend, the Pale Blade, instead, strikes fear into their hearts, sending foes fleeing from you like whimpering children. The ability to cause panic and fear among your enemies is particularly useful when facing large groups of hostiles as it helps even the odds. Instead of having to fight three opponents at once for instance, the Pale Blade can send one or two of them running off in terror while you deal with the third one in single combat. The others will eventually return, but this way you can defeat them one at a time instead of having three goons hacking at you simultaneously which is difficult to survive except for all but the most powerful characters. In addition to cold damage and fear, the Pale Blade also damages an opponents stamina as well with each strike. Overall, a very formidable weapon.

Obtaining the Pale Blade is the reward for completing the quest called The Pale Lady. Travel to Frostmere Crypt which is south-southwest of Dawnstar. If you have discovered the location of the Lord Stone, Frostmere Crypt is a short distance away to the northeast. Once you have reached Frostmere Crypt, the fun begins:

Location of Frostmere Crypt
Location of Frostmere Crypt

♦ Upon your approach to Frostmere Crypt, one of two scenarios will occur: Either you will witness bandits fighting with each other, or you’ll encounter Eisa Blackthorn, one of the bandits, alone. One way or another, you’ll learn that some thievery has occurred within the crypt, and the quest will launch. If you decide to kill Eisa, you will discover her journal in her inventory, and reading the journal will also initiate the quest.

♦ As you fight your way through the crypt, if you haven’t already encountered Eisa, you will, and thus gain possession of her journal. If you have already defeated Eisa, you will find a second journal belonging to one of her comrades, the bandit leader Kyr. After reading the journals you will learn of a mysterious forest located deep inside the crypt. You will also learn that one of the bandits named Ra’jirr started losing his mind once the forest was discovered.

♦ Continue clearing out the crypt of bandits and eventually you’ll come to a bandit mining for silver. After slaying him, head through the door near him into Frostmere Depths.

♦ In the Frostmere Depths you’ll find yourself in a large cavern with the aforementioned forest in it. You’ll discover Kyr the bandit leader dying and jabbering out his last words, and Ra’jirr attacking the Pale Lady, who you discover is a Wisp Mother. At this point you have three options: 1) Let the Pale Lady kill Ra’jirr and then loot the Pale Blade off his body and place it in the pedestal located a short distance from the action on the alter. Once the blade is back on the pedestal, it banishes the Pale Lady. 2) Just go in and kill everyone including the Pale Lady and take the Pale Blade for yourself. 3) Run in and save Ra’jirr by killing the Pale Lady yourself. Then, sneak away and loot the Pale Blade off of Ra’jirr. I suggest option two because even if you jump in and save Ra’jirr, he will eventually turn aggressive and you’ll end up having to kill him anyway. Killing him yourself, or letting the Pale Lady kill him just saves time. The quest is completed by either placing the sword back in the pedestal, or slaying the Pale Lady. The choice is yours.

♦ Be sure not to miss the Word Wall to the right of the alter which contains the Ice Form Word of Power, one of the most useful Dragon Shouts in the game.

♦ The Pale Blade can be improved up to Legendary Level. A steel ingot is required for all smithing improvements to this weapon. Like most enchanted weapons in Skyrim, the Pale Blade is leveled, so the damage it does depends on what level your character is at the time you take possession of the sword.


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      23 months ago

      It's true and extremely easy after reading this, thanks!


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