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"Sunless Sea" Walkthrough: The Blind Bruiser

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Sunless Sea owned by Failbetter Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Sunless Sea owned by Failbetter Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Sunless Sea is a game of stories, and shortly after beginning your own story, you'll open up a branching path in Fallen London upon making the acquaintance of the Blind Bruiser. A one-eyed, polite gentleman of the docks who nevertheless seems to brandish a knife wherever he goes, the Blind Bruiser represents an interested party from a nearby business establishment . . . and if you're willing to risk some treacherous waters, he may just have a business deal or two for you.

Unlocking the Blind Bruiser

The Blind Bruiser represents possibly one of the easiest branching stories to find in Sunless Sea. Set out from Fallen London and proceed until there's something waiting for you in port. You can achieve this effect simply by travelling for a while and waiting for flavour text to pop up on your ship's log in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Zee-bats wailing, creatures following in the wake of your ship, someone laughing on the deck, all of these are indications that there are new opportunities waiting in ports around the Unterzee.

Go back to Fallen London and you'll see a new option waiting, accompanied by the Blind Bruiser's happy picture.

A little gift

The Blind Bruiser will happily greet you when you make port and approach him, and he comes bearing gifts: no less than five Supplies and ten Fuel. Not a bad haul, especially for new players, and he assures you that they come at no cost . . . save the anticipation of favours that may need to be fulfilled in the future. You can turn him down now and end the quest cold, or you can accept his offer and indebt yourself to the owner of the Meduca's Head, the Cheery Man.

For the moment, that's all there is to the story. Head out and return when there are more stories waiting in port, though, and the Blind Bruiser will be waiting.

The Blind Bruiser in Sunless Sea. Honour your bargains with the man or you'll regret it.

The Blind Bruiser in Sunless Sea. Honour your bargains with the man or you'll regret it.

A little proposal

Upon arrival at Fallen London, you'll receive notification that the Blind Bruiser is looking for you, and if you try to leave town you'll be forced to speak with him. He has a favour to ask on behalf of his boss, namely that you deliver a package to a contact at Mount Palmerston. You have two options:

  • Accept. Not a big deal, right? You'll receive the Bruiser's gratitude, as well as an Unstamped Crate of Bottled Souls.
  • Refuse. The Blind Bruiser will be upset, and though you'll never see him again, your ship will gain Everything is probably perfectly all right status. If this happens, your ship is more prone to problems while at zee. (Haven't verified this. Does anybody know exactly what happens?)

If you decide to accept you'll have to make the treacherous journey to Mount Palmerston, far to the northeast of Fallen London. Your best course there is to follow the western shoreline to Venderbight, island hop to the east until you reach Demeaux Island, head a short distance northeast to the Bonny Reefs, and then continue northeast across a patch of darkened water to Mount Palmerston. The enemies along the way can get powerful, so move cautiously.

After dropping off the 'package' you'll be sent back to Fallen London. Once there you can either refuse the reward offered by the Blind Bruiser, squaring your debt and ending the questline, or accept his proffered 200 Echo and continue the business relationship. The latter leads to the third, lengthiest section of this quest.

A little request

On the same trip you return and accept the reward, the Blind Bruiser will again stop you and ask for another favour. In this case, he wants you to go across the zees, deliver a mighty 1000 Echoes, and collect an item of note from a trader in Polythreme. Refuse to end the questline; agree to set sail, gaining 1000 Echoes in the process.

(It is really really really tempting to spend these Echoes. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're aware of the consequences. Have a look below.)

If you agree to ferry the money to Polythreme and actually do it, head south of Fallen London until you see Mutton Island on your right. Sail east from Mutton Island to find Abbey Rock. Zip south from the Rock to find Godfall. You'll find Polythreme across the Tides of Appetite to the southeast. Watch out for pirate ships patrolling these waters. The contact here will give you another Unstamped Crate of Bottled Souls and send you back to London for the dropoff. The Bruiser will give you 200 Echoes for your help.

The player visits Khan's Heart in Sunless Sea.

The player visits Khan's Heart in Sunless Sea.

If you fail to collect the Crate before returning to Fallen London, or if you simply spent the money and didn't have enough to buy the Crate, you'll find the Blind Bruiser waiting with a large contingent of thugs. He wants the Echoes back, plus interest . . . say, another half on top. In short, 1500 Echoes. You have two options:

  • Pay him off. You'll square your debt and never see the guy again. Ouch, that's a lot of money lost.
  • FIGHT! Yep, you can try to fend the blighters off. In this case, you'll face a tough Iron challenge. Win and you'll get to keep the money, though you'll lose one member of your Crew. Fail—and failing is much more likely to happen—and the Blind Bruiser will murder a large number of your Crew, potentially all of them. If this happens you'll have to quickly gather more Crew before trying to leave, as setting sail with a Crew count of zero is a Game Over. Ouch. (On the plus side, you do get to keep the money.)

Regardless of your choice, your association with the Blind Bruiser is finished.

If you were successful in your delivery, the Blind Bruiser will approach you again before you leave port with a near-identical request. He gives you 1000 Echoes, you need to deliver them to someone across the zee. This time, though, he'll ask you to head to Khan's Heart, the center of trade for the New Khanate. Agree and you'll have to sail east, to the mass of stalactites surrounding Gaider's Mourn, and then southeast to find the Khanate. The other options—refusal, success, spending the money, fighting the Blind Bruiser and his thugs—are identical to your previous mission.

Upon return, the Blind Bruiser will thank you heartily for your help, and thereafter he'll continue to pop up . . . apparently in a loop. As far as I know, you'll continue to drop off money for cargo until you end the quest yourself, cycling between Polythreme and Khan's Heart and constantly earning credits. That's all for now, really, but I've no doubt he'll serve an even more sinister purpose with later updates . . .


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