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“Steven Universe: Save the Light” Peridot Build Guide

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Peridot doesn’t join the team until about a third of the way through the game, but once she’s in you’ll be using her often. A lot of the mid to late game puzzles require her ability to move metal, so you’ll need to be able to work her into your party, even if it’s only temporary.

Despite what she seems at first glance, she can actually be incredibly useful, and deal a large amount of damage. You just need to be patient and strategise.



DoT Build

For this build, you'll primarily be making use of Peridot's cannons, allowing her to chip away at enemies health over time. While the damage she does may seem minimal, but if you use her right, she's very effective in terms of dealing damage.

Upgrade Order

  • Peri-proficiency: Increasing the firing rate means more damage for your most-used ability, and the attack boost helps as well.
  • Range Modification: This gives you a little more control over where Peri's contraptions are placed, which can be very helpful in situations where placement doesn't work out favourably.
  • Repair: It's cheaper to repair a cannon than replace one, and the boost in defense is good too.
  • Mega Meep Morps: Another boost to the most used ability for this build, giving it an all-around upgrade.
  • Lucky Junk and Playing with Fire: 10% isn't a reliable rate by any means, but paired with the latter upgrade and the high luck you'll have with these two skills, you'll be setting fire to enemies frequently, causing even more DoT effects.
  • Left Over Points: These upgrades will take up all your points, but if you decide to skip over any upgrades, I suggest looking at Refund or Busy Builder over anything else.


  • Mid Game: Star Starter, Friendship, Ember, Poison
  • Late Game: The Perfect Cast, Lucky Zap, Lucky Star, Shamrock, Grumpy
Peridot and her cannon in “Save the Light”.

Peridot and her cannon in “Save the Light”.

Support Build

This build is very flexible, allowing Peridot to fill in whatever gap the group may have. It seeks to make use of all of Peri's abilities, not just her cannons. You'll have to be smarter about using this build, as strategies will change depending on what the situation of a fight is. Generally, if there's a cluster of little guys, use her Peri Cannons. Peri Generators are good for the beefier enemies, or ones that cause buffs and debuffs. PeriMines are good for protecting anyone getting too much attention. Finally, Tablet Toss works well to interrupt enemy charge ups.

For bonus efficiency, get Peridot's weapon upgrades.

Upgrade Order

  • Range Modification: This upgrade affects every ability except Tablet Toss, making this the perfect place to start.
  • Refund and Multi-function Generator: We're not too worried about the first upgrade, but the one you get for maxing out your teamwork is the staple for this build. It allows you to keep a much firmer control over the battlefield. The teamwork skill is also excellent for this build.
  • Repair: Repairing a contraption is far cheaper than replacing one.
  • Peri-proficiency and Mega Meep Morps: The first upgrade is good, but the second is what we're after. Having a larger targeting range means better control again.
  • Left Over Points: If you're using pericannons a lot, consider Lucky Junk or Busy Builder, depending on what you need. Otherwise, increase your defense and attack.


  • Mid Game: Star Starter, Speedy, Friendship, Nicer Regen
  • Late Game: The Perfect Cast, Star Cap, Star Starter
Official Peridot concept art for "Save the Light"

Official Peridot concept art for "Save the Light"

Party Suggestions and Combos

Party Suggestions

The DOT build works well with most. The only one I would keep her away from is Amethyst's Versatile build, however, as you can't control who the Pericannons attack, which makes using Electrocute a bit more difficult.

  • Shorty Squad (Steven, Connie, Amethyst, Peridot) Steven on support, Connie to tank/damage single targets, Amethyst on AoE and Peridot on AoE and support.
  • AoE Army (Steven, Amethyst, Greg, Peridot) Use Steven as support and everyone else on AoE attacks. Fuse into Smokey to clean up.
  • Jam Fam (Steven, Greg, Connie/Garnet, Peridot) Use Connie to protect Greg or Garnet to taunt as he jams. Use Steven to support and Peridot to do DoT.
  • DOT (Steven, Pearl, Peridot, Amethyst/Connie): Use Pearl and Peridot for DOT moves, Steven as support, and Amethyst for disabling enemies and to fuse into Opal, or Connie to defend.

Support Peridot also works with everyone, however, I wouldn't pair her with Greg unless you're using him for his attack jams.

  • Video Games! (Steven, Peridot, Garnet and Connie/Pearl/Amethyst) Built around Steven and Peridot’s team-up. Use Garnet to taunt, Steven and Peri to team up/support, and the last member to spam attacks.
  • Shorty Squad (Steven, Connie, Amethyst, Peridot) Steven on support, Connie to tank/damage single targets, Amethyst on AoE and Peridot on AoE and support.
  • Jam Fam (Steven, Greg, Connie/Garnet, Peridot) Use Connie to protect Greg or Garnet to taunt as he attack jams. Use Steven to support/attack and Peridot to do support.

Combo Moves and Fusions

Steven (Video Games): Probably the best team up in the game. It's fun, and super powerful. Use this with both builds, just make sure you've set up some contraptions before using it, and have a good line of defense.

Greg (Take a Ride): Another amazing and fun move. Deals AoE damage, and works with both builds.

Connie (Batter Up): Can be a hit or a miss, literally. You don't have control over where the mines land, and even then you need to hit them first. Better for DoT build as the other is more control based.

Amethyst (Super Generator): Better for Support Peridot as she's built for using generators.

Pearl (Super Peri Cannon): Better for DoT Peridot as she's built for using cannons, but still viable for Support Peri as well.

Garnet (Bomb Drop) Works with both builds.