Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Galactic War Tips and the Ultimate Tip

Updated on February 20, 2017
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Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH).

Galactic Wars Are Important

It doesn't take long playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to know how dependent you are going to be on generating vast amounts of resources to become a stronger player. You need credits for everything including training toons. You need training droids or those credits are practically useless. You need Cantina credits to buy characters in that store like Jawa Scavenger or Old Daka. You even need Squad Arena credits to get toons in that store as well. Ditto with fleet shipments.

If you're pretty experienced and you're looking for the ultimate tip - skip to the bottom of this article.

So with all these places to spend credits, where are you going to make your money? How will you have enough to grow at a fast pace and get stronger than the competition? My opinion is that the most important starting point is to get better at the Galactic Wars.

Galactic Wars Scale in Difficulty

Why is it that some players go up against weak squads without defined leaders, while some players like me always end up against General Kenobi and friends in the final node or two?

Scaled difficulty.

While Squad Arena is based on rankings in your shard, and other modes are independent of your strength, you have the most control over Galactic Wars. Obviously you're going to be in a different situation than me, or another player, but the techniques you'll find in this guide should be helpful.

So if the Galactic Wars are scaled to your ability, does that mean that even strong players can cheat the system to get a weaker draw of opponents? Not likely. I know dozens of players that have altered their Squad Arena teams in the hopes that they would get an easier route in Galactic Wars, but the results are largely inconclusive. There's not a cheat to Galactic Wars, but there are tips that will help you get better.

Galactic Wars Rewards

Galactic Wars Rewards
Galactic Wars Rewards | Source

Squad Diversity

With the recent move toward increased synergy among different factions, you need to have an answer for Wedge + Biggs, or Baze + Chirrut, or Palpatine + Vader. The principal key to getting through Galactic Wars is to have answers for any squad that you'll face. These are some of the squads you'll likely face, and some potentially strong answers.

  1. Rebels (led by Wedge and Biggs) - These guys are trouble since they're built for single battles and they are good at taking out 1 or 2 of your top toons in a flash. My favorite squad to send out is Empire with a strong emphasis on stun abilities. Palpatine, Count Dooku, Royal Guard are all good characters to have that can turn the tables here. The other answer is obviously your own Rebel squad! Take out Wedge and go from there.
  2. Droids - Droids are dangerous because of their propensity to deal out damage in large quantities. They're also prevalent because the anti-Droid answer is Jawas (which most players do not invest in). So if you have a couple droids, you are ahead of the curb here. Certain Jedis also have anti-Droid skills like Ima Gun-Di or Eeth Koth. None of these work? Use high-DPS attackers like Rey or Geonosian Soldier and start by taking out 88.
  3. Jedis - There are a lot of Jedi teams with a variety of Jedi leaders, so that will affect your choices. But you can't go wrong with Empire teams led by Palpatine. He cancels out their evasion abilities and his basic attack shock hurts everyone. Dooku's new shock chance makes him a good choice here too. I also love sending out professional Jedi hunters like Cad Bane or Boba Fett.
  4. Empire - With the recent Sith update, you'll probably see even more of these Empire and/or Sith teams. Jedi and Rebel teams are at a disadvantage against Palpatine, but work well against other leaders. But if you're up against the Emperor, having droids or ewoks can make things very difficult for your opponent.

These are the main 4 buckets of opponents you'll see, so you should have answers to at least 3 of them to give yourself a chance to finish more Galactic War nodes.

More Rewards Than You Can Count

More Rewards Than You Can Count
More Rewards Than You Can Count | Source

You Need Defense, Too

Squad Arena is a great mode because you can often put up your best offensive team and just rip through the squad you're facing. But with 12 nodes ahead of you, it's not safe to put up a team without defensive capabilities. If you lose a couple of your best attackers, and then you face a high HP team, they'll wear you down and win in a slugfest.

So for Galactic Wars, you need balance. You need defense, too. Here's a shortlist of toons you'll want to have, and that aren't difficult to acquire:

  1. Stormtrooper Han - His taunt is amazing because as he takes hits, your attackers gain turn meter. He's also easy to acquire since you'll be using Squad Arena credits to get him and star him up.
  2. Chewbacca - You're given Chewbacca in the beginning of the game, and you probably already have him leveled up to some extent so keep it going. He takes a lot of damage, self-heals, and he'll keep your other toons alive. He's easy to acquire since he's in hard battles and cantina battles.
  3. Royal Guard - You'll also earn Royal Guard in the early tutorial days of playing. Star him and level him up so that you have his ability to auto-taunt when an ally falls under 50% health. He's a proven lifesaver, and also easy to acquire since he's in hard battles and cantina battles.

Got 3 tanks? Great, they'll anchor 3 squads that you'll need to keep winning Galactic War battles.

Plenty of Reserves

Plenty of Reserves
Plenty of Reserves | Source

A Sprinkle of Healing

Until you have enough depth in your character roster to properly staff 5-6 squads of maxed out toons, balance is key. And when you really only have 5-10 characters that can go out and win a battle, then you need to keep everyone in good health. This is where healing comes in, so let's cover some great healers to have:

  • Luminara Unduli - There was a time when Luminara ruled SWGOH, and every decent team had her in the lineup. That's because her attack is solid, she's a good leader starting out, and she's a strong healer. She's also in the Squad Arena store so leveling her up is a cinch.
  • Talia - Another starting character (see a theme, here?). Don't waste too many resources leveling her up, because she doesn't get much stronger or more useful. But have her as a backup healer for your squad.
  • Old Daka - Daka gets the nod here, because you can acquire her with Cantina credits. She's more versatile than Talia, heals better, and gives you a chance to resurrect a defeated toon. She's good to have with a "last gasp" team.

There are plenty of other healers so if you get a head start on one, keep investing!

A Pinch of Luck

A Pinch of Luck
A Pinch of Luck | Source

The Ultimate Tip

There was a time when I could only get halfway through Galactic Wars nodes because my top team or two would get weakened and fall apart. I would use my Droids that were so strong in the Squad Arena, win 7 battles, and then lose 1-2 droids in the 8th battle. After that, I'd have maybe one left for the final 2 battles, and not enough DPS to break through.

Not anymore. Now I win Galactic Wars 95% of the time (Darn you, maxed out Kenobi team!)

This is how: Turn Meter Manipulation

  • The first few battles in Galactic Wars are easy.
  • Later on, you'll have 3-4 consecutive difficult battles.
  • The biggest problem when bringing in new toons is that they have 0 turn meter.
  • When you lose a whole squad against a tough opponent, and you bring in a new squad with 0 turn meter, your chances are measly.

So you need to get turn meter for your key toons, even beyond the top squad. That way, when you lose a couple toons (or a whole squad), you send in the next batch with a realistic chance of winning. This increases your chance of completing Galactic Wars by at least 50%. Here are the steps:

  1. Split all your key toons into squads.
  2. During the first 3-4 battles, send out new squads of 5 toons so that all your important characters are gaining turn meter. This is especially important with slow toons (Mace Windu comes to mind).
  3. Keep adhering to obvious synergy rules and play the odds.
  4. Make note of which toon lands the final blow in a winning battle (they will likely start the next battle with no turn meter).
  5. If you have even more strong toons, rotate a few in with each squad when your opponent is relatively easy. I have 50+ 7 star toons so I'll have 6-7 squads rotating just in case they're needed.
  6. If you do this correctly, and you face a strong team in the final nodes, you'll have more squads to throw at them. That means that you strategically target 1-2 toons, and then let your next squad (or the squad after that) to finish the job.
  7. Collect your rewards.

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