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"Sky: Children of Light" Guide, Tips, and Review

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In this article, you will learn:

  • the basics of playing the game.
  • some tips on how to play the game efficiently.
  • my personal review and story of my character.

Welcome to the enchanting world of sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones.

— from the game's introduction on App Store

What Is Sky: Children of Light?

Sky: Children of Light (Sky for short) is "a beautiful game" developed by Thatgamecompany, the same guys that brought us the titles Flower and Journey. It was released on July 18, 2019, on iOS. For now, the game is available in App Store only. Versions for other platforms are still in the development process.

Sky is an action-adventure game with a little role-playing in the mix.

PlatformCategoryGameplayPayment Scheme

Mobile (iOS)


Action, Exploration

Free-to-play, In-app-purchases

How to Play

Basic Controls

The game's basic controls is introduced at the start of the game. It is as easy as one, two, three. Using the default settings, the left screen should be for moving your character. Dragging or swiping the right screen allows you to look around. Tapping the circle with the star on the right screen makes your character jump. Holding it allows the character to perform flight.


User Interface

The rest of the game's UI disappears after a short while when not in use. To make it appear again, just tap the corners of the screen.

1. Wings: This tells you the amount of Winged Light you found. Winged Light gives you charges for your flight ability. It can also be viewed as your level if you like. Yellow bars mean your charge has enough energy for you to perform the ability. Wings' energy recharge when you stay near a light source or when you touch the clouds or flying creatures during flight.

2. Ascended Candle: One of the currency in Sky. You can get this after you have "ascended." I'm not going to spoil you what and how that means.

3. Hearts: Another currency in Sky. This is given by your friends. One heart is equal to three candles. Some expressions and upgrades can be unlocked by hearts only.

4. Candles: This is the basic currency in Sky. You can get this by collecting lights in the game's world. Lights can be collected from candles when you light them up.

5. Chat: This opens the chat "window" to view previous chats. However, this cannot be used to communicate directly to other players. To be able to read what others are saying, there is a special place in the game's world: a bench where two players should sit down to chat with each other. It consumes a candle though to be able to sit on that bench.

Note: Chats are not saved so when you go out of the game, the chat record is lost.

6. Screenshot: Tap this to take a screenshot without the rest of the interface.

7. Record: Tap this to start recording a video of the game.

8. Shop: Tapping this should lead you to the game's store.

9. Settings: In here you can find the game's settings. If you are lost, you can tap here to go back to the Home. All places you have visited will be accessible through the Home.

Just chilling in the field near the Forest. If only you could hear the music playing.

Just chilling in the field near the Forest. If only you could hear the music playing.

Game Concepts

  • Spirits: Spirits are legendary characters in the game. Unlocking a Spirit allows you to "copy" its expression. Some Spirits are located in subtle places.
  • Gifting: Gifting refers to giving candles and hearts to the Spirits to unlock outfits, upgrade expressions as well as learn spells.
  • Spirit Gates: These are portals to another place or world. Gates are unlocked once you complete their corresponding constellations.
  • Constellations: These are the collection of Spirits you have freed (unlocked) which are represented by the expressions you have learned from them.
  • Ascend: To ascend means to deliver your winged light through Eden. There is more to this. However, I will not spoil it for you.
There is so much more to what ascendance in "Sky" means.

There is so much more to what ascendance in "Sky" means.

Some Useful Tips

  • Take your time. You do not have to "finish" the game fast. Relax and enjoy or else you'll miss the beauty of the game.
  • Look for the light. Literally look for lens flares and go towards it. Always.
  • Explore every nook and cranny in each map. Some lens flares are hidden behind hills and other subtle places.
  • Always light the candles you find on the map.
  • Lights, which are converted into Candles, appear every few minutes. That is the point of always lighting the candles.
  • You can always revisit a place by going to the Settings and then tapping Home.
  • Make friends as much as possible. The game is won with friends. To make friends, you must first set a player alight, tap on him or her and upgrade your with his or her character. Making friends costs a Candle.
  • Set a nickname for a friend so you will remember them.
  • You can access your friend list by going Home.
  • To know where the other players are located, tap and hold your character until he gives a "call."
  • Upon reaching the Eye of Eden, you will meet the storm. Friendship is the key here. Go in groups.
  • Some doors can be unlocked with two players simultaneously interacting with the door's "switch." Others required eight players altogether.
In "Sky", friendship is the key to everything.

In "Sky", friendship is the key to everything.

