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"Skyrim" Classes & Builds: 21 Oblivion Classes Recreated

The author is knowledgeable about "Skyrim" and its various classes and builds.


You've just slain a dragon and saved a village, but now instead of basking in an insurmountable victory, you've got to decide which skills and perks to raise. While this can be a fun task, it can also be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion offered pre-made character classes, and this made choosing a path for your character simple. Due to these pre-made classes, players had a basic idea of how they would raise their character's skills. Though players may have deviated from this basic set of skills from time to time, at least players had a rule of thumb--a basic set of skills to focus on throughout gameplay.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doesn't offer these classes, and creating a class in Skyrim can be a daunting and time-consuming task—one that some players would rather avoid.

To make Skyrim less overwhelming, I have created twenty-one skill builds. Each build represents a class found in Oblivion. Therefore, if you enjoyed the "Monk" class in Oblivion but felt discouraged to make one because you didn't have the time to read each and every perk, and you didn't want to end up with an unplayable character that lacked important skills, then this is the place to be.

I have tried to recreate the vision that I believe Bethesda had for the Oblivion Classes, in these Skyrim builds; each of these Skyrim builds has every skill the initial Oblivion class had, except for those skills that don't exist in the game. Though there are some skills in Oblivion that simply don't exist in Skyrim; most Oblivion skills can be found in Skyrim skills or perks, it just takes a bit of sifting through everything at once.

These builds are generally not the best or most efficient. They were created solely to mimic the Oblivion classes of the same name, and have been created from more of a role-playing perspective than an efficiency standard. However, the classes have been made efficient enough to get a player through the game.

All classes have strengths and weaknesses, and there is room for improvement (30 perks extra) if you choose to play beyond the soft level cap of fifty. Also, it isn't necessary to stick to these builds exclusively, if you simply don't like one of the skills or perks selected then choose something else instead. This is meant to be a basic guide for those who really enjoyed the initial Oblivion classes, and want to re-live them in Skyrim.

This article is too large to have it all in one place, so it has been broken down into four distinct parts. The first part lists general classes; these classes can be found under the General Classes heading below.

The second part lists Combat Classes. The combat classes include: Barbarian Class, Crusader Class, Knight Class, Rogue Class, Scout Class.

The third part lists Magic Classes. The magic classes include: Battlemage Class, Nightblade Class, Sorcerer Class, Spellsword Class, Witchhunter Class.

The fourth part lists Stealth Classes. The stealth classes include: Acrobat Class, Agent Class, Assassin Class, Bard Class, Monk Class, Pilgrim Class.

General Classes

General classes are the major classes that can be found in most role-playing games. General classes include Warrior Class, Mage Class, Thief Class, Healer Class, and Archer Class.

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Most players find that they identify with one of these classes or a sub-division of one of these classes, and so this seemed like the most logical place to begin.

Unafraid of light weaponry, they plow into the fray with little regard for injury. Masters of all melee tools, they put little faith in the magical arts.

— Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Warriors are known for their physical prowess and are skilled in the use of a broad range of melee weapons, but they don't focus on any particular weapon, as they enjoy using them all at any given time, and prefer not to be confined to any one type of weapon or fighting style. These brutes enjoy the thrill of bar brawls and having a drink in a tavern every now and then. Warriors are also keen on spending a good chunk of their time exploring mines, in order to improve the power of their armor and weapons.

  • Standing Stone: The warrior stone
  • Primary Offense: Any Dual Weapons, any two-handed weapons
  • Primary Defense: Heavy armor
  • Class Type: Combat class
  • Skills: Smithing, One-handed, Block, two-handed, heavy armor

Skill and Perk Tree

Level needed to obtain all perks: 50
Extra perks: 30 (perks end at level 80)

  • Smithing: Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Daedric Smithing, Dragon Armor.
  • One-handed: Armsman(5), Fighting Stance, Dual Flurry(2), Savage Strike, Critical Charge, Dual Savagery, Paralyzing Strike.
  • Block: Shield Wall (3), Power Bash, Deflect Arrows, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash, Shield Charge, Elemental Protection.
  • Two-handed: Barbarian (4), Champion's Stance, Limbsplitter (1), Deep Wounds (1), Skullcrusher (1), Great Critical Charge, Devastating Blow, Sweep, Warmaster.
  • Heavy Armor: Juggernaut (5), Fists of Steel, Well Fitted, Tower of Strength, Matching Set, Reflect Blows.

