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"Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes": Droids Fight Back Tips

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Droids Fight Back

Droids Fight Back

Droids Fight Back Character Event

It's that time again: Droids Fight Back time! Once every few months, you're prompted with this event which pits your droids squad against some very rambunctious Jawas with their own droids. It's important not just because it's an event to occupy time, but the rewards aren't half bad. And the crown jewel that you can win? Jawa Engineer (JE) shards, which are worth their weight in gold.

In this article, we'll jump into:

  • Which droid squad should you send into battle?
  • What strategy should you use in the battles?
  • Any other tips to make the most of a limited-time event

Let's begin!

Squad Leaders

As the name of the event clearly points out, droids are at the center of the event, and they are the only toons you can send into battle. This was a big issue the first time the event came around since there were really only four available droids (which meant there wasn't a way to get the highest rewards). While they're still pretty scarce, you can piece together a droid squad and get started on the tiered battles.

This is a good time to mention that I've written a Droid Team Tips Guide which you may find helpful.

Let's start with droid leaders for Droids Fight Back:

  • HK-47 - Almost all players with a droid squad send in HK-47 as the leader and for good reason. HK increases your critical chances, and when a droid gets a critical hit, they also gain a 50% turn meter. That essentially means that droids with AoE attacks are going to almost always have back-to-back attacks, which is awesome! This also happens to be HK's most redeeming quality since he doesn't do much damage, he's slow, and his skills are limited.
  • IG-88 - I was an early adopter of 88, and I got a lot of good usage out of his leadership skill. He also boosts critical chance (among all allies, so he's a decent leader even outside of droids), and if you Omega his leadership skill, those critical hits come with damage over time. Even if you choose not to have 88 lead the squad, you'll want to have him on this Droids Fight Back team. He does a lot of damage, his AoE gets stronger against debuffed characters (perfect after HK's skill), and he looks like a boss with his long rifles.
  • General Grievous - GG is the toughest of these leaders to acquire, but he's also a strong candidate if you can manage to get him. His leadership skill lowers the critical chance of your opponents, which is huge in Droids Fight Back since those critical hits do a lot of damage and can also stun your droids. His other skills leave something to be desired, though he is a little better against Jedis. I would be tempted to try him out, but I have a pretty maxed-out HK holding the leader spot.

Now that we've covered leaders, let's get to the nitty-gritty.

Other Roster Spots

We've touched on a few leader prospects that have their own inherent strengths. In most cases, you're going to need all three of the aforementioned (IG-88, HK-47, General Grievous) to beat the most difficult tier of Droids Fight Back. So with three spots taken, who should you be looking at when choosing spots four and five?

  • IG-66 - 66 is an absolute no-brainer to include on any droid squad, let alone this Droid Fight Back team. 66 has the highest attack rating of the bunch, and his critical chance and critical damage both increase when he has more droid allies (all the more reason to include him in these battles). He also can fend for himself better than 88 since he tends to have more armor, hit points and defense. His skill adds a bonus attack, which works especially well if 88 is the one delivering the bonus hit. Even outside Droids Fight Back, 66 is probably the most well-rounded droid attacker, and he's a good fit for squads with leaders like Captain Phasma, Boba Fett, Chief Nebit, etc.
  • Magnaguard - Magnaguard fills the role of the mindless brute on a given droid squad. He counters pretty well, lowers opponent damage, and has an AoE attack too. So why do I feel so mediocre about him? He's crazy slow, and even though he gains speed during the fight, it doesn't make him particularly exciting to have on your squad. I do like the visual of him standing beside GG, like in the prequels, but that's about it.
  • K2SO - Need a droid that taunts but doesn't have GG to force it on another ally? Then you want to get K2SO. K2 is an excellent defensive toon, all the more important when most droids are stronger on offense. Bonus points for also being a rebel which opens up possibilities in the Emperor's Demise event and the Mod Challenges.
  • B2 Battle Droid - B2 is as good a defensive droid as K2, but instead of the taunt ability, he can debuff and block abilities. That's important when fighting Jawas since their skills generally stun 1+ of your droid allies. B2 also pairs nicely with other strong offensive squads in need of some counter-punching protection.
What tier will you fight?

What tier will you fight?

Best Approach

The best approach to Droids Fight Back is to flank HK with 86 and 88. The other two droids will be up to you, but the bottom line is that the priority is to keep these three toons alive and to crank out an extra turn meter.

The quickest way to move up in tier is to boost speed since that'll keep you from losing a droid in the first battle or two. If you can't add speed mods, then I hope you have B2 as part of your starting 5 to hopefully block skills from being used early on.

One other option is to go all out with an 88-led team and try to stack enough damage over time to make quick work of Jawa opponents. I used this strategy to finish a difficult battle after we hung 8 DOTs on Dathcha in the final battle until he gave up. For this squad, I like having Magnaguard in the group since his speed buff and counters keep the pressure on the opponent.

Droid Squad: These droids fought back and won!

Droid Squad: These droids fought back and won!

Don't Forget to Challenge Yourself

Don't forget; you are limited to two completions during a given time, so you don't want to waste those by completing a lower tier. Always challenge yourself to complete the most difficult tier that you qualify for. That ensures that you're getting the best possible rewards.

Even if you have to invest some resources into boosting your team before the Droids Fight Back event, it could be worth it since you'll be getting credits, training droids, and Jawa shards.