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Strategy Guide for Fandral in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

Fandral is a Marvel: Avengers Alliance hero that you have likely never heard of unless you read Thor comics or have watched either of the Thor movies. He is a member of the Warriors Three and is the newest infiltrator in the game. He has two design features that are unique to the Warriors Three (though the first feature has since been copied on new heroes like Ka-Zar). First, he is actually two classes at the same time. Second, his abilities improve when other Warriors Three are present in the battle. Unfortunately, having multiple classes is nearly as much of a negative as a positive and his dependence on specific allies being present is a liability. When paired with either Volstagg or Hogun (or both in certain Special Operations and Heroic Battles), he is an absolute powerhouse. Without one of those two heroes, his biggest advantage is his ability to depower enemies, something that can be critical in boss battles.

Fandral Hero Management Screen


How to Acquire Fandral

Fandral is an evergreen character that you can purchase for 90 command points.

Special Abilities

  • Special Ability (Asgardian): Asgardian makes this character immune to poison, chilled, burning, and radiation. Before the proliferation of bleeding attacks, soulfire, deathfrost, and dark void, this was great protection. Now it is modest protection.
  • Special Abilities (Path of Cunning): Path of Cunning means that this hero counts as both an infiltrator and a tactician, for both positive and negative purposes. These are two of the most vulnerable classes in the game, which makes this pretty much a net negative, though Fandral's ability to give himself the disengage buff helps balance this a little.
  • Special Abilities (Witty Retort): Witty retort causes this hero to occasionally preemptively apply distracted to an attacking enemy. If the enemy is attacking a member of the Warriors Three, this ability always activates. When the entire team is formed of Warriors Three members, this effectively amounts to a 50% miss chance for all enemy single target attacks.
Power NameStamina CostDamage / Effect

Have At Thee


Moderate / Debuff

En Garde!


Team Buff / Depowering Counter

Elixir of Recovery


Heal / Stamina Recovery

Flynning Circus


Low Area Damage / Bleed

Detailed Power Descriptions

  • Level 1 Power, Have at Thee (One Enemy, Slashing Melee, 10% Stamina Cost): Have at Thee is a moderate damage melee attack that also applies pressure points debuff and a new debuff that increases damage from follow-up and counter attacks. This is an above average level 1 attack and is conveniently what this hero will counter with. Since his other powers are either buff powers or area powers, you will tend to use this power a lot. Spread this attack around among enemies in order to debuff as much as possible and set up increased damage from his and Hogun's counterattacks.
  • Level 2 Power, En Garde! (Self, Buff, 20% Stamina Cost): En Garde! is a buff that gives the rising up buff to all allies and a new buff to this hero. The new buff causes this character to preemptively counter all enemy attacks with a counter-attack that mildly injures and depowers the enemy. You should almost always use this power on the first round of combat and probably use it whenever it is available. This power is the main reason to field this character in battle and practically devastates enemy teams in PvP that don't have Iron Fist. This is particularly true because the En Garde! buff can't be removed with buff removal effects.
  • Level 6 Power, Elixir of Recovery (Self, Buff Heal): Elixir of Recovery has multiple effects. First, all allies gain a buff that makes them take reduced damage from follow-up and counter-attacks. Additionally, this character heals slightly and restores some stamina and loses all current debuffs. Then, every single Warrior Three on the team uses their own personal Elixir of Recovery power, which will also heal and remove debuffs from them and grant an additional buff to the entire team. Like any debuff removing power, you should wait to use this until your characters are overwhelmed with debuffs or you can potentially remove a stun effect from an ally, though activating disengage early can be useful when facing scrappers or infiltrators.
  • Level 9 Power, Flynning Circus (All Enemies, Melee Slashing, 25% Stamina Cost): This attack deals low melee damage to all enemies and all enemies hit gain three stacks of bleeding and the tenderized debuff. Both Flynning Circus and Have at Thee are slashing damage, so both powers benefit from this debuff. Additionally, this power is a stealthy attack. It is quite devastating, especially in PvP, because it can be used every round. This attack should be your default move when not using En Garde! when you are teamed with Volstagg.

ISO Support

Like most tacticians, Fandral has the potential to chew through stamina quickly. This is particularly true since he has a 20% stamina cost power that you want to use every other round and possibly a 25% stamina cost power that you want to use on alternate rounds. It is definitely worth investing ISOs in his stamina. Since this character is mostly a support character, attack isn't particularly valuable for him, but accuracy is. Enemies only get debuffed when they get hit. After that, none of the other stats are critical, so you can decide based on the weapons of your agent or the hero you tend to team him with.



Perfect Synergy, Counterattacks, High Damage



Protection, Hemorrhaging Attack



Protection, Benefits from Rising Up


Best Ally Options

Unquestionably, whenever possible, Fandral should be on a team with another member of the Warriors Three and an agent equipped with the Asgardian Tankard. Fandral's powers synergize extremely well with other members of the Warriors Three. When he is teamed with Hogun, your team deals massive damage quickly, primarily through follow-up attacks. When he is teamed with Volstagg, you have a durable team that kills with bleed and hemorrhaging. The only time to use Fandral without one of these two is against bosses that have a required team-up hero. In this situation, Fandral can keep a boss constantly depowered using En Garde! Technically, Fandral also works well with Hercules and heroes that have a Finest Hour attack, but he is far from optimal.


If Iron Fist wasn’t so common in PvP, Fandral would be the only viable choice due to En Garde! Unfortunately, Iron Fist is prevalent enough to make him just one of many viable PvP heroes. To be clear, he is viable when teamed with another member of the Warriors Three and an agent using the Asgardian Tankard. Without that combination, he doesn't bring enough juice to the table. Spiral is a better choice if you just want to depower enemies. Expect to see a lot of him, especially in offensive PvP, because he is top-notch on a defensive team where the fact that he slows down fights doesn't affect the player who put him there. If you own his character-specific E-ISO, there is almost no better PvP hero in the game.

Loquacious E-ISO


The Loquacious E-ISO can be obtained from the roulette at the end of the Warriors Three Heroic Battle in Mission 1.2.6. This E-ISO empowers the already excellent Witty Retort feature of Fandral by having the feature also applies Migraine. Migraine greatly reduces the damage of the next attack. This means that Witty Retort now affects area attacks and subsequent single target attacks in the same turn. It also assures that the next single target attack is blunted, even when Distraction fails. If you regularly use Fandral, this E-ISO is practically required and if you manage to get it, you should always equip Fandral with it.

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