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Sunless Sea Walkthrough: Mount Palmerston and the Wistful Deviless

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Sunless Sea owned by Failbetter Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Sunless Sea owned by Failbetter Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Mount Palmerston is one of the most remote and remarkable locations on the Unterzee. A long trip northeast of Fallen London, it takes any ship a fair while to sail to Palmerston, and all they'll find at Port Palmerston is a good deal on Fuel and a poor deal on Supplies. Head up Mount Palmerston itself, though, and a certain Wistful Deviless will bar your path . . .

Reaching Mount Palmerston

Mount Palmerston is one of the most remote locations in Sunless Sea at the moment. Located a more-or-less straight northeast jaunt from Fallen London, it will take several minutes of uninterrupted travel to get there - and if you partake of this little side story, you'll have to make the trip several times. The safest path is to head east to the Shepherd Isles, sail north through the Phosgene Bleaks, hop northeast from Demeaux Island to the Bonny Reefs, and then sail across open water from the Reefs to Mount Palmerston. You'll take a bit of Terror damage this way, but it's much faster than hugging the western coastline up to Whither and across.

This mission will require you to visit Mount Palmerston several times. Fuel is at a slight discount in Mount Palmerston while Supplies are appreciably cheaper, so buy Fuel at the Mount and wait until you're back in London to purchase Supplies.

The player explores Mount Palmerston in Sunless Sea - and comes across a Deviless with a few proposals.

The player explores Mount Palmerston in Sunless Sea - and comes across a Deviless with a few proposals.

Spoiler Warning

Want to see the plot through to the end on your own? Know, then, that this story will require you to pass between Mount Palmerston and Fallen London several times. Partway through you can pass a Mirrors challenge to change the outcome of the story, and if you warn a certain someone partway through your reward will be . . . eh. Not so great.

Spoilers not a problem? Onward!

Mount Palmerston, Part One

Upon first climbing Mount Palmerston you'll be approached by the Wistful Deviless, who will prevent you from climbing further. She's not a jerk, though, and will offer you some tea. Agree and you'll become better acquainted with the Deviless, opening the story yet further. Refuse and you can try again later. Once you have had tea with the Deviless, set out to zee and wander until you receive some form of flavour text in your log. This will mean that something new is waiting for you at port - in this case, more of the story.

Mount Palmerston, Part Two

Return to Mount Palmerston a second time and you'll find the Deviless right where you left her. She'll have a tidy request for you . . . namely, for a soul. You now have choices:

  • A hesitant request - Hand over one Crate of Human Souls. You'll receive one Secret in exchange.
  • Concede her your soul - Hand over your soul. You'll receive one Secret in exchange, and you'll gain the Soulless story.
  • Refuse tactfully - You'll gain one Supplies. Yay.

Set out to sea again once you've delivered some form of soul to the Devliess.

Mount Palmerston, Part Three

On your third return trip to Mount Palmerston, the Deviless will express her desire to return to the fold of devils. She asks that you take A Message from the Wistful Deviless to Fallen London and deliver it to her fellow devils. Agree to receive the message.

Fallen London

Now the story gets a bit sticky. Upon returning to Fallen London a new location will open: the Brass Embassy. This is the home of the devils of Fallen London, and this is where you need to deliver the Message. You can also sell Crates of Souls here, if you still have any, and can continue doing so for the rest of the game.

The devil at the Embassy will pass on A Message to the Wistful Deviless and a Gift for the Wistful Deviless, as well as 150 Echoes, and tell you to take them back to her. He also asks for independent confirmation of the Deviless' info.

The player visits the Brass Embassy of Fallen London in Sunless Sea.

The player visits the Brass Embassy of Fallen London in Sunless Sea.

Mount Palmerston, Part Four

Yep, back to the volcano. Approach the Deviless again and this time you'll have an extra option:

  • Independent verification. If you're successful in this side bit of Mirrors business you'll gain one Terror and one Brimstone Buzzings. Fail and you'll receive five Terror and nothing else. Either way, you'll jump to the other two options automatically.
  • Give the Deviless the news from the Embassy, and the gift. Do this and you'll gain another A Message from the Wistful Deviless.
  • Give the Deviless the news from the Embassy, but not the gift. Do this and you'll also gain another A Message from the Wistful Deviless, as well as 150 Echoes. Sweet!

Regardless . . .

Fallen London

Return to the Brass Embassy yet again. You can now hand over the Message and receive permission to bring the Deviless back to Fallen London to rejoin her kind. If, however, you gained independent verification during your last visit via Brimstone Buzzings, you'll gain an additional 100 Echoes . . . and land the Deviless in some hot water.

Mount Palmerston

Last time, I promise. Upon return, you can gain Independent verification again, if you wish (I suspect this may be a glitch of some kind), then visit the Deviless. This opens more options:

  • Tell the Deviless it's time to go - Gain one Wistful Deviless.
  • Warn the Wistful Deviless - This option only appears if you ratted on her in London. Warn the Wistful Deviless and you'll gain ten Terror, 100 Fragments, one Outlandish Artefact, and bring the story to a close. Otherwise . . .

Fallen London

The story comes to a close here, and the Deviless' fate is revealed. Regardless, you will lose her company and gain one Captivating Treasure and two Secrets, a pretty reasonable haul all together.

All done? Not quite. If you didn't offer independent verification before but did collect the Brimstone Buzzings, you can now trade them in at the Brass Embassy for 100 Echoes. (And perhaps be confused by the resulting discrepancy. Huh.)


ryn on February 16, 2015:

so, i thought the deviless would be giving the soul back at some point. Because, I thought she said borrow. I know, very obviously she could have been lying, probably was. But, there should at least be some sort of "demand/ask your soul back" option.