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Strategy Guide for "Wonder Man on Marvel: Avengers Alliance"

Wonder Man is one of the more difficult characters to use well in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. He seems to be designed primarily as a PvP character, but he also has enough power to hold his own in most PvE fights. The single exception to that rule is that he is quite terrible against opponents that include more than one blaster. He is a basic protector hero who is particularly good when teamed up with infiltrators and happens to be almost the perfect counter for Wolverine.

Wonder Man Hero Management Screen


How to Acquire Wonderman

Wonderman was originally released as a hero for Marvel: Avengers Alliance in Special Operation 10. If you completed all 25 tasks, you earned him for free. He has since been released for purchase as an evergreen character at the high cost of 200 command points.

Special Abilities

  • Special Ability (Ion Tamer): The oddly named Ion Tamer causes this hero to automatically protect allies from any single target attack and increases his attack and defense when he is low on health. This combination makes this character get more dangerous as a fight continues. On the other hand, it also makes him very susceptible to blasters and practically requires that you provide at least moderate healing or defensive support for Wonder Man.
  • Special Ability (Ionic Body): Ionic Body is incredibly synergistic with Ion Tamer because it confers immunity to all ongoing damage effects, which is usually the easiest way to defeat protectors. This is one of the best special abilities in the game and particularly useful against some bosses, like Green Goblin, that use devastating ongoing damage effects.
Power NameStamina CostDamage / Effect

Ionic Punch


Moderate Damage / Self Buff

One Hit Wonder


High Damage / Stealthy

Hollywood Hammer


Potentially Massive Damage

Wonders Never Cease


Self Heal / Potential Extra Turn

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Detailed Power Descriptions

  • Level 1 Power, Ionic Punch (One Enemy, Unarmed Melee, 10% Stamina Cost): Ionic Punch deals moderately high melee damage to a single enemy. Additionally, it randomly buffs this character with strengthened, agile, focused, and fortitude, while reducing the damage of the opponent's attacks. It is a good attack that makes for a solid opener and is honestly good enough to use just about every round when conserving stamina in longer fights.
  • Level 2 Power, One Hit Wonder (One Enemy, Unarmed Melee, 15% Stamina Cost): One Hit Wonder deals high melee damage to a single target. This attack is stealthy and prevents the target from making follow-up attacks or stealthy attacks. This combination only meaningfully affects a few enemies in the game, possibly none of which can be found in PvE. In PvP it is good for bypassing a protector and preventing an infiltrator from making stealthy attacks or for hamstringing a scrapper, but neither use is particularly great in PvE.
  • Level 6 Power, Hollywood Hammer (One Enemy, Unarmed Melee, 25% Stamina Cost): This attack deals very high single target damage. The attack deals additional damage for each of the Finest Hour buffs that are on this character, which makes it great to use the turn after using Ionic Punch. It also applies the exhausted debuff, another debuff which is devastating in PvP, but rarely useful in PvE. This is best used against enemy agents and Rescue in PvP battles, if you aren't just using it for damage.
  • Level 9 Power, Wonders Never Cease (Self, Buff Heal, 0% Stamina Cost): This power heals this hero for a moderate amount and provides him an extra turn and additional healing when he protects. Since it costs no stamina and this character is always protecting, it is worth using any round that he is damaged and the power is available.

ISO Support

Especially when teamed with a support ally who can provide Finest Hour buffs, it is possible to quickly reach the point where all you do with Wonderman is use Hollywood Hammer every round and Wonders Never Cease every third round. This will keep him healthy and allow him to deal massive damage, but it will also go through stamina at an astounding rate. Boost his stamina with ISOs to give you at least one extra round of Hollywood Hammer. After that, you have two good choices. You can focus on his damage output by increasing his attack and accuracy. This works best when he is teamed with a healer. Alternately, boost his health and defense. This is the better option if you consistently team him with another good damage dealer.


Omega Sentinel

Finest Hour Buffs / Healing / Mirror Image


Invisible Woman

Shields / Buff Removal Prevention



Can Generalize Blasters / Multiple Buffs



Healing / Stamina Restoration / Finest Hour Buffs / Depower


Best Allies

Wonderman is a solid protector and potentially a powerhouse, especially if he has been buffed and is low on health. If the enemy doesn't have any blasters and can't strip his buffs, he is pretty much a self-contained powerhouse. If the enemy has a pair of blasters or can prevent Finest Hour buffs, he suddenly needs significant friendly support. This makes it hard to choose teammates for him. For example, both Omega Sentinel and Heimdall offer good support in the ability to give him Finest Hour buffs, but neither one really needs his protection. A better option is a character like Invisible Woman who offers defensive support and can even prevent his buffs from being removed with the right E-ISO equipped.


As previously noted, this character is almost entirely designed for PvP. He is a protector that doesn’t need to use a power to start his protection and he is immune to ongoing damage. Since ongoing damage is incredibly common in PvP, this makes him incredibly durable. His only real weakness is blasters which are almost non-existent in PvP. He is best teamed up with infiltrators and tacticians, because he can defend them from their counter classes incredibly well. His inability to protect from area attacks is a liability, making WWII Captain America, Red Hulk, and Groot all competitive choices. But he is solid in any metagame that relies more on stealthy attacks than area attacks to avoid protectors, which is increasingly true in modern PvP.

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