"Diablo 3" Wandering Merchant Event Guide: Tashun the Miner (The Precious Ores)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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This guide will cover the wandering merchant, Tashun the Miner and his associated event, The Precious Ores in Diablo 3, providing information on how to locate the npc and complete the objectives.

Where to find Tashun the Miner

Map of possible spawn locations of Tashun and his event in the Fields of Misery.
Map of possible spawn locations of Tashun and his event in the Fields of Misery. | Source

In the Fields of Misery of Act I, there is a randomly spawning dungeon known as the Lost Mines. Find the mines and make your way to its second level. You should find Tashun right next to the entrance of level 2, as he seems to spawn every time (comments on this appreciated). Talk to him to accept his event quest, The Precious Ores.

One of these will always be a waypoint and another will be the Khazra Den. During the quest Sword of the Stranger, you can hit the checkpoint inside the den after grabbing the waypoint, exit the den and check you map to already show which two spawn locations are used up already this way, leaving only two points to check. Make a new game if you don't find it, rinse and repeat.

The Precious Ores

Tashun the Miner
Tashun the Miner | Source

"I heard there is a fine vein of metals and gems down here. Help me find it, and I will sell you my goods at a more than fair price."

Find the Vein of Metals and the Pure Gemstone

Most of the enemies you will find in this dungeon are for the most part, part of the dungeon itself and not the quest, thus it is entirely possible to clear them out, then come back and do the event afterwards. This is not necessary, but this is how the video was made above in order to just cover the event itself. You will need to locate and use a pair of objects in the second level of the Lost Mines.

The Pure Gemstone will be a sparkling chunk of blue crystal that looks a lot like the minerals from Starcraft. The Vein of Metals on the other hand looks like a gray cone with multiple spikes at the top, the tips of which are stripped away to reveal a golden ore within, which will also sparkle prior to activating it. Both of these items tend to be on far opposite sides of the large mines, so expect to search around rather extensively for these.

The Pure Gemstone
The Pure Gemstone | Source
The Vein of Metals
The Vein of Metals | Source

Kill the Burrowing Leapers

Once you have found both objects, Tashun will start digging while you have to protect him from a series of attacking Burrowing Leapers. You'll only need to cut down a handful of them before you are done with this objective and free to talk to him once more and complete the event, receiving a small amount of gold and chunk of experience for your efforts. Tashun sells a variety of armor and weapons for you to peruse at a discounted price while offering his repair services.

The attacking Burrowing Leapers.
The attacking Burrowing Leapers. | Source

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