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“Steven Universe: Save the Light” Greg Build Guide

Bo is a university student by day and nerd by night, with a big passion for writing and stories. Danger: Do not feed this person RPGs.

This article will serve as a guide to building up Greg, and a team that supports him in the game Steven Universe: Save the Light. Please note; these aren't hard and fast rules. You're welcome to use these as a base and adjust them according to your preferences. These are simply what I've found works well. If you feel like a good build has been left out, feel free to leave a comment below so we can all benefit.

It’s worth noting that similar to Connie, Greg is an incredibly powerful character not to overlook simply because he isn't a gem. With the right build and good protection, Greg can be a powerful asset to your team.

Greg's "Healing Jam"

Greg's "Healing Jam"

Early game, Greg is going to be your best friend. Puzzles requiring his jam ability will be common, and his ability to adjust to circumstances is helpful. Whether you need extra damage, extra healing, or some speedier star points, he's got you covered. Steven's dad can easily fill in almost any gap.

Over time, you may not use him as much with this build. If you're building Steven for support and have a good tank, you'll have no problems keeping your team up, and Peridot (who easily fills in his spot) can be more important to keep around for her out of combat ability. You will need him on the odd occasion for puzzles though, so it's important to keep him usable. If you swap him out mid-late game, it may be worth saving a few level up charms for when you need to pull him out.

Your main tools for this build will be Healing Jam and Star Jam.

Upgrade Order

  • Can't Stop the Rock: It's cheap, and will save you a lot of grief. It won't work every time—unless you have perfect accuracy—but when it does help you'll thank the stars you got this upgrade.
  • Speedy Jams: Every character's teamwork skill is important, but Support Greg can wrack up those points like no one else can, and his team ups are incredibly useful, so anything we can do to improve that is going to help. Also, this upgrade helps will every jam he performs.
  • Rockin' 'n Blockin': If you're consistently getting perfect accuracy, this move will be especially useful. It's definitely better for early-mid game when tanks aren't as efficient.
  • Star Charge: Especially helpful if you have Connie or Peridot on your team, with the bonus of teamwork. Don't aim to get this one too early on as you won't have much use for it in early game.
  • Super Healing Jam: The ability to overheal is a definite advantage, keeping your team just that little bit healthier. Getting near-max teamwork is also great for Greg.
  • Lucky Healing Jam: With Greg's reasonably low luck in this build so far, lucky heals won't come up too much, but it's worth having with how cheap it is.
  • Mosh Pit: Will make Lucky Healing Jam more efficient, and is a pretty powerful ability for healing.
  • Left Over Points: Don’t worry about Cleansing Jam unless you find that you never have enough Feelgood or Feelsgreat Tea. The ability is easily covered by these items. Remaining points can go into attack so Greg can help out with AoE damage.


  • Early Game: Healthy Human, XP, Leaf Shield
  • Mid Game: Star Starter, Friendship, Kudos, Turtle
  • Late Game: Star Cap, Star Starter, Friendship, Turtle
Greg from the TV show

Greg from the TV show

AoE Damage Build

Due to Greg's upgrade options, this build is a lot more difficult, however, it's also a lot of fun. If you're playing Diamond mode or looking to be efficient, I recommend sticking with Support Greg, but if you're playing to have a good time, this one's a good choice.

Upgrade Order

  • Can't Stop the Rock: No matter the build, this is easily Greg's most important first upgrade. Get this one out of the way before diving into attack.
  • Speedy Jams: Greg's jams lasting longer and sending out more pulses is just as important as increasing his attack, with the added bonus of teamwork. This build is slower to gain teamwork, but the team-ups can be just as useful.
  • Amp it Up: Increases Greg's attack and makes his Attack Jam just that bit better.
  • Rockin' 'n Blockin': Keeping up Greg's defense is going to be important if he's dealing damage, and this upgrade is going to help you send whatever damage is dealt to him right back at your enemies.
  • Sound Quality: Upping his most important skill, and making his Attack Jam even more powerful.
  • Lucky Healing Jam and Mosh Pit: The first upgrade isn't all too good for this build as you won't be doing much healing, but Mosh Pit can be super helpful, and having high luck will help with getting critical hits and mesh well with the lucky badges.
  • Left Over Points: Place any remaining points into attack, defense or teamwork.


Early Game: Healthy Human, Attack, Sluggish Regen

Mid Game: Star Starter, Nicer Regen, Ember

Late Game: Grumpy, Shamrock, any 'Lucky' badge except Engager

Greg and Steven's team up "Family Jam".

Greg and Steven's team up "Family Jam".

Party Suggestions and Combos

Party Suggestions

Support Greg works well with everyone except Peridot (the combo works, it's just very slow if you've built Steven to be support). Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sword Storm (Steven, Connie, Greg and Garnet/Amethyst): Use Greg and Steven to buff Connie for her sword storms and use Garnet/Amethyst to taunt/disable enemies and clear smaller foes with AoE.
  • Jam Fam (Steven, Greg, Connie, Amethyst): Use Connie to protect Greg as he jams. Use Steven to damage single enemies or a line, and Amethyst to do AoE.
  • Strong in the Real Way (Steven, Pearl, Greg, Connie): Use Steven and Greg to buff up Pearl as the primary damage dealer while Connie acts as her and Greg's tank.
  • Stronger than You (Steven, Garnet, Greg, Connie/Amethyst): The Connie version of this team functions much the same as Strong in the Real Way, simply swapping primary damage dealers. The Amethyst version revolves around fusing into Sugalite, and uses Amethyst's AoE to speed up the process.

With Damage Greg's teams using Peridot is a lot more viable, Greg's AoE speeding things up quite a lot. Plus, their team up is really fun to use. This build can work well with most teams, but here are a few suggestions:

  • AoE Army: (Steven, Amethyst, Greg, Peridot) Use Steven as support and everyone else on AoE attacks. Fuse into Smokey to clean up.
  • Jam Fam 2.0 (Steven, Greg, Connie/Garnet, Peridot/Amethyst) Use Connie to protect Greg or Garnet to taunt as he jams, as well as damaging any single target enemies as needed. Use Steven as support, and Peridot/Amethyst to do AoE.

Combo Moves and Fusions

  • Steven (Family Jam): This move is handy whatever the build. When things are looking bleak, it's a great one to pull out. If you're playing Damage Greg this may be even more necessary.
  • Connie (Buff Jam): Super useful if you're using Connie as your primary damage dealer, but still good no matter the build of either of the two.
  • Pearl (Buff Jam): Same deal as with Connie's team up.
  • Amythst (Disable Jam): This one is very situational, and requires a party composition with a primary damage dealer such as Sword Storm or Jam Fam. I wouldn't rely on this team up, but you'll occasionally find a good situation to roll this one out with any build.
  • Garnet (Rock of Pain): This is a good ability, but you need to be strategic about how you use it. If either Greg or Garnet are damaged the Rock of Pain stops. Protect both of them with bubbles if you can.
  • Peridot (Take a Ride): Who needs fusion when you can just have Peridot drop Greg's van on enemies? Great move, whichever build you're going with.