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Easy Treasure in "Skyrim": Wreck of the Brinehammer, Dwarven Storehouse, and More

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Easy Treasures for the Taking

If you’re scouring the Skyrim landscape in search of free treasure, here are some easy pickings that require little or no effort. Be sure to bring along a healthy supply of lock-picks because there will be a number of locks to deal with.

However, in terms of combat, my character encountered absolutely little or no resistance at any of these locations. You will encounter a few animals at one site, but the rest are free for the taking. All you need do is find the locations and help yourself. Enjoy!

1. Dwarven Storeroom – Mzulft

Mzulft is part of the College of Winterhold main quest line, Revealing the Unseen, however, feel free to visit the Mzulft Store Room anytime to load up on the free treasure.

The Store Room is a small separate building located below the main entrance. Inside you will find a stack of 18 Dwarven metal ingots, plus a variety of other dwarven metal items including plates, scrap metal, cogs, etc.

There are also two chests containing leveled treasure, and a Dwarven axe lying on a shelf.

Dwarven Storeroom Mzulft

Dwarven Storeroom Mzulft

2. Wreck of the Brinehammer – North Coast of Skyrim

On the north coast, halfway between the Solitude Lighthouse and Dawnstar, is the wreck of the Brinehammer. The only resistance you will encounter in and around this shipwreck are mudcrabs.

Around the exterior of the ship you are two chests with gold. The interior of the ship, however, contains a variety of different loot. You will find coin purses, chests with leveled treasure, as well as some useful skill books including: Father of Niben (Archery) and the Catalogue of Armor Enchantments (Enchanting).

Also onboard are a number of different ores including: gold, silver, corundrum, malachite, moonstone, and ebony. There are also some containers holding various types of potions.

Nearby, to the east of the wreck under an overturned boat, is the alteration skill book Daughter of Niben, as well the rare scimitar.

3. Whiterun

On a small peninsula jutting out into the river southeast of Whiterun is a treasure chest containing leveled treasure. The lock securing the chest is novice level. There are no monsters or people to contend with. Feel free to help yourself.

To locate: Go to the Battleborn Farm. You will see an outbuilding on the property containing a grindstone. Align your character with the grindstone and walk straight to the river.

The chest is located in the middle of the tiny peninsula up against a fallen tree. An example of leveled treasure found in the chest: gold, steel armor, gold and ruby necklace.

On the way to the river (to the left), are some rocks with a corundrum ore vein if you’re in the mood for some mining.

How to Get the Legendary Pale Blade

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Seraph on March 18, 2015:

OK, Nevermind, just found it. you were supposed to walk in the opposite direction with the grindstone behind your back. 2 hours spent looking for est. 50 GP and iron gear...

Seraph on March 18, 2015:

Dude, I've just spent an hour looking for that damn chest near Whiterun. I realize that this info is ancient in terms of internet, but it's been bugging me. So I walk up to the river, and find a tree, that looks like it's been chopped down and is lying across the water. Nowhere near is there a chest, nor is one on the land opposite the tree.