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"Spider-Man" for PS4 Review

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Based in New York City, this game focuses on one of Marvel's favorite superheroes, Spider-Man.

The game begins as Spider-Man takes on one of his long-term nemeses in Wilson Fisk, aka King Pin. This showdown and how it plays out set in motion a large scale change in the crime scene of New York. Nothing that has happened previously can prepare Spider-Man for what he is about to face.


Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 sets itself out as a vast open world action game. The game itself has elements of an RPG as well as you can customize Spider-Man with suits he wears, the abilities you can unlock and use as well as having main quests, side quests and collectables you can collect. (Personally, I rather enjoyed hunting for the collectables, something I don't normally do).


The combat is fast paced and very rewarding to play, you feel in full control of how you want to deal with the various villains and small-time thugs in the game. The suit abilities and spider technology you unlock in the game also make each encounter that much more enjoyable. Button prompts for dodging and counters allow you to become a master in combat and very elusive allowing for the right balance of attack and defence.

Open World Traversal

This game really flexes its next-gen muscles with how you can control Spider-Man in the free roam the open world. The web swinging mechanics make it an absolute joy travelling around New York, often you find yourself swinging around without an objective in mind it is just that much fun.

Spidey Suits

This part of the game really lends itself to nostalgia to comic book and movie fans alike, as you progress through the game and level up your Spider-Man, you unlock various spidey suits. Each one allows different techniques to be used, these suits fans will recognize from both the comics and the films. (Yes that includes the Iron Spider suit from the MCU).



Spider-Man flexes its next-gen graphic muscles with a fully fleshed out open world. The entirety of New York City looks fleshed out and the attention to detail is second to none. Famous landmarks can be found dotted around the map and these become part of a side mission which links in with the game superbly. With the beautiful open world linking in with the superb web-swinging mechanics, it's easy to thoroughly enjoy all the aspects this game has to offer. With a vast storyline and side missions to invest in, the game provides so much time to travel around the city and enjoy what a wonderful landscape the game has.


The soundtrack is fairly simple. Whilst swinging around the city music is played, perfectly themed for whichever part of the game you find yourself in. The big hit for in-game sound and audio with Spider-Man is the superb voice acting used. Each voice cast member is perfectly cast and helps flesh out each of the characters. The role of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, played by Yuri Lowenthal is superb and one of the best depictions of Peter Parker I have seen. Insomniac Games clearly took a lot of time to cast the right actors to each role as each character feels engaging which makes for a brilliant game-playing experience.

Replay Value

Spider-Man has a superb story narrative with so much engaging content which intertwines so well with the side mission, challenges, and collectibles in the game, there is enough to keep you going into the 20 plus hours mark. With the addition of DLC now available, this helps push the game to the 30-hour plus mark. The replay value of this game is very high, with such a stunning narrative and groundbreaking game-play there is no doubt in my mind that after completing this game, at some point you will pick up the controller once again to immerse yourself into the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man experience.

The Wytch Reviews Verdict

For me, this game is one of the best console exclusive games ever made. There is no doubt that this game will be used as a benchmark for any other superhero games to be made in the future. It provides everything you could hope for in a superhero open-world action game. There are hours of content to keep you busy and engaged with. This is without a doubt one of the best games on PlayStation 4 and its success could quite easily allow for expansion into creating a Marvel Game Universe which for me would be amazing if it came to fruition.

Our Opinion

The Wytch Reviews Verdict: 9.6/10

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