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Skyrim Skill Training: How to Train Destruction

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Look, he's wearing the crystals I gave him!

Look, he's wearing the crystals I gave him!

I've never been a huge fan of destruction, but that hasn't stopped me from using runes to get some extra damage in on enemies I otherwise couldn't handle. Those master spells are also quite useful and entertaining. Training destruction is easy as long as you follow my advice precisely. Hopefully, you have access to some of the items necessary to expedite the process.

I would not suggest using a trainer for this because it will be costly to do so, and the following method is efficient and easy. I will include information on how to find a trainer at the end of this article, in case you still want to use that method.

Acquire Ice Spike and Train Destruction Up to Level 25

You'll want ice spike, and you'll need destruction at level 25 to use it. One way to acquire both of these is to seek out the trainer at the bottom of this article. I will give detailed information on how to find her, so scroll on down.

Other Preparations to Expedite Training Destruction

Seek out the mage stone, so you get an extra 20% bonus to experience. If you have it, don equipment that will accelerate magic replenishment or increase total magic.

Consider training enchanting before destruction just for this purpose. Put your difficulty down to novice, because you will inflict more damage, and that will cause you to gain more experience.

Follow the arrow to High Hrothgar.

Follow the arrow to High Hrothgar.

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Use Shadowmere or the Greybeards

If you have Shadowmere, use him. If not, follow the main plot until you are summoned to High Hrothgar after the initial dragon fight. Here you can crouch down to sneak mode, stand far away, and let loose on any of the Greybeards. They should not attack, so you can keep shooting ice spike at any of them. Just make sure to be hidden again before you shoot. This oversight by the developers will allow you to level quite rapidly.

Buy Icy Spear at Level 75

At level 75, you will be able to return to the trainer located via the end of this article and acquire icy spear, which is an expert spell. This spell will expedite the process even more.

After acquiring icy spear, return to High Hrothgar and use it. If you cannot use it due to magic cost, just keep using ice spike until icy spear becomes available for use. You may choose to skip this step if you are satisfied with your progress using ice spike.

How to Train Destruction With a Trainer

I will now provide detailed information on how to locate trainers who will charge you to automatically level up a skill. Trainers can be used a maximum of five times per player level. This means that at any given level, you may only train any combination of skills five times. If you train smithing five times, you cannot train enchanting until you level. I will not provide all trainers, but instead provide the most efficient and easily accessible trainers only.

For destruction in particular, I do not advise you to use a trainer. It is costly and there are better skills to waste your money on considering how easily destruction is trained given the aforementioned method. Nonetheless, I will provide trainer information in case you decide not to heed my advice.

Train Smithing With Faralda Up to Level 90

Faralda will only train you if you are a member of the College of Winterhold, so after locating the college, do that. I do not actually advise you to train with her, since it is costly and the aforementioned method efficiently trains destruction. Use Faralda to purchase the spells you need for that method, or ignore my advice and train with her. Details to find her will be listed in the images below!

Final Thoughts on Training Destruction

If you discover other methods to train destruction, please feel free to comment below. I may have chosen to exclude certain tactics to train destruction (e.g. skill books), because those methods require a lot of research or are more convoluted than this simple tutorial. I may choose to update this article with more advise in the future. In the meantime, please consider following some of my other Skyrim tutorials!

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