"Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" SWGOH - Empire Team Tips

Updated on February 25, 2019
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Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH).

Empire in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

As a fan of the movies and the franchise, when I started playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, I immediately got started on my Empire team. I wanted to have every type of Stormtrooper with Darth Vader leading them into battle crushing Rebels under our feet. Well, it's not quite that easy when you play the game, but you still have good reasons to go for Empire toons.

  1. Empire toons love to crush Rebels - This goes both ways as you'll know if you've run into Wedge and Biggs, but the positive is that Empire toons typically get bonuses against Rebels. That's doubly important since the number of Rebel toons has ballooned with the addition of characters from Rogue One.
  2. Darth Vader - It's not a coincidence that the reward for achievements in the game often includes a couple Darth Vader shares. Everybody wants him: he's the pivotal character for the Star Wars franchise and an overall bad mofo. And if used properly, he's sweet in this game too.
  3. Emperor Palpatine - Siths roll in twos, and when you think of Darth Vader you have to include the powerful Emperor. Not only is the Emperor a strong Empire leader, but he also has Sith synergies so you have a de facto leader of two teams. That's important since you only have so many resources to harvest toons.

But there's more to it then these 3 bullet points, so let's jump right in.

Strong Leaders

Where else should you start? Let's talk about the best leaders for your Empire toons.

  1. Emperor Palpatine - I know, he's an obvious choice. He boosts max health and potency for Empire toons while reducing potency and evasion for Rebels and Jedis. Additionally, Empire and Sith allies that inflict debuffs get either turn meter or max health. WOW! And that doesn't even include Palpatine's skills which turn him into a wrecking ball against Jedi or Rebel squads. Did I mention that his leadership covers both Sith and Empire?
  2. Darth Vader - Like Palpatine, Darth Vader makes a sweet leader for Empire and Sith toons. Allies get 30% offense boost and a chance to remove turn meter (which is better than you'd think since most Empire and Sith have AoE attacks). If you manage to Zeta Darth Vader's leadership skill, then he clearly gets bumped to #1 on this list.
  3. Grand Moff Tarkin - The Admiral is like the uglier cousin of Darth Vader, but he absolutely should be on your Empire leader list given how difficult it is to get Palp and Vader. Tarkin grants speed boosts to all your Empire toons, which can be huge given how slow they tend to be. Which begs the question - why on earth is everyone except for Tie Fighter Pilot running through molasses?

After these 3 leaders, there aren't a lot of compelling options aside from your regular Phasma, Boba Fett, etc. Which means that you're going to need Tarkin while you wait to get the other 2 top leaders.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Empire

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Empire
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Empire | Source

Team Members

Let me count the ways to build out an Empire team, there are so many! Surprising as it may be, you've got a dearth of leaders and a number of mediocre Empire options. Here are the 5 you'll want.

  • Emperor Palpatine - Palpatine will be your default leader until Vader is Zeta'd (that's going to either take 14-16 months of gameplay or a good amount of money). His leadership bonuses will make the rest of the team considerably stronger, and his combination of stuns and turn meter gains make him a worthy leader. Plus, having Palp at the helm automatically makes other Jedi and Rebel teams reconsider fighting you.
  • Darth Vader - Having Palp ahead of him means that Vader's AoE will grant him 100% turn meter 99% of the time. Which means that you can then whip out the culling blade and decapitate some poor toon. That's basically all there is to Vader. You AoE, culling blade, then keep him alive until you AoE and culling blade again. The good news is that his high health and defense give you a better chance to stick around and do more damage.
  • Tie Fighter Pilot - I know, TFP is a pain to farm but he's worth it. Not only is he fastest Empire toon but he also does a lot of damage! And he's a nasty opponent when you face him in the Fleet Arena too. Think of TFP as a fast Wedge without the Biggs synergy - pretty sweet, right?
  • Shoretrooper - Now that you can get Shoretrooper shards in the Cantina and in Shipments, you absolutely should invest in getting him. He's the tank that makes the Empire team work because he starts the battle with Taunt, and he can prevent critical hits on the dainty Emperor. His healing skill is a nice touch too. Truth be told, I loath Shoretrooper since his inclusion means the battle is going to be long and hard.
  • Grand Moff Tarkin - I go back and forth on this 5th spot, but as a fan of the movies, I have to have Tarkin in my Empire starting lineup. His scowl earned him the place, but he's also decent, and he loves to fight Rebels. Under Palp, he is a turn meter machine and you'll be able to inflict debuffs and do moderate damage all day long. Bonus points for being a good leader in the Fleet Arena.

