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“Steven Universe: Save the Light” Garnet Build Guide

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The leader of the Crystal Gems can be a valuable member of your party if you build her right. Too many people level up their characters by distributing points equally between the stats, but this is extremely inefficient, especially for the likes of Garnet.

In Save the Light, Garnet's abilities feel a little bit expensive for what they do, especially early in the game. However, with the right build, you can make them worthwhile and develop Garnet into a powerful teammate.

It's worth noting that for both builds, it's recommended that you stay well away from the luck stat. The upgrades are expensive and extremely weak, and besides, who needs luck when you have future vision?

As always, if you feel as if a strategy has been neglected, or you have another great build in mind, please feel free to share in the comment section so we can all benefit.

Garnet, alongside Steven, Connie and Greg.

Garnet, alongside Steven, Connie and Greg.

While the title for this build is Defender Garnet, it's important to realise her job is to do more than simply take hits as a tank. She's also excellent for controlling the battlefield, keeping the enemy's eyes on her and their guards down. With her in your team, you can build your damage dealer/s as glass canons and deal some serious damage.

Your main tools for this build will be Taunt and Sheildbreaker.

Defense, and Team Work are the most important skills for this build, with some points going into Attack.

Note: This build doesn't become effective until Garnet unlocks taunt after a few levels. If you haven't started the game yet and want to use this build, opt for someone else to be your first Crystal Gem when you're asked who you see on the beach. Amethyst if you want Garnet second, or Pearl if you want her last.

Upgrade Order

  • Leadership: This is only helpful in early game, so best to get it first and make the most of it. It's also along the way to an upgrade you'll be back for soon.
  • Resilient: Keeping Garnet immune to stun will ensure that she can keep the battlefield under control.
  • Heavy Hitter: Delve into attack first for a cheap upgrade. This ability will ensure that you can stun an enemy and keep some control if needed.
  • Super Taunt: An upgrade to our greatest weapon. We should also get this before our next upgrade for efficiency.
  • Healing Taunt: With the increased range of Taunt, this is even better. As a defender this is a great upgrade.
  • Ironhide: With all these hits coming towards Garnet, it's great to be able to send some of that damage back.
  • Super Shield Breaker: Finally, an upgrade to the Defender build's other weapon of choice.
  • Left Over Points: Any leftover points should be put into Attack and Teamwork.


  • Early Game: Harmony, Sluggish Regen, Leaf Shield, XP
  • Mid Game: Insult, Heal Aura, Fireproof, Immunity
  • Late Game: Star Block, Immunity
Garnet and Amethyst's Fusion

Garnet and Amethyst's Fusion

Damage Build

Garnet is the only damage dealer that can truly fit in as both an AoE and single target attacker. Her versatility is great for when you don't know what you'll be facing, as you'll always have something you can use Garnet for. However, she doesn't really compare to the others who have a focus.

Try to get Garnet's weapon upgrades as soon as possible, as both are very helpful to this build, the second even granting her a new in combat ability. Also, keep some presents close by as you won't be doing too much upgrading of her teamwork skill.

Your main abilities for this build are Two-Hit Punch, Shield Breaker, Quake, Super Combo, and All or Nothing.

Upgrade Order

  • Heavy Hitter: Kick off this build by delving straight into attack.
  • Super Shield Breaker: Being able to clear multiple shields at once means you can hurry up and get to dealing damage.
  • Resilient: More for the points in defense than the ability, although being immune to stun and knockback never hurts.
  • All or Nothing: The move is a gamble, but it's fun and has the chance to deal some incredible damage. If it doesn't suit your play style, you don't need to use it, but the high attack stat is definitely a good idea.
  • Left Over Points: Once you've got to this stage, you'll still have a lot of points you can spend. It really depends on your preferences. If you're having a hard time keeping Garnet up, dive into defense. If you want more team ups and fusions, go into teamwork. You can even pick up a few points in luck to get some critical hits.


  • Early Game: XP, Attack, Freebie
  • Mid Game: Freebie, Star Starter, Friendship, Kudos, Ember
  • Late Game: Rose's Tear, Poison, Grumpy
Sardonyx, Garnet and Pearl's Fusion

Sardonyx, Garnet and Pearl's Fusion

Party Suggestions and Combos

Party Suggestions

Defender Garnet is compatible with everyone, except Defender Connie. Support Greg can also become a bit redundant after Garnet gets the Healing Taunt upgrade. Bring her in any party without a tank.

Here are a few suggestions for good pair ups:

  • Sword Storm (Steven, Connie, Greg and Garnet): Use Greg and Steven to buff Connie for her sword storms and use Garnet to taunt enemies and clear smaller foes with AoE.
  • Jam Fam (Steven, Greg, Garnet, Peridot/Amethyst) Use Garnet to taunt as Support Greg jams, as well as provide her own support. Use Steven to damage single enemies or a line, and Peridot/Amethyst to do AoE.
  • Video Games! (Steven, Peridot, Garnet and Connie): Built around Steven and Peridot’s team-up. Use Garnet to taunt, Steven and Peri to team up/support, and use Connie to annihilate the enemy one by one at an incredible speed.
  • Crystal Gems (Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl): With so many fusions, you'll have an ability for nearly every situation.

Damage Garnet is very versatile and thus can fit in basically anywhere, so long as there is damage that needs to be done. Here are a few options:

  • Jam Fam 2.0 (Steven, Greg, Connie/Garnet, Peridot/Amethyst) Use Connie to protect Greg or Garnet to taunt as he jams, as well as damaging any single target enemies as needed. Use Steven as support, and Peridot/Amethyst to do AoE.
  • Stronger than You (Steven, Garnet, Greg, Connie/Amethyst): If you want to try using Garnet as the main damage dealer, try this. Use Steven and Greg to protect and buff Garnet, Connie to protect her or Amethyst to help with AoE while Garnet deals to any big enemies.

Combo Moves and Fusions

  • Steven (Bubble Toss): Especially good with Damage Garnet, but it's a good move for both builds.
  • Greg (Rock of Pain): Not the best option when it comes to Defender Garnet unless you've got Steven bubbling her, because the moment she takes a hit, the move is over. Good for Damage Garnet though.
  • Connie (Combo Strike): This team up is incredibly powerful, and worth using whatever the build.
  • Amethyst (Sugilite): Particularly good for Damage Garnet as she's designed to dish out damage, which Sugilite does with ease. It's also good for Defender Garnet when you want to get a battle done before the enemy even has a chance to attack.
  • Pearl (Sardonyx): Excellent for both builds. Sardonyx is incredibly strong and full of surprises.
  • Peridot (Bomb Drop): Very similar to Bubble Toss, so see Steven's team up.