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"Sunless Sea" Walkthrough: Godfall and Exploring the Shattered Citadel

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Sunless Sea owned by Failbetter Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Sunless Sea owned by Failbetter Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

By all accounts, Godfall is one of the more rambunctious destinations on the Unterzee. Filled with crazed, bearded 'monks' who like to beat the snot out of each other, the monastery sounds like a loud, dangerous place, albeit one that's rather cheerful. Yet Godfall is also home to silent secrets, lingering deep in its roots, along the treacherous path through the Shattered Citadel . . .

Reaching Godfall

Godfall isn't too far from Fallen London. Sail south from London to Mutton Island, then a short jump east to Abbey Rock. Sail south from the tip of Abbey Rock and you'll come across Godfall after a short jaunt through open waters. If Terror accumulation is a concern, you can skip east from the Cumaean Canal to an outlying island, then continue a short ways northeast to Godfall.


Godfall is an interesting place. You can gift the monks with wine, you can hear stories, and you can procure the usual Port Report. At the end of your options, though, is one that's far more intriguing than the others: Exploring the Shattered Citadel. To embark on this journey you need Something awaits at port status, as well as a minimum of five Foxfire Candles. You can purchase the latter for 40 Echoes apiece in Fallen London.

Should you have more? The short answer is yes. The Shattered Citadel is a maze that goes deep beneath Godfall, and there are no lights to guide you save your Foxfire Candles. To fully explore the place you require a minimum of seven Foxfire Candles, and I recommend taking down at least ten, as there are ways to lose them while exploring. You should also bring down a full Crew, an unWounded captain, and relatively high stats in all areas. This place can kill you if you're not prepared.

Godfall, one of the locations in Sunless Sea.

Godfall, one of the locations in Sunless Sea.

Exploring the Shattered Citadel

Upon entering the Shattered Citadel's tunnels you'll be presented with the same assemblage of options seven times in a row. They are as follows:

  • Leave - Pack up and go. No penalty. You can only Leave if you're in the first section of the Shattered Citadel.
  • Go deeper - Step boldly into the darkness. Going deeper will expose your Crew to the dangers of the caves, aka a random challenge. These challenges get more difficult, and more painful to failures, when you move past the halfway point. You must expend a Foxfire Candle to Go deeper, as well as complete a fairly minor Mirrors challenge to do so successfully.
  • Retrace your steps - Move back one section. Short of making it all the way through, this is your only method for escaping the Shattered Citadel. You must expend a Foxfire Candle to do this safely. Otherwise . . .
  • Fumble in the dark - Try to escape. This is your only option for leaving the Shattered Citadel if you've run out of Foxfire Candles. Fumbling in the dark is not recommended, as you'll lose one Crew and gain a lot of Terror each time you try to leave. You'll probably bleed off the entirety of your Crew (including yourself) if you're forced to do this too many times. Never enter the Citadel with less than ten Foxfire Candles. Seriously.

Sound fun? Just wait until you start hitting challenges.

The First Half

As you go deeper into the Shattered Citadel you'll hit a series of randomized challenges. Each challenge will pit one of your stats against the baddies of the caves. Succeed and, in most cases, nothing will happen. Fail . . . well, when is failure ever good? Expect to run across the following in one order or another:

  • Creep across a chasm - Veils challenge - Gain 1 Terror if successful
  • A Black-Jawed Beast - Mirrors challenge - Nothing happens if successful
  • Fight off Winged Things! - Iron challenge - Nothing happens if successful
  • A Labyrinth of dwelling-galleries - Pages challenge - Gain 1 Fragment if successful

(My stats were too high, so I don't know what happens if you're unsuccessful in any of these. Probably a combination of Terror and lost Crew. When I know what happens when you're unsuccessful I'll get to editing.)

If you manage to successfully bypass three of these challenges—possibly the same one three times in a row, who knows—you'll arrive at the Church of the Starved Men. This is the Shattered Citadel's halfway point, and inside you'll find three Lamentable Relics, one Ambiguous Eolith, two Outlandish Artefacts, and one Secret. A nice haul all told, and if you're running low on Foxfire Candles this is the place to turn back.

If not? Keep going. It gets worse from here.

The player explores the depths of the Shattered Citadel in Sunless Sea.

The player explores the depths of the Shattered Citadel in Sunless Sea.

The Second Half

The second half of the Shattered Citadel is much the same as the first, though the challenges jump upward in difficulty. Here's what you can expect to meet in the deepest dark:

  • Lost in amber - Veils challenge - Gain 5 Terror, - 1 Crew if unsuccessful
  • Fight off a Frenzied Assault - Iron challenge - Nothing happens if successful
  • The Glittering Crisis - Pages challenge - 1 Wound if unsuccessful
  • A nasty moment - Hearts challenge - Gain 5 Terror and 1 Foxfire Candle if unsuccessful

Painful repercussions. Again, you'll face three of these challenges on your way down to the root of Godfall.

The Bottom

At the base of Godfall you'll come to a hideous gate. Assuming you kept the Ambiguous Eolith you found earlier, you can get through the gate and find your prize waiting: seven Lamentable Relics, one Eyeless Skull, one Captivating Treasure, and two Secrets. You can also exit the Shattered Citadel from here without having to clamber your way back through the dark.

Upon exiting you'll find that you can still access the Shattered Citadel, though if you made it to the bottom there's not much point going through a second time . . . unless, of course, some other story drives you to return. (When I find out what that might be, I'll come back here for some editing. Stay tuned.)