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How to Cure Vampirism in "Skyrim"

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If your character in Skyrim has unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re into that kind of stuff) become a blood-sucking night-fiend, and you would like to find a cure, you’re in luck!

First off, if you’re not a vampire, and you want to become one, go to either Broken Fang Cave (west of Whiterun) or to Movarth’s Lair (north of Morthal). It has its perks, including complete resist to disease and poison, 75% resist to frost, better sneak capabilities, and some very useful magic spells. It also has its downfalls, though, such as extra weakness to fire, and reduced health, magicka, and stamina in sunlight. If you’re in the first 72 hours of contracting vampirism, you can go pray at an altar to get it cured.

The Cure

After those 72 hours, getting cured gets way trickier. First, make sure you’re not a stage 4 vampire (if you aggro humans without trying to, you’re probably a stage 4 vampire). If you are, you have to feed on some sleeping people, and your vampirism will subside for a bit. Sneak to a house on the outskirts of a town at night to do this, running outside immediately if you get caught. You only have to pay like a 40 gold fine if you get caught, so it’s not too bad.

If you don’t have Soul Trap, you can buy it from Dragonsreach. To use it, use the spell on someone, and kill them before the allotted “trap time,” and the gem will automatically become filled.

Now that you’re not a stage 4 vampire, head to the Inn in Falkreath, talk to the bartender for rumors, and she’ll tell you about Falion in Morthal, who’s working on a cure for vampirism. Go to him, and he’ll tell you that you need a Black Soul Gem, and to fill it up by killing another human. You can buy the gem from him for a pretty small amount (around 168 gold, I believe). Use Soul Trap to fill up the gem by killing a human; a bandit or witch will work.

Return to Falion, and he’ll tell you to meet him at an area north of Morthal at dawn. Go there, save, and then wait till 4–5 am. There’s a chance you’ll turn back into a stage 4 vampire at this point (which will stupidly aggro Falion), so if you do, load up the save, go to someone’s house (Jorgan, for example, is pretty close by), feed on them, and then go back. Wait for Falion to finish, and magically (literally), you’re cured!

Note: Another way to get cured is to become a werewolf, but that takes a lot longer than this quest.


Person Personson on July 09, 2017:

I think it might be useful to add or just acknowledge, if you are able to pickpocket you should be able to pickpocket fallion for the soul gem. Just to save time finding one or money spending it. You wont even have to pay for one. I havent upgraded pickpocket much, i think i only have once. but it was 73% ish chance to pocket. So it shouldnt be that hard if you want to quicksave and try again that might be useful :D

Ttocs L (author) on March 03, 2013:

No probs

Awesomeness on March 03, 2013:

Thanks a lot