“Steven Universe: Save the Light” Amethyst Build Guide

Updated on December 8, 2019
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Bo is a university student by day and writer by night, with a big passion for stories. Danger: Do not feed this person RPGs.

Amethyst is the character with the most fusions in Save the Light, and the versatility that comes with that makes her a strong character to take on your team. This article will provide some ideas on how to build Amethyst to make her as strong as possible, however you should note that these ideas are not by any means the 'right way', but simply what I've found works.

Note that both builds avoid upgrades Just Kidding and Lucky Number Steven due to how expensive they are for what they do. Just Kidding is great for if you want to build Amethyst around the Berserker badges, but otherwise it's recommended you try to keep Amethyst from going down with the use of support. Feel free to ignore this suggestion and pick them up anyway, they didn't work for me but they may work for you!

Smokey Quartz, one of Amethyst's fusions
Smokey Quartz, one of Amethyst's fusions

AoE Damage Build (Recommended)

With Amethyst's Whip upgraded and her points in attack, you can easily cut your way through armies of smaller enemies like it's nothing. This build is perfect for clearing mooks while someone else takes care of more troublesome enemies.

This build doesn't have high teamwork until the end, so if you plan on using her fusions either use the support build or keep presents on hand.

For this build, your primary abilities will be Whip, Electrocute and Spin Dash. You'll also want her weapon upgrades as soon as you can get them.

Upgrade Order

  • Go Big: An upgrade to your most commonly used ability, plus added attack.
  • Don't Mind Me: This build is in no way tanky. Taking attention away from her will keep her standing. If you're consistently using this build with Defender Garnet, though, feel free to skip this upgrade.
  • Scrappy: It may not come up often, but any boost to Amethyst's luck is going to help. If paired with the correct badges, luck can be her most powerful asset.
  • Lucky Spin: Even if you don't find yourself using Spin Dash much, the boost to luck is necessary.
  • Dizzy Spin: Again, even if you don't use Spin Dash often, the attack boost is essential.
  • Zapped: Turning Electrocute into an AoE will make the move much more usable, and the high attack levels are a big help.
  • Left Over Points: Place any remaining points into teamwork for fusions and team ups, or defense if you find Amethyst going down too often.


Early Game: XP. Sluggish Regen, Attack, Freebie

Mid Game: Lucky, Sneaky Sneaky, Ember

Late Game: Grumpy, any 'Lucky' badge except Engager and berserker

Opal, alongside Steven and Connie
Opal, alongside Steven and Connie

Versatile Build

This build puts use to Amethyst's more support based abilities, and focuses on the use of fusions and team ups, but can also be used to deal AoE if needed. If you plan on using the Crystal Gems as your party, then this is a great option.

If you're planning to use this build, but haven't started playing yet, I highly recommend not choosing Amethyst as the first Crystal Gem you unlock. Consider getting Garnet first for Amethyst second, or Pearl first for Amethyst last. You make this choice when prompted about who you see on the beach.

Your main tools for this build will be Steven Form and Electrocute, although you'll likely use all of her moves.

Upgrade Order

  • Steven for All: It's fairly cheap, and although the upgrade won't come up too much, the boost to teamwork is important.
  • Ya Gotta Love Me!: Compliments the build really well in all aspects.
  • Go Big and Dizzy Spin: The increased range is helpful in general, and Dizzy Spin is good for stunning multiple opponents.
  • Zapped: Electrocute is much more fitting for Amethyst to use in this build, and even better with this upgrade.
  • Left Over Points: Put the remaining points where they're going to help you the most. If you're worried about Amethyst's health, drop some into defense. If you're good at performing perfect dodges, pick up Scrappy and build up some luck.


  • Early Game: Sluggish Regen, Harmony, Freebie
  • Mid Game: Sneaky Sneaky, Friendship, Nicer Regen
  • Late Game: Ember, Poison, Star Cap, Speedy, Friendship


Party Suggestions and Combos

Party Suggestions

AoE Amethyst works well with everyone, including other AoE builds. There's not really any restrictions, so long as you have the right strategy for the party. Most of these also work with Versatile Amethyst.

  • Jam Fam (Steven, Greg, Connie, Amethyst): Use Connie to protect Greg as he jams. Use Steven to damage single enemies or a line, and Amethyst to do AoE.
  • Video Games! (Steven, Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst) Built around Steven and Peridot’s team-up. Use Garnet to taunt, Steven and Peri to team up/support, and Amethyst to spam attacks.
  • Shorty Squad (Steven, Connie, Amethyst, Peridot) Steven on support, Connie to tank/damage single targets, Amethyst on AoE and Peridot on AoE and support.
  • Sword Storm (Steven, Connie, Greg and Amethyst): Use Greg and Steven to buff Connie for her sword storms and use Amethyst to disable enemies and clear smaller foes with AoE.

The Versatile Build is also good with most combinations, but is particularly good in parties surrounding team ups and fusions. The following will also work with AoE Amethyst, but is even better with this version:

  • Stronger than You (Steven, Garnet, Greg, Amethyst): Use Steven to bubble Garnet and Greg to buff her up as the primary damage dealer. Amethyst clears smaller enemies with AoE and provides back up, and allows the Sugilite fusion.
  • Crystal Gems (Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl): With so many fusions, you'll have an ability for nearly every situation.
  • AoE Army: (Steven, Amethyst, Greg, Peridot) Use Steven as support and everyone else on AoE attacks. Fuse into Smokey to clean up.

Combo Moves and Fusions

  • Steven (Smokey Quartz): Great for blowing enemies off cliffs and into water, as well as providing buffs and dealing AoE damage. Great for both builds.
  • Greg (Disable Jam): Can be really situational, but good for Versatile Amethyst. So long as there's someone else dealing damage and the party is arranged right, it can help a lot.
  • Connie (Study Buddies): Useful for both builds, as it not only gives a great buff to Amethyst, but to Connie too. Better if both are going to deal damage.
  • Pearl (Opal): A great fusion for both builds.
  • Garnet (Sugilite): Again, great with both builds.
  • Peridot (Super Generator): A good one for both builds again.

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