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"Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes": 3 Must-Have Characters

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Galaxy of Heroes: The Basics

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a new turn-based role-playing game. Your aim is to battle your way through different stages and levels using characters from both the Light and Dark sides of the force.

There are also additional game modes such as Squad Cantina Battle (where you use a combination of Light and Dark side characters), Challenges, Squad Arena (PvP), Galactic War (basically a Survival Mode where you use every single character you've unlocked, but they don't heal after each battle), and Keycard (which I'm yet to unlock!)

This article will detail who I think are the best characters in the game, along with the reasons why. If you're completely new to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, then you may want to use this as a guide as to which character to prioritise unlocking!


3. Clone Wars Chewbacca

Everyone's favourite Wookiee, it's Chewbacca (Clone Wars version)! The reason Chewie is one of the best characters to have on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is because he's a huge team player.

They say you're only as good as your weakest link, well Chewbacca can ensure your weakest links get protection from attacks, and he'll take the blows instead. He's classed as a 'Tank' character, which means he's all about taking damage and weathering the storm, all the while using that Wookiee Bowcaster to send his enemies flying (as seen in Star Wars The Force Awakens).

He may not be the strongest character in the game and doesn't quite pack as much punch as Ima Gun-Di and other high-damage characters, but he does an amazing job at taking the hits and making sure the rest of the team are healthy.

Not only does he taunt foes in to attacking him, but he also has an amazing heal ability that you unlock further in to the game. The general tactics I use with Chewbacca are that I will taunt foes as soon as I can, keeping my other characters protected from attacks. While he's taunting, I'll use his standard attack, until his taunt ends and foes begin attacking other members of my team. By that time I'd hope to have killed at least 2 of my enemies, meaning I take less overall damage when it's my enemy's turn to attack with his team. Finally, I'll use his heal ability to bring him back to a decent amount of health.

Rinse and repeat.


2. Count Dooku

He may have been a bit of a wuss in the prequel trilogy, but Count Dooku is a major pain in the a** when you face him in Galaxy of Heroes.

Count Dooku has a unique counter-attack ability, meaning he counter-attacks 25% of the hits he takes. If this wasn't tricky enough, his ability can actually be upgraded so that he counter-attacks 100% of the time. So basically, if you wanna hurt Dooku, you have to accept the consequences.

In terms of defeating Dooku, I would suggest avoiding attacking him with your weaker, lower-damage-dealing characters. I tend to use Tanks and high-damage characters to defeat Count Dooku, for example using Chewbaca and his heal ability, or Ima Gun-Di, Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, or another high-damage dealer.

To unlock Count Dooku, you need to collect 50 Dooku character shards. You can get these in Data Packs or by battling certain levels over and over again, which is what I'm in the process of doing (currently on 28/50). It may sound like a chore, but it;s certainly worth it in the long run. In Galaxy of Heroes' Squad Arena mode, I often lose to people using a high-level Count Dooku with 100% counter-attacking ability. Considering my squad are pretty good (I'm rank #150 something in the world), the clear weakness I have against Count Dooku is really annoying and often leads to my defeat.

I would suggest prioritising unlocking the best healer in the game, followed by unlocking Count Dooku, as soon as you can. The reason I say this is because Dooku doesn't have the best health and defense, so he does need looking after if you want him to keep up that counter-attacking!

Oh, and one more thing, he has a really strong force lightning attack the can really do some damage!


1. Barriss Offee

The unlikely, unsung hero of Galaxy of Heroes is without a doubt Barriss Offee. As a foe, she's even more annoying than Count Dooku (and trust me, that's saying something!).

Barriss is first and foremost a healer, and one of the best healers in the game I might add. Not only can Barriss take your team's total remaining health, and distribute it evenly, and then add some more to each of your team on top of that, but she has a ridiculous amount of health herself! Usually I find healers, such as the Jedi Consular character, don't have very good health OR defense. Barriss, however, is an exception. Barriss Offee has a huge amount of health, but does lack a strong defense. She makes up for that by being a pretty immovable object in the game if you don't have any high-damage or ability-blocking characters.

From fighting various other Galaxy of Heroes players in Squad Arena, I've noticed that Barriss, combined with another healer, really is unstoppable. Having two healers in the team means you can alternate the healing move so that when one is in cooldown, the other is free to be used.

The only real issue with Barriss Offee is that she's so hard to unlock. She requires 80 character shards, of which I currently have just the 1...

The easiest way to unlock Barriss is probably by buying Data Packs, but if you're like me, and aren't keen on spending real-world money on virtual assets, then you probably want to look elsewhere for a decent healer...

I would suggest levelling up the Jedi Consular (very easy to unlock early on in the game), and then as soon as you can, start saving Luminara Unduli character shards. Luminary only costs 50 shards (I think) to unlock, and you can actually buy sets of 5 of her shards from Galactic Conquest if you haven't unlocked her by level 40-ish. Even then, the Galactic Conquest Luminara shards are very, very handy for upgrading her if you've already got her unlocked.

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Gamenight999 on September 08, 2020:

Again bad article. Boris is not that bad... but chewe... seriously? You literally get him in the tutorial! Let me give better ones

1. Darth vader

2. Grand master yoda

3. Thron

4. Plap

5. R2 D2

Those characters will be the seeds to grow your fractions

LOLZ @ OP on September 11, 2018:

Yes. Clone Wars Chewbacca is a MUST have.

I'm ranked ~100 right now in my arena shard, so according to you...I'm ranked ~#100 in the World right now.

There isn't a single team above me that uses clone wars chewbacca.

There might be 1-2 Barriss...and maybe 3-5 Dookus. MAYBE. But definitely now CWC. He sux. Big time.


Potato on April 28, 2018:

Clone Wars Chewie? LMAO.

This is a list of “must have characters” and yet you’re including trash like that? While Chewie is one of my favorite SW characters, he is a shitty tank in SWGOH. This entire post is a crapsack. Clearly has not played the game enough. Dooku has 100 counter chance from his level 1 unique, not 25. He starts with 100%.

Note that SWGOH has been updated from the time of this post. Here are some actually good characters you should farm.

Lando Calrissian: insane crit synergy, AOE crits that can reset his own cooldowns

Kylo Ren: variety of debuffs, AOE damage with counter attack ability, and an insane burst on his second special ability if he’s below 100% hp

Darth Vader: our favorite Sith Lord who can block enemy abilties, inflict tons of debuffs, and can dispell debuffs on enemies for massive damage. Does huge damage and is incredibly tanky.

LoneWolf on August 06, 2016:

Barris Offee healing is very good. To me she has to be no. 1 then dooku

josh on July 22, 2016:

dooku is awesome. the other 2 are next to worthless.

David Buckner on February 01, 2016:

I play this game sometimes on my Android, I'm still really new to it. I can't believe how cool these games are getting on phones! My best right now is probably my ewok who has this lightning cannon thing lol. Soon to be better hopefully!

Peter (author) from England, UK on January 18, 2016:

Haha see above comment! I didn't know there were different brackets!

Peter (author) from England, UK on January 13, 2016:

Hi Matimeo, I have since noticed that there are different serves/brackets. Do you by any chance know how these different sections are determined?

My friend has been playing for a shorter time than I have and he's somehow managed to reach the enviable rank of 15, but has a power level of just under 16,000. My power is over 18,000 yet I've slipped down to rank 197.

Matimeo on January 13, 2016:

You arent 150 in the world.. You are 150 in your bracket.