Preferring to use their extensive knowledge of all things magical, they wield a might more powerful than the sharpest blade.

— Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Mages are elemental masters and channel the forces of nature through their hands. They are often feared due to their command of these elements: fire, lightning, and ice. Mages prefer robes to armor and choose to protect themselves with spells, rather than clunky gear. They enjoy reading and have dabbled in the art of summoning creatures, creating poultices, and enchanting items, but these arts are not where their immense power lies.

  • Standing stone: The mage stone
  • Primary offense: Destruction magic
  • Primary defense: Alteration magic
  • Class type: Magic class
  • Skills: Alchemy, alteration, conjuration, destruction, illusion, enchanting, restoration

Skill and Perk Tree

Level needed to obtain all perks: 50
Extra perks: 30 (perks end at level 80)

  • Alchemy: Alchemist (2), Physician.
  • Alteration: Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Adept Alteration, Mage Armor(3), Expert Alteration, Master Alteration.
  • Conjuration: Novice Conjuration, Apprentice Conjuration, Adept Conjuration.
  • Destruction: Novice Destruction, Apprentice Destruction, Adept Destruction, Expert Destruction, Master Destruction, Augmented Shock (2), Disintegrate, Augmented Frost (2), Deep Freeze, Augmented Flames (2), Intense Flames, Destruction Dual Casting, Impact, Rune Master.
  • Illusion: Novice Illusion, Apprentice Illusion, Adept Illusion, Expert Illusion, Master Illusion, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting, Master of the Mind.
  • Enchanting: Enchanter (2), Soul Squeezer, Soul Siphon.
  • Restoration: Novice Restoration, Apprentice Restoration, Adept Restoration, Recovery (2).

Profiting from the losses of others is their love. Able to be swift in shadow, and crafty in bartering. Locks are enemies, and lock-picks are their swords.

— Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Thieves are clever pickpockets, and there is no lock they cannot open. However, they are also proficient with a bow, when the need arises. Thieves are known for their uncanny ability to sneak up on anyone at any time, and their knack for using a charismatic tongue, at the most opportune moments.

  • Standing stone: The thief stone
  • Primary offense: Bow and arrows
  • Primary defense: Stealth
  • Class type: Stealth class
  • Skills: Light armor, archery, speech, lockpicking, sneak, pickpocket

Skill and Perk Tree

Level needed to obtain all perks: 50
Extra perks: 30 (perks end at level 80)

  • Light Armor: Agile Defender (1), Custom fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker.
  • Archery: Overdraw (5), Critical Shot (3).
  • Speech: Haggling (4), Bribery, Allure, Persuasion, Merchant, Investor, Fence.
  • Lockpicking: Novice Locks, Apprentice Locks, Quick Hands, Adept Locks, Golden Touch, Treasure Hunter, Expert Locks, Master Locks.
  • Sneak: Stealth (5), Backstab, Muffled Movement, Deadly Aim,
  • Pickpocket: Light Fingers (5), Night Thief, Extra Pockets, Cutpurse, Keymaster, Misdirection, Perfect Touch.

Fighters of poison and illness. The ancient art of restoration is their ally, and the deadly art of destruction is their weapon.

— Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Healers choose life over death and will stop at nothing to save their friends or loved ones from an early demise. They are masters of Restoration Magic and Alchemy, but are equally good with destruction magic, against those who threaten their lives. Their kindness often affords them good prices when buying and selling goods.

