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"Skyrim": The Best Spouse for Utility With Acquisition Walkthrough

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This is Mjoll. You want her.

This is Mjoll. You want her.

Why You Should Marry Mjoll

This article will argue that Mjoll the Lioness is the best spouse in Skyrim. It will likewise confer detailed information on how to locate and marry her. Most spouse benefits are general regardless of the individual married. These benefits include:

  • One homecooked meal per day, which regenerates health, stamina, and magicka by 25 per second for 600 seconds.
  • The Lover's Comfort bonus increases skills experience by 15% after sleeping near your spouse
  • Your spouse will open a shop, allowing you to barter, and this will also rack you 100 gold per day

On top of these benefits, certain spouses like Mjoll are available as followers, which makes them walking, talking sources of revenue. What truly sets Mjoll apart from other followers, though, is the fact that she is an essential NPC. This means you cannot accidentally kill her. Mjoll also acts as a tank in combat; allowing you to do your own thing while enemies attack her.

Unfortunately, you may not barter items with spouses while they’re your follower—more specifically, they do not have money or decent items away from the homestead. This makes bartering with them essentially useless unless you happen to be stopping home to conduct some sort of business. I usually make Mjoll carry things until we get back home, at which point I take the stuff back and sell it right to her.

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One downside to Mjoll is the fact that you cannot abuse her as a trainer like some other follower spouses (think of Companions). I will occasionally send Mjoll home while I train with other followers, only to steal the gold back out of their inventories and toss them aside. I do not consider these followers to be as good as Mjoll, because training is only temporarily beneficial, while immortality is forever.

Between Dawnstar and Morthal

Between Dawnstar and Morthal



Acquiring Mjoll as a Wife

1. Reach Level 14

If you want to expedite reaching that level, check out this guide, and you will find valuable information, tips, and links to help you level efficiently, as well as a plethora of other advice.

2. Travel to Riften

You will likely run into Mjoll walking around during the day. Talk to her a lot, and she will eventually tell you about her lost sword, Grimsever. This will begin a quest to retrieve Grimsever from a Dwemer Ruin, Mzinchaleft. You'll need to take down a Centurion, so you may want to consider bulking up a bit anyway.

After retrieving the blade, head back to Riften and talk to Mjoll again. Recruit her as a follower, and take her to the Temple of Mara, conveniently located in Riften. There talk to Maramal about marriage. He ought to sell you an Amulet of Mara, which you should purchase. Follow quest directions from there.

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