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Sorcerer Build in "Dragon's Dogma" for Solo Hard Mode

Just a robot girl that likes thinking and plays a bit of RPGs when there's nothing else to do.



  • Solo Playthrough
  • Hard Mode from the start - The only way to play the game in my opinion
  • No consumables - Not a single one
  • No power leveling - We don't abuse any game mechanics here


This build maximizes the magic resistance and uses the Sanctuary augment to negate incoming physical damage.


  • 1-11 Mage
  • 11-100 Sorcerer
  • 101-200 Mage

The necessary vocations should be trained without getting levels. It is pretty simple. Just keep in mind your XP progression.


Here are some setups you will be using.

The Sanctuary Setup

It cannot be used with the holy bolt as the latter will heal you.

  1. Awareness - Reduces incoming magic damage by 225. Sorcerer (1)
  2. Apotropaism - Magick-based damage is reduced by 135. Mage (4)
  3. Sanctuary - Improves your Defenses and Magick Defenses when you stand at the death’s door. MK (8)
  4. Autonomy - When venturing forth alone, gain 20% Strength and Magick and reduce Physical and Magick damage by 90. Assassin (9)
  5. Acuity - Increases Magick Attack by 20% Sorcerer (9)
  6. Equanimity - While your health is critical, Magick is increased by 20%. Mage (2)

The Holy Bolt Setup

Use this one when you are sure that nothing can one-shot you.

  1. Autonomy - When venturing forth alone, gain 20% Strength and Magick and reduce Physical and Magick damage by 90. Assassin (9)
  2. Bastion - Mitigates incoming physical damage by 225 health points. Warrior (1)
  3. Fortitude - Physical damage is reduced by 135. MK (1)
  4. Awareness - Reduces incoming magic damage by 225. Sorcerer (1)
  5. Apotropaism - Magick-based damage is reduced by 135. Mage (4)
  6. Acuity - Increases Magick Attack by 20% Sorcerer (9)

Spells and Gear

  • Fire Boon > Affinity - this goes well against everything with feathers.
  • Holy Boon > Affinity - use it against goblins and undead.
  • Dark Boon > Affinity - use it against humans.
  • Frost Boon > Affinity - there are some fire monsters.
  • Thunder Boon > Affinity - use it against cyclopes and some ogres.

I suggest using the following gear:

  • Nameless Armor Set - constantly switching vocations is very satisfying with a one-piece armor. Moreover, it has a decent physical defense.
  • Stagnant Surge is the best arch staff you can get until the post-game.


  1. Discard all the DLC items (we ain't need no pittance) and run to the Encampment. Do all the stuff there; it's pretty simple.
  2. Run to the Mountain Waycastle. Ignore all the Bandits and Wolves on the way.
  3. Make it safe to Gran Soren. Fire Boon will do the job; just don't run ahead of the carriage.
  4. Discard all the new DLC items in Gran Soren. Well, the eternal ferry stone can be kept. Farm some Goblins to get Bastion and Fortitude.
  5. Become Lured by the abyss. Holy Bolts will slay everything there. Use Levitate to make the Ogre fall. When it runs to you, fly to the ledge on the right. The stupid beast will try to follow.
  6. Complete Seeking Salvation. With Holy Bolts, it will be effortless. There will be another Ogre. It can also fall if drawn correctly. Or you can jump to the left ledge. It will follow you and will eventually fall. Another stupid beast, heh.
  7. Complete The Cypher. Just run past everything. The path between the Windbluff Tower and your destination will be dangerous. On the right, there are Wolves. On the left, there is a Chimera. Between them, there are Harpies, also deadly. Still, the Harpies pose the slightest danger. If you sprint being lightweight, they cannot hit you.
  8. Come to court and present the Gold Idol to Caxton. Thus he will start selling better gear.
  9. Get ready to face the Griffin. By getting ready, I mean taking the Sanctuary augment. It will take 3-4 hours of farming as a Mystic Knight. So, you will need the Sanctuary setup to fight the Griffin. With Sanctuary, only some of its attacks can kill you (lightning attacks and the grab/dive attack). Learn how to avoid them.
  10. Save an older man. Talking to Fournival's daughter, the priest in the cathedral, and Fendel in the castle prove his innocence.
  11. Make it safe to the Bluemoon Tower. The Griffin fight is even easier there. It is a flat area without trees or rocks.
  12. Farm for Autonomy. It has to be done sooner or later. Goblins are an excellent source of Discipline Points.
  13. Do Pride Before a Fall and The Wyrmking's Ring. These are too easy to be discussed.
  14. The next opponent to mention is a Cockatrice during Honor and Treachery. Yet it seems to be even easier than the Griffin, with all its very similar attack patterns. And its petrification attack can only petrify you by how slow it is.
  15. Go to the Greatwall and complete the Deny Salvation quest. I suggest using the Holy Bolt setup. Make your way through the castle. Holy Bolts will tear through everything there. When you fight the Chimera, go back to the corridor you came from. The poor beast is too big to follow. Use Explosive Barrels when it becomes resistant to magic. The final battle is not that simple. There are many undead, and all those spells make you constantly change your position. Use Focused Holy Bolts to finish the Liches off quickly.
  16. Prepare yourself for the final battle. Purchase the best gear you can (Wizard's Set). A Rose Ring will be helpful as well. Use the Sanctuary setup. Activate Sanctuary and run past everything. Make the Gorechimera press all the buttons for you. Grigori is not that hard when you ignore his physical attacks. However, he has many elemental attacks. Once you learn them, you will quickly kill him. The primary strategy is to stand under him and avoid fire damage.

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