  • Standing stone: The mage stone
  • Primary offense: Destruction magic
  • Primary defense: Alchemy, restoration, illusion
  • Class type: Magic class
  • Skills: Alchemy, alteration, destruction, illusion, speech, restoration

Skill and Perk Tree

Level needed to obtain all perks: 50
Extra perks: 30 (perks end at level 80)

  • Alchemy: Alchemist (5), Physician, Benefactor, Experimenter (3), Snakeblood, Purity, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison, Green Thumb.
  • Alteration: Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Mage Armor(3).
  • Destruction: Novice Destruction, Apprentice Destruction, Adept Destruction, Expert Destruction, Master Destruction.
  • Illusion: Novice Illusion, Apprentice Illusion, Adept Illusion, Expert Illusion, Hypnotic Gaze, Animage, Kindred Mage.
  • Speech: Haggling (4).
  • Restoration: Novice Restoration, Apprentice Restoration, Adept Restoration, Expert Restoration, Master Restoration, Ward Absorb, Regeneration, Necromage, Respite, Recovery (2), Avoid Death, Restoration Dual Casting.

A marksman, adept at combat at great distances. Able to take down most foes before they have a chance to draw a sword.

— Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Archers are known for their huntsman skills and are often found in the woods, hunting deer or other prey. They are feared by many, due to their deadly aim with a bow, but they are also fairly good with light swords and daggers. They are often proficient in making armors out of hunted materials and enjoy the freedom of the wild.

  • Standing stone: The warrior stone
  • Primary offense: Bow and arrows, sword
  • Primary defense: Light armor
  • Class type: Combat class.
  • Skills: Smithing, one-handed, two-handed, light armor, archery, sneak.

Skill and Perk Tree

Level needed to obtain all perks: 50
Extra perks: 30 (perks end at level 80)

  • Smithing: Steel smithing, Elven Smithing, Advanced Armors, Glass Smithing, Dragon Armor, Arcane Blacksmith.
  • One-Handed: Armsman (4), Bladesman (3), Fighting Stance, Critical Charge.
  • Two-Handed: Barbarian (2).
  • Light Armor: Agile Defender (5), Custom fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker, Deft Movement, Matching Set.
  • Archery: Overdraw (5), Eagle Eye, Critical Shot (3), Steady Hand (2), Power Shot, Quick Shot, Bullseye, Ranger, Hunter's Discipline.
  • Sneak: Stealth (4), Backstab, Deadly Aim.


NoGo on February 22, 2017:

So why does the archer class need the barbarian skills when bows are covered by the archery skill

David on November 15, 2016:

These builds are great, I've seen a few on the internet but keep coming back to these. Videogameviking, would you ever think of adding race recommendations? I know a few are obvious based on starting skills (e.g. Nord Barbarian, Imperial Crusader), but I would be interested to see your opinions.

videogameviking (author) from California on May 23, 2012:


Thanks! I tried to put a little creativity into each class, and still allow a representation of the initial Oblivion Class, by the same name, to brightly shine through.

battlefieldsniper from springfield IL on March 21, 2012:

the archer and the theif builds are pretty much common sense but the healer i give you credit that is a nice build

videogameviking (author) from California on January 13, 2012:

Yes, Skyrim is a great game! I would love to experience the game with all of the various races too, and I will probably do that at some point. I had a Breton conjurer in Oblivion, and used the headless zombie a lot at the beginning of the game; it was great, but necromancy is better!

Kaitlyn Shapiro from Pennsylvania on January 10, 2012:


I love Skyrim so much, I'll probably make at least one character for each of the races. :x I am also working on a Breton necromancer/master mage (she's almost exclusively magic-based, with Enchanting and Alchemy). Necromancy was something I wanted in Oblivion, and I'm so happy they've put it in Skyrim! All of conjuration in this game is epic, really.

videogameviking (author) from California on January 09, 2012:

JMLiftOff & Kaitlyn Shapiro,

Thanks! I'm glad you both liked the classes :) I just released the combat classes today.

Kaitlyn, it sounds like you have a nice build. I currently have a necromancer/pickpocket/shock mage. I like playing different characters, so when I have time I'll probably end up making more.

Kaitlyn Shapiro from Pennsylvania on January 06, 2012:

Thank you so much for the list of perks for the Archer class. I am playing a Bosmer archer and loving it, and it's great to have the list of perks I'll need in one place. She's pretty personable, so the majority of my extra perks will go to Speech, and I'm focusing more on Alchemy than Light Armor. She's a "glass cannon" build.

JMLiftOff on January 06, 2012:

Cool Probably will use one of these classes for skyrim!

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