Some other tasty options:

  1. Biggs Darklighter - Biggs hates the Empire and gets turn meter anytime he's hurt by an Empire toon including Palp. So when Palp uses Let the Hate Flow, Biggs is up next. The only problem is that if you make room for Biggs on the team, you also need to make a roster spot for Wedge.
  2. Wedge Antilles - See above - he's Biggs's bestie.
  3. Anakin - It's poetic justice to have Palp leading Anakin and Darth Vader since that is the sad truth about the Star Wars saga. Getting back to the game itself, Anakin is a semi-tank since he springs to action when an ally is severely injured or killed. Between Palpatine's lack of health and the need for a tank or two on the team, you'll have multiple chances to lash out with bonus damage.
  4. Royal Guard - Okay, I should have added RG to the starting five instead of Tarkin... Palpatine's private guard is a super tank, and when you put him next to Shoretrooper, your team becomes a royal pain in the backside.
  5. Director Krennic - Now that we're seeing what Krennic can actually do, it looks like he's going to be a wicked Empire toon. Plus if you put him next to Tarkin, they'll bicker all day long on the sidelines.
  6. Death Troopers - So far they look awesome! But I've only gotten to play them for 3 battles so we'll update this guide as needed.

Beware These Teams

Life isn't all roses when you're in the Empire, because some teams are just built to wipe you out.

  • Rebels led by Wedge - You know the team: Wedge, Biggs, Lando, etc. Wedge is the official Empire-crusher and Biggs isn't far behind. Put them together and they'll very quickly wipe out your top toon. Add Lando to the mix and it's only a matter of turns before you're out of luck.
  • Bounty Hunters - You rarely run into them, but a bounty hunter team led by Boba Fett spells trouble for the Empire. Not only will they get the speed boost and critical damage boost from Boba, but they also won't be fazed by the leadership effects from Palpatine.

At least this is a short list~

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Emperor

Yes, you'll want Emperor Palpatine
Yes, you'll want Emperor Palpatine | Source

Krennic and DeathTroopers

As of this writing, Krennic and Death Troopers are being rolled out in GOH. There's a series of events that have allowed players to take them for a spin, and so far, I'm excited by the potential of both. DTs in particular do a lot of damage and seem like a more durable Tie Fighter Pilot. Krennic is more of a mixed bag since his debuffs will take some time to unpack. I imagine that he'll fit in nicely with Palp and Vader.

Palpatine and Vader

A couple notes on Palpatine and Vader, and how to get their shards in the game.

So far, Palpatine has only been available through the Extremely Rare event which you needed to complete with a Rebel squad. It's happened twice so you can expect it to run once every six months (May or June would probably be the next chance). So get your Rebel team ready and make sure you have five toons at 7*.

Darth Vader is easier now that you can buy shards in Fleet Shipments. Even with that being the case, it'll still take a good 8 months to get the other shards you'll need from Achievements and the Shard Shop.

At least they're both worth it.

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Has this been helpful?

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    • profile image


      12 months ago

      ...but no mention of Thrawn?

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      3 years ago

      I love Star Wars movie but I am clueless when it comes to the associated games. I do believe this article will be popular with many gamers out there.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great analysis!


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