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"Skylanders Ring of Heroes" Beginner's Guide

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Welcome, Fellow Portal Masters

Hi, and welcome to the wonderful world of Skylanders! This game guide will help you jumpstart your progress in the game, and make sure that you'll get ahead as fast and efficiently as possible. You'll know some of the basic stuff you'll need to progress throughout the game, which will also help you in creating proper strategies once you start to dive into player vs player battles. Good luck, and enjoy reading this article (and the game, of course).

How to Get Your First Legendary Skylander

At the beginning of the game, you'll get the privilege to do a pickup summon in exchange for 500 gems, which will give you a 100% (guaranteed) chance to get a Legendary Skylander. This selection summon can be done only once per account. Aside from the guaranteed legendary grade unit, you'll also get one heroic and three rare heroes. You will get up to 30 chances to reroll your summons until you get the hero that you want. Take note though that everything is still based on RNG and chance. Even though the chances of getting a legendary hero is guaranteed, it is still up to your luck if you’ll get the legendary Skylander that you want. So it’s good to plan ahead and pick a minimum of 3–5 legendary heroes that you think will be helpful to you in the game and then stop rerolling once you finally summon one of them.


To get into this section, go back to your Game Lobby, then tap the "Summon" button at the lower part of your screen.


By default, you'll be on the First Summoning (Pickup Summon) tab, which is exactly where we want to be right now. You can click the “Appearance List” button to be able to see the list of the amazing Skylanders that you can possibly get from that summoning method. This will help you plan out which Skylanders you should target on getting, and decide which of them will be helpful to you throughout the game

(P.S.: though you don’t have the ability to manually pick your summons, at least you’ll know when to stop rerolling).


The thumbs up icon is displayed on characters that are helpful for the early stages of the game. If you ever summon one of them, it’ll be a good idea to make them as a part of your team so you can clear the early game contents much easier and faster.


And . . . that's it! Good luck and we hope you get the amazing Legendary unit that you really want to use throughout the game! Enjoy!

Which Easy-to-Acquire Monsters Should You Prioritize Early in the Game?

This section will teach you which monsters are worth training at the beginning of your journey. It will help you make better decisions and ensure that you're only using your precious and hard-to-farm resources on the units/heroes that are really worth it. Good luck and I hope this helps you!


One of the rare heroes that are worth training early in the game is Flashwing. She has a great AoE heal that will ensure that your team can survive the most tedious dungeons. And since she's just a rare hero, it'll be easier to awaken her and level up her healing skill compared to heroic and legendary heroes, allowing you to get ahead and build an insane healer unit as soon as possible.

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You'll get her as a reward early in the game, after clearing the first few maps in the Adventures. Make sure to build her as tanky as possible (upgrade her +defense and +HP equipment as soon as possible) so she can keep healing your team!

Grilla Dilla

Grilla Drilla is one of the easiest healers to build in the game, even easier to build than Flashwing. If you happen to not have any other healer in your roster, or if you're trying to save your "Rare" upgrade resources for other Rare heroes such as Ignitor, then he would definitely be a great healer replacement since he's only a Premium character (2 stars).

Upgrading Premium characters takes significantly fewer resources, and it's more than likely for you to summon multiple copies of it (for Superboosting) due to its rarity level. You can even summon him easily using Wish Stones (a free resource that you can get from your in-game friends), which is great if you're saving your gems for something else.

He heals a bit better (1%) than Flashwing, and does defense breaks as well which is really good for clearing PVE contents.

In my opinion, it's also a good idea to pair Grilla Drilla and Flashwing together in one team, so you can have a total of 51% heal for your whole team every 2–3 turns (they also both do defense breaks, so they will also make it easier for your damage-dealing Skylanders to beat the opponents)! Then add two DPS/attack units of your choice, then you have a good team with a good balance of damage and survivability! You'll definitely hit 3 stars in most content with this strategy!



Another unit that you should consider building is Ignitor. He is considered the BEST 3 star (Rare) damage dealer in the game right now, so you should definitely have him in your team if you want to clear the Adventures and Challenges as fast and efficiently as possible. Make sure to max his skill 1 and skill 2 right away to further strengthen his damage and help you progress faster.


Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf is one of the first units you'll get when you start playing the game, and she's proven herself as one of the greatest DPS units in all of the Rare heroes category. Her first skill deals a ton of damage, and also applies a 10% evasion decrease to the opponent and a chance to deal Poison effect. Poison is very interesting because it will basically deal damage equivalent to 10% of the enemy's max HP per turn, which makes it ideal for opponents with very large HP. So imagine, if the monster has a total of 20k HP, then that's an additional damage of 2k HP damage per turn!

Her passive skill puts her in Stealth mode for 3 turns if she knocks down an enemy, boosting her attack power by 20% and critical rate by 10%, as well as preventing her from being targetted by the opponent (unless they use an AoE skill).

Her second skill is also interesting, aside from it making a lot of damage on one enemy, it will also deal an additional 43% damage to ALL enemies if it lands as a critical hit! So you see, Stealth Elf, even if she's just been given as a starter monster, can be used until mid-late game!



If, by any chance, you were not able to summon Ignitor early in the game, then some of the best damage dealer replacements are Ninjini and Stealth Elf. I personally prefer Ninjini though due to her unique skills.

Even though she might look like just a common monster, I can guarantee you that she definitely packs a punch! Her first skill deals a lot of damage to a single target, and inflicts continuous damage that inflicts additional damage per turn to the enemy (the continuous damage will be based on 30% of Ninjini's attack power). Her second skill deals damage to all enemies and reduces the amount of heal they receive by 15%, making her a worse nightmare for enemy teams that rely on healer units. Her passive skill makes her hit harder as she loses more HP.


Due to her rarity level, she's also as easy to build up compared to Heroic and Legendary Skylanders. A smart way to build her is to use equipment with vampire enchantment so she can recover her HP proportional to the damage she deals to the opponents.


Okay, I know that she's not a common hero, and many of us may not be able to summon her right away, but I believe she deserves a spotlight due to her amazing skills (which in my opinion is comparable, and even better, than some Legendary units).

The most impressive thing about her is her Leader skill, which gives a whopping 20% attack boost to all Fire units in your team and a 30% attack and 25% effect accuracy boost on herself! So if you have other Fire damage dealers, like Ignitor, in your team, then you'll definitely be starting to defeat your enemies relatively faster than before!

Aside from the Leader skill, her first skill deals a lot of damage, equivalent to 150% of her attack, and also leaves an Explosion effect on the enemy, which deals another 100% of her attack after a few turns. It also grants the "Unrecoverable" effect to the enemy, which prevents it from recovering its HP. See what I mean when I said "better than some Legendaries"? She's definitely one of the best damage dealers in the world of Skylanders Ring of Heroes!


And, that's it! I hope this guide helped you decide how to build your team early in the game. I'll try to create more guides and resources as I learn more about the game. So good luck, and see you in-game!


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