“Steven Universe: Save the Light” Pearl Build Guide

Updated on December 9, 2019
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When upgraded right, Peal has the ability to easily mow down enemies. Her wide range of attack options and team ups make her incredibly useful in almost all situations. This article will cover two different builds for Pearl; one focusing on pure damage output, and one on damage over time.

As always, these builds aren't the only options. Feel free to tweak them to suit your play style, or ignore them entirely.

Pearl | Source

Damage Build (Recommended)

This build turns Pearl into a glass cannon. She can be incredibly powerful and destroy the toughest of foes with ease, but she can't do it without support. She wont be able to take many hits, so keep this in mind when forming your party.

Your main tools for this build will be Stab, Spear Toss and Fireball.

Upgrade Order

  • Surprise Strike: Increases Pearl's attack, and adds a handy passive. Keep this one in mind as you battle with her.
  • Lucky Flame: Luck is going to be your best friend with this build.
  • Lucky Expert: A really powerful upgrade that compliments this build well.
  • Synchronize: Not so much for the upgrade, as you won't be using holo-pearl too much, but for the increased attack.
  • We Must Move Quickly and Do It For Them: Mostly for the second upgrade, which hopefully you won't be relying on too much, but is definitely handy for when things go wrong. Having good teamwork is also a good idea as Pearl has some great team ups that compliment this build well.
  • Super Fireball: There is no downside to this upgrade. It's not too expensive, it's guaranteed to burn and break shields, and you'll likely use this ability a fair bit.
  • Left Over Points: Put your remaining points into defense to make her more durable, especially with her Graceful upgrade, or keep boosting her attack.


  • Early Game: Attack, Harmony, XP, Sluggish Regen
  • Mid Game: Freebie, Lucky, Nicer Regen, All 'Lucky' badges except Berserker and Engager
  • Late Game: Rose's Tear, Shamrock, Grumpy, All 'Lucky' badges except Berserker and Engager

Opal, alongside Steven and Connie
Opal, alongside Steven and Connie

DOT Build

This build is a little different, and focuses on the use of Holo-Pearl and team ups instead of her more powerful attack. The Holo-Pearl move alone doesn't seem very viable in any other builds, but it can be very helpful if using a build based on it. If you're not a fan of the move, or prefer fast paced combat, I wouldn't recommend this build. But if you enjoy strategically controlling the battlefield, this can be just as fun as making her a glass cannon.

Note: If you want to use this build, don't opt for Pearl to be the first Crystal Gem to join your party. She won't have Holo-Pearl for a few levels, so select Garnet or Amethyst instead.

The main moves you'll use with this build is Holo-Pearl and Stab.

Upgrade Order

  • Lucky Flame: Upgrades Holo-Pearl.
  • Surprise Strike: A cheap attack upgrade that can come in handy if you keep the passive in mind.
  • We Must Move Quickly: More for the teamwork than the upgrade itself, although it definitely doesn't hurt.
  • Synchronize: This upgrade is pretty redundant without Holo-Pearl, but because it's this build's main weapon, it can provide a lot of extra damage.
  • Graceful: Ups Pearl's defense, and gives her a decent chance to entirely avoid damage on some attacks.
  • Left Over Points: Either build to Harmonious Warrior, or Do It For Them, depending on whether you want better defense or more frequent team ups. After that, some extra points in attack and luck won't hurt.


  • Early Game: Harmony, Sluggish Regen, Attack, XP
  • Mid Game: Lucky, Sneaky Sneaky, Friendship, Nicer Regen
  • Late Game: Any 'Lucky' Badge except Berserker, Ember, Poison


Party Suggestions and Combos

Party Suggestions

Damage Pearl is complimented by a lot of the team ups, so she's pretty strong with most of the cast. You don't want to pair her up with another single target damage dealer in most cases though, as sharing the buffs and star points can get a bit complicated. She's also not that strong with Peridot.

Here are a few suggestions for good pair ups:

  • Crystal Gems (Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl): With so many fusions, you'll have an ability for nearly every situation.
  • Strong in the Real Way (Steven, Pearl, Greg, Garnet/Connie) Use Steven and Greg to buff up Pearl as the primary damage dealer while Garnet or Connie acts as her tank.
  • Video Games! (Steven, Peridot, Garnet and Pearl) Built around Steven and Peridot’s team-up. Use Garnet to taunt, Steven and Peri to team up/support, and the Pearl to spam attacks.

DOT Pearl is a little different, as most of her combos assume that she's dealing direct damage. For this build, she is strong with Peridot, and less strong with Greg.

  • Crystal Gems (Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl): With so many fusions, you'll have an ability for nearly every situation.

  • DOT (Steven, Pearl, Peridot, Amethyst/Connie): Use Pearl and Peridot for DOT moves, Steven as support, and Amethyst for disabling enemies and to fuse into Opal, or Connie to defend.
  • Stronger than You (Steven, Garnet, Greg, Pearl): Use Steven and Greg to buff Garnet up as the primary damage dealer while Pearl does DOT and basic attacks to speed up the process. Fuse into Sardonyx for her powerful attack.

Combo Moves and Fusions

  • Steven (Strong in the Real Way): Better for Damage Pearl, but works with both builds
  • Greg (Buff Jam): A lot more useful for Damage Pearl. Not bad for DOT Pearl too though.
  • Connie (Buff): Good for both builds as it buffs the both of them, not just Pearl.
  • Amethyst (Opal): This fusion does both DoT and AoE high damage attacks, so it's perfect for both builds.
  • Garnet (Sardonyx): Better for Damage Pearl as Sardonyx only deals straight damage with her attacks, but she'll be useful with both builds.
  • Peridot (Super Peri Cannon): Does DoT, so better for the second build. However, so long as Peri is built for her cannons it'll be a good move.

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