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Skyrim Skill Training: How to Train Archery

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This is Angi's bow. You'll learn about her and her services later.

This is Angi's bow. You'll learn about her and her services later.

Archery is useful for taking down opponents far beyond your capabilities. You simply need a vantage point at which they cannot reach you. It is also great when a conjured creature or follower is around to keep enemies preoccupied.

Archery is very difficult to train on your own, but uniquely easy to train with a trainer, because a trainer who is also a follower is available right from the beginning of the game as long as you do not mess up a certain questline. For this reason, I will go into great detail about how to avoid this mistake and acquire this follower.

Locate Faendal in Riverwood to Train Archery Up to Level 50

You may remember Riverwood as the very first town you visited after the opening dragon chase. In case you missed it, I've included a picture of the map to help you get there. Follow the other images and their captions to complete the quest. Then take up Faendal as a follower, and use him to train archery to level 50, all the while taking your gold back.

Train With Aela the Huntress Up to Level 75

In order to acquire Aelda as both a follower and a trainer, you must progress in the Companions. I would suggest you work on these missions while traveling and training with Faendal.

As soon as you can acquire her as a follower, replace Faendal. Use the following images to locate the Companions and Aela.

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Train Archer With Niruin Up to Level 90

Next seek out Niruin with the Thieve's Guild. You can find the guild by seeking out Riften, where you'll figure it out from there. Although you cannot train with Niruin for free by abusing the inventory trick, you only need to train 15 levels with her.

Alternatively, if you are already satisfied with your level, you can simply train through normal combat up to level 94. Use the following images to find Riften and eventually Niruin.

Seek Out Angi to Acquire Remaining Levels

If you have followed through with everything until now, you can max out archery with Angi. She can be found via the images below.

You will need to complete a quest for her, after which she will give you training sessions that will be good for up to six levels. Isn't that convenient?

Conclusion on archery

If you discover other methods to train archery, please feel free to comment below. I may have chosen to exclude certain tactics to train archery (e.g. skill books), because those methods require a lot of research or are more convoluted than this simple tutorial. I may choose to update this article with more advise in the future. In the meantime, please consider following some of my other Skyrim tutorials!

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