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"Diablo 3" Quest Lore Book Guide: Taking Notes (Act I)


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This guide will cover where players can find all of the Quest Lore Books that need to be found in Act I of the video game Diablo 3 for the Taking Notes achievement. There are seven books to find in the group altogether, spread through various locals, which provide lore and background information on the events taking place.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these journal entries may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.

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"Taking Notes" Contents:

  1. Report from Wortham
  2. Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor
  3. Reply from Cultists Grand Inquisitor
  4. A Page From Lazarus's Grimoire
  5. Orders from Maghda
  6. Villager's Journal
  7. A Summoner's Journal
Report from Wortham

Report from Wortham

1. Report From Wortham

This journal is found in the passage between the Northern Highlands and Leoric's Hunting Grounds traveled through during the quest Trailing the Coven. Head up the first bit of stairs to the front of the destroyed building and look around on the stone ground for the Wortham Villager Corpse which drops the journal.

It is my pleasure to report that I have broken the prisoners from Wortham. Words have flowed from their mouths like blood from a wound! Our summoners can retrieve the weapon at your command, and the enemy shall be none the wiser.
- Dark Cultist

Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor

Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor

2. Command From Cultist Grand Inquisitor

During the quest The Imprisoned Angel, while you are traveling through all three levels of the Halls of Agony, there will be Lecterns spread throughout the map. This is the fourth journal that drops from these lecterns, the first three being parts of King Leoric's journal. If you activated all of them and the journal didn't drop, you can reload the game and try again as journals don't drop twice and you will eventually get it.

I need more bodies! You think my summoners can just conjure up a demon whenever it pleases them? We must have blood-fresh blood, mind you-and human flesh to bolster our magic. I will be expecting a reply from you shortly.
- Grand Inquisitor

Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor

Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor

3. Reply From Cultist Grand Inquisitor

Once you reach the Halls of Agony level 3 on your way to go kill the Butcher, search around for a Musty Lectern, which will drop this journal. There may be other journals that drop before this and you also might need to collect the Command From Cultist Grand Inquisitor first (i suggest only go out of your way to do this if the musty lectern doesn't drop anything when it should).

Of all the abominable stalling! In case it was not clear, I need the sacrifices now. I have heard enough of your idle complaints that the villagers have fled from the Highlands, leaving no one left to sacrifice. You'd best come up with something, or it's your hide we'll be flaying.
- Grand Inquisitor

A Page From Lazarus's Grimoire

A Page From Lazarus's Grimoire

4. A Page From Lazarus's Grimoire

Upon leaving the Cursed Hold after fighting the Jailer during the quest The Imprisoned Angel, look to the left before you completely exit the area to see a room with the ghosts of King Leoric, Lazarus and Queen Asylla. Witness the grizzly reenactment of the Queen's demise till its end and wait for the ghosts to disappear. The journal will drop out of thin air for you to collect.

The time of my lord's true awakening is at hand. That fool Leoric was only able to resist him because he did not yet possess his full power. With the queen dispatched as a traitor, I may now devote myself fully to preparing the boy for the presence of my master...
- Archbishop Lazarus

Orders from Maghda

Orders from Maghda

5. Orders From Maghda

When you first enter Leoric's Manor during the quest Trailing the Coven, you will be attacked by a large group of Cultists and some Demon Berserkers. After clearing out the group, you will find this journal strewn about amongst the loot and corpses.

There is a new piece to the game, a girl named Leah. My spies tell me she is the child of the witch Adria, who is hiding in the deserts of Caldeum.
Bring this news to the master at once.
- Maghda

6. Villager's Journal

Previously bugged, as of patch 1.0.3 this journal can now be found in the Old Keepsake Box along Old Tristram road or in the Old Ruins. It may be found after several others thus taking a few opens to retrieve.

Thanks to: Steve, Eric, SjantenHG, and Tuana for help in finding and confirming this information.

The king has gone mad, executing anyone his paranoid eye alls on! None of us are safe.
- Villager Gordon

7. A Summoner's Journal

Check the east side of the Southern Highlands along the region's edge for a pair of steps that come down like a v to a small lowered platform that sticks out a bit from the rest of the edge. Sometimes it will be empty, which means time to reload, but if not, you will find a Dark Cultist you can't immedietely attack. Approach him and he will begin to mutter some incantations before raising four ghost goatmen. Kill the lot and the cultist will drop this journal. Seems to spawn fairly often.

Maghda is a fool. I will raise an army of souls from these primitives and chain them to my invincible will.
Yes, with these heathens at my command, the kingdoms of the world shall bow to the migh of... the Lord of Goats!
I may have to work on the title a bit more.
- Dark Cultist

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SOE (author) on July 04, 2012:

Updated the guide to its finalized version with the addition of the one missing journal, thanks for the help everyone. On a side not, i found it funny how long we waited to hear such a rather pointless part of dialogue, then again i guess that's why it really wasn't much of a priority.

SjantenHG on June 23, 2012:

i can verify that the book drops from old tristam, just got it 10 minutes ago :)

SOE (author) on June 21, 2012:

Thanks for the info, I'll update the guide soon..

Eric on June 21, 2012:

I found the Villager's journal in the old keepsake box along old tristram road.

Tuana on June 20, 2012:

Did a search on the internet and found that the Villager's Journal drops from the Old Keepsake box.

(link to source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5869897557?...

Tuana on June 20, 2012:

I've been to the Lyceum area today. Found it in the southern highlands by accident and entered. But I've searched the place from top to bottom 3 times at least, destroying everything and getting every corpse to flip over, but there was no sign of the Villager's Journal. :(

Maybe the area is back, but the book bugged now?