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"Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes": Yoda Grandmaster's Training Event Tips

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Yoda Event

Yoda Event

Yoda Event

The Yoda Grandmaster's Training Event is also often called the Yoda Event. Once every month or two, you'll get that familiar icon in the far right of your screen with a new event showing Master Yoda. It's important because completing the event is the only way to collect Yoda (as well as some other rewards).

Before we dive fully into tips, let's talk about why you should get excited about getting Yoda:

  1. He's Luke's master/trainer, which has to count for something.
  2. He has high natural speed, which leads to lots of attacks.
  3. His basic attack also gives him foresight and turn meter when attacking a healthy opponent.
  4. His skills range from an AoE, which acquires all non-unique buffs to his Meditation skill (this shares all these buffs with the rest of the team).
  5. He's easy to gear up, so he's useful right away.
  6. His Jedi leadership grants tenacity and turns meter when debuffs are resisted.

That's a lot of good for a character that you won't even have to pay to get to 7*! Let's get to the tips.

Jedis Only

The Yoda Grandmaster's Training Event is only for Jedis, so that's where we're going to focus the conversation. You're ultimately going to need five, they don't have to be spectacularly good, but you want to get Yoda as soon as possible. So, with that in mind, let's begin with a couple of possible leaders for your ragtag bunch:

  1. Qui Gon Jinn (QGJ): QGJ gets extra points for being available in the Cantina Store, and as you've probably seen in my other guide, he's the first toon you should be acquiring there. As a leader, he grants Jedi large Speed bonuses. You'll need them against Yoda since it'll allow you to get a turn or two in between his multiple attacks. The best part is that once you get Yoda, if you play him under QGJ and share that speed bonus, Yoda becomes even more dangerous.
  2. Luminara Unduli (Lumi): Lumi also gets extra points because you can buy shards in the Galactic War store. Her leadership skill passively grants additional evasion and slight healing to your team. These are both huge since these Yoda battles are going to be long and challenging - any dodges and/or healing will be a big help. Lumi's leadership even works on non-Jedis, though only have as much.

There are many other Jedi leaders you can consider, but in the interest of time, start with one or both of these two. They're both excellent leaders for this challenge, great options in the squad even when not leading, and generally very useful in the game. Now, let's go find the three other Jedi to join up.

More Jedi Than You Can Count

With our first two squad members set and on their way to 7*, we need to round out the group with three more solid Jedi. Again, the primary rule of thumb with this event is getting Jedi fast and up to 7* so you can get 7* Yoda:

  • Jedi Consular (JC): Jedi Consular is not one of the best Jedi in the game; in fact, he is one of the worst. But JC is also acquired during the initial tutorial and is available in multiple battles early on, so he's likely going to be on this Yoda squad. His healing ability is a bonus, and honestly, that's the only real redeeming quality. That said, get him and level him up so you can focus on Yoda.
  • Eeth Koth (EK): Eeth is closer to the bottom of the pile of Jedi but so easy to get. He's available in the Squad Arena, so you should be able to rack up his shards while working on Lumi, SQJ, and Jedi Consular. He's not as slow as some of your other options, and his strengths against droids give him some value.
  • Ahsoka Tano: Ahsoka is also available in the Cantina store, and you should consider making her the 2nd acquisition there so that you can win the Yoda event. She brings good speed, decent attack, and great future synergy with Anakin. Plus, if you get Yoda into the yellow, her skill may be able to do enough damage to seal the deal.
  • Mace Windu: Not that Master Windu is available in the Galactic War shipments, it's silly not to pick him up at some point. He combines high HP with the chance of Shatterpoint during attacks. That's a tricky proposition against Yoda (we'll tackle this in the next section), but normally that's the best thing that Mace has going for him. He would also be a good contender for the 3rd Jedi leader at this point.
Yoda time

Yoda time

In a Perfect World

If you somehow get a head start on these Jedi in Chromium packs, then feel free to pursue one of them for the Yoda Event:

  • Barriss Offee: Barriss is a really nice long-term Jedi to have on your squad, given her elite healing abilities. Against Yoda, you'll need to keep your allies alive without buffs that can be stolen by Yoda.
  • Ima Gun Di (IGD): IGD is the ideal Jedi leader for the Yoda event because he would give your squad counter chances. With Yoda attacking 3-4 times for every chance you'll get, this would be an amazing way to turn the tables. Long term, he's very nice for the AAT tank raid because of his strength against droids.
  • Kit Fisto: Kit Fisto combines counter chance with double attack chance, so he would be the perfect attacker for this battle.

There are others, and I'm sure someone would rather have Anakin or Ben, among others, so let me know why in the comments below.

Grand Master's Training rewards

Grand Master's Training rewards

Yoda Fights Dirty

So now that you have your squad(s) in place, you also need to size up your opponent. Regardless of the tier, Yoda is going to provide a challenge. Here are some things to keep in mind once you're actually in battle:

  • Yoda automatically is using his leadership ability which grants extra tenacity and turns meter when he resists a negative effect. A couple of important points here. If your game plan was to put debuffs on Yoda, know that is not going to happen. Every time you try to debuff him, the sooner you'll take another attack.
  • Yoda will have foresight all day long, so the battle will be long. Every time Yoda uses his basic attack on a healthy ally, he'll gain foresight. Having toons with bonus attacks like Kit Fisto or QGJ will be key here.
  • Yoda steals buffs. Buffing your allies means that you open yourself up to Yoda stealing the buff. Nothing is worse than using Lumi's healing skill and then having Yoda steal it for himself. If that happens, you need Mace or QGJ to remove the buffs ASAP.
The payoff

The payoff

You Can Do It

That's it! You are now ready to bravely enter and conquer the Yoda Grandmaster's Training Event. If you've been able to use these tips to conquer the next tier in the challenge, or even get to the end, please drop me a line!

Good luck!

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Thaos Skywalker on March 08, 2017:

I would suggest to farm this jedi characters:

Qui-Gon Jinn - lead, cantina shipments

Luminar Undulli - Galactic war shipments

Mace Windu - Squad Arena store

Jedi Consular* - hard nodes

1 of these depending on player level:

(1) Barriss Offee - cantina nodes and hard nodes

(2) Ahsoka Tano - hard nodes and cantina shipments

You should also farm (along the way):

Jedi Knight Anakin** - hard nodes (and at player level 77, cantina nodes)

You can easily farm all this characters simultaneously, refreshing energy 2 times a day, both normal and cantina. I did so f2p.

Strong alternatives:

Ayla Secura - she's a slow farm compared to the other characters, and you should spend that cantina energy on Barriss.

Ima-Gun Di - he's a even slower farm and far off current meta.

General Kenobi - If you have him, you have no need for this tips/guide. That's so far into the game you should have gotten your hands on a Yoda at seven stars by now.

*Jedi Consular is a character you early on can farm. Most players tend to farm, level and gear him up from the very beginning. So most players already have him decently farmed and geared up before worrying about getting a jedi squad for the yoda event.

Therefore you should include him in the team.

**Jedi Knight Anakin is somewhat a slower farm, but in return is the 3rd best jedi in the game. Beaten only by Qui-Gon Jinn and General Kenobi. Maybe you won't be able to farm him fast enough to use him for the event, but since you can farm him along with the others you should do so. Ayla Secura is not far off Jedi Knight Anakin.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on February 20, 2017:

Interesting overview.