A Game So Bright It's Breathtaking: A Review

A Beautiful Game

A lot of reviewers call Sky as one of the most beautifully designed game. Indeed it is! After going through the game's tutorial, I couldn't put it down until I "finished" the game. That alone took me almost six hours straight. It is that beautiful.

Not only are the graphics so gorgeous but the music is awe-inspiring as well. It is so relaxing that you can make your character sit down while you doze off to the game's music.

Keeps the Bar High

Sky puts you in the cloud, literally. You play as one of the children of light high above the clouds. However, the world is not that all fluffy. There is a castle in the clouds, fields, a forest, a desert, a wasteland and a desolate, stormy and hellish of a place called the Eye of Eden. It seems like each map is created to invoke a different emotion from that of another map.

Friendship Is the Key

Your goal is to bring the light of the stars back to their place. It is not an easy feat, however, as Sky throws a lot of challenges at you along the way. One of the challenges is communication. That's right, Sky must be played with making friends in mind. It is not easy to communicate with others, but what amazes me is how two complete strangers manage to "speak" with each other in ways to beat a certain challenge. In its own creative way, the game taught me the value of friendship, even with a stranger, in overcoming various storms in life. At first, I thought I could finish the game alone. I was terribly wrong. There are puzzle pieces and challenges that must be unlocked and overcome with the help of friends. That's where the game gets interesting and addicting.

A friend went flying out when one of those rocks hit him. Only the two of us were left.

A friend went flying out when one of those rocks hit him. Only the two of us were left.

Create Your Own Story

Sky's story is beautifully placed. However, it is not the game's own story that matters.

During my first run, I met two friends in the game named him Atoc and Udut. The game named him for me as I opted for a random nickname. We met near the entrance to the Eye of Eden, a dark place known for its storms and giant centipede-like flying sentries. We were braving the storm but we kept on falling behind. Perhaps out of impatience, Atoc went ahead of us into the raging storm. Flying rocks (that's how strong the Storm is) hit him and threw him down the ravine. We never heard of him again.

Udut and I continued on, holding each other's hand as we pushed through the strong winds; dodging the rocks and the sentries. After almost an hour, we got past the storm only to face another storm. This time, no more flying rocks but a sea of cold water that drains your energy and flying lava which rips your winged lights out of you. We lost all our wings. My light went out first. After a few attempts to light me up again, Udut also lost all his wings. He lost his light trying to keep me warm.

After all, playing Sky is all about one story that matters: yours.

I lost the light first. And then my friend lost his own, trying to light me up again.

I lost the light first. And then my friend lost his own, trying to light me up again.

Questions & Answers

Question: How can you customize the character to be shorter or taller in Sky: Children of Light?

Answer: As of this time, there is no customization yet for that.

Question: When playing the game "Sky: Children of Light", is there a way to avoid the dark creatures that spot you with red light and hit you making you lose your light?

Answer: Yes there is. Find some cracks in the wall. When the creature finds you, you can run to the nearest shade or run back to where you were first. The creature wont see you if you are under some rocks or outcroppings.

Question: I collected all the light children that increase wing levels, how to get more levels?

Answer: You have to go through Eden to ascend your wings.

Question: When playing Sky: Children of Light, what happens if you lose all your light before you reach the part to give light to the sky children in Eden?

Answer: I won’t spoil it for you. Just continue even when you lose lights.

Question: Are you able to chat with your friends in Sky: Children of LIght?

Answer: Yes but only when you sit together at the chatting bench. And only for a limited time.

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Chatting with friend on August 21, 2019:

There is a bench where you can sit and chat with someone. You can also acquire the chair option you carry around on your back and also a table option where a group can sit and chat. However, if you progress with friend and I believe It’s just past the high five, then hug, the next is chatting without a table or bench. I hope this helps.

Changing height/youth on August 21, 2019:

There is actually a way to make player shorter and taller. It has to do with a mask. Collecting clothes from spirits changes your characters look. I believe the mask in question that makes you shorter will cost you 13 hearts (don’t quote me) and must be purchased from a specific spirit.

Me and also me on August 19, 2019:

Kris, when you get all the spirits in a constellation, to get the “ultimate reward” (which I believe is usually cosmetic) you have to unlock all the little things in each spirit. You have to buy their spells and hair and stuff- everything. There are a couple of blank spots in each constellation, but there is a set number of spirits. Hope this helps and answers you’re question

Red Fernan (author) from Philippines on August 19, 2019:

Yes there are. If there are still blank spots, there are still emotes to find.

Kris on August 18, 2019:

I completed all the constellations, but when I click the blank spots on it, it says that I should complete the constellation first... Are there any more spirits (emotes), yet to unlock there?