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The 10 Creepiest Moments in the "Dragon Age" Series

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E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

At first glance, the Dragon Age series seems to be just an epic fantasy role playing game, but once you get into the storyline, you find out how dark and twisted the world actual is. There are undead, blighted creatures rising in hordes to unleash the apocalypse. There are demons corrupting mages and tempting humans. There are ghosts who haven't quite moved on from their tortured lives. Even some of the humans resemble monsters between the slavery, murder, and blood magic.

Dragon Age was never meant to be a horror video game series, but in many ways, it is horrifying anyway.


10. Bertram's Mansion

The way the furniture in Bertram's house is moving is unsettling. You're not quite sure what's wrong with his house or what this curse is, but it's kind of creepy. I always forget the part where one of the pots hits you and shatters, but it makes me jumpy when it happens. I always think the scariest part of the idea of ghosts moving around furniture and chairs is that they could hit you with them. It shows the curse in Bertram's house is hostile and that it wants you to leave.

This isn't the most unsettling part of the whole thing, though. Red lyrium has taken over Bertram's mind and heart. He was heartless before, but now something much worse is wrong with him. This is where the red lyrium problem begins, a problem that drives the Knight-Commander insane and turns templars into monsters throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Bertram's house is just the beginning.

9. Crestwood

I am fascinated by this area in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but also terrified of it. You can just feel how wrong everything is the moment you step inside of this area and start traveling down the road to this town. The darkness, the storms, the stories in this place...all of it works together to make a perfect creepy setting.

You meet undead creatures and demons here. You have to appease some of them and collect the bodies of corpses for burial. You also find out the story about the horrible things the mayor did in order to keep himself and a few other people alive. On one hand, you kind of sympathize, he was in a bad place. But mostly, you feel disgusted by his actions. Unfortunately, he's disappeared and there's nothing you can do to right the situation again.

I had trouble trusting anyone in this area until I completed it.

8. The Fallow Mire

The Fallow Mire is my least favorite area in Dragon Age Inquisition. I can never play this area without my dog in the room. Everything about it, aside from the Avvars, is creepy.

There are creepy quests where you must summon demons and kill them through rituals. There's creepy writing and spirit fire that you must use and read. There's creepy codex entries to find as well.

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But the worst part is how this swamp is cursed. It's not only dark and stormy, but the water is filled with undead. The water is everything, next to impossible to avoid all of the time, yet every time you step into it, undead creatures rise from it and attack you and there's so many of them that they can keep rising into infinity.

It makes me jumpy and scared.

7. The Desire Demon: Kitty

Whenever children are involved in this series, it's almost always upsetting. They're always getting manipulated by demons because they are so naive and inexperienced. There's Connor and the demon that possessed him (that almost made it to this list, he did hurt a whole village of people after all) and Feynriel with his nightmares about demons.

The worst one, though, was this little girl and her kitty, in my opinion. The worst part about the whole thing is it's almost impossible to encounter this situation and save the little girl. Of course she would love the idea of a kitty talking to her! I would have, too, at her age. But everyone who plays the game know that cats don't talk, even in a fantasy game like Dragon Age.

And you're faced with a horrible choice, too, of letting the demon escape and protecting the girl or fighting it and having it destroy the girl. And you know it's a demon and that demons love tricks, so you're not sure if there's any way to keep her safe.

6. Soldier's Peak

"This one" is terrified of Sophia Dreyden.


What I meant to say is that the Soldiers' Peak is DLC was incredibly well-made. Between the ghostly, creepy memories of the past, the demons that haunt the place, Sophia Dreyden, and evil experiments, this is an area of the game that I don't like to play without my dog in the room because I feel creeped out during it.

Sophia Dreyden is the worst part of it. Everything is horrifying about her. She wants to strike deals with you because you need her help, but in return, you must help her escape. She is obviously not a creature that should be released into the world. She has a weird way of speaking, in a dark demonic voice where she refers to herself in the third person. It also makes me feel icky to see her face, knowing that she's rotting away and only kept animated because of the demon inside of her. I know there are a lot of abominations and undead in these games, a lot of them are in similar situations, but nothing hits you as hard or looks as disgusting as Sophia Dreyden. Maybe because most of the darkspawn are mute.

5. In Hushed Whispers (You Lost and It's the Apocalypse)

I've played Dragon Age: Inquisition twice so far. Once, I sided with the Mages, and the other time, I sided with the Templars. The templar storyline is interesting and entertaining, but the mage storyline is better.

It's a very dark and unique storyline. The mages have been corrupted by Corypheus and they've learned how to manipulate time through magic. In the hands of anyone, this kind of magic could be dangerous. There are countless stories in the world about people traveling through time and messing everything up. In this story, though, you're thrown into the future. You weren't around to save the world, so the apocalypse is here now. Corypheus has taken over and all your friends are in a bad place.

Seeing the effects of red lyrium (before people turn into a monster) on Cassandra are frightening. She talks strangely, she's ill, and there is no relief to her pain in this post-apocalyptic world.

The way people have been tortured, the way Leliana has been tortured, and who she is now is also a shock for many people. No one is happy. No one has escaped Corypheus' clutches completely. They've all seen horrible things.

There is no hope in this world, unlike the one that you left. Your only hope is to go back into the past using the same magic that brought you here and change history by saving everyone this time. The problem is Corypheus is already in charge here and if you are caught by him (or someone who works for him) sneaking around, you won't be able to fix things.

Even though the storyline is already decided ahead of time and you're going to succeed in your mission, it feels like you aren't. There's a fresh horror to discover about this new, evil world around every corner and a dread you feel knowing that if this magic doesn't work, everyone is hopelessly doomed.

I thought it was extremely creepy and well-executed.

4. Haunted Orphanage

Ser Otto is pretty neat. The way he can sense evil presences and even sword fight, despite the fact that he is blind, is cool. He's like a medieval version of Dare Devil.

But it's also kind of creepy.

And it gets even creepier once you get inside the destroyed Orphanage, where the spirits of children and demons are in turmoil because of the horror and pain that happened there.

There are ghosts of children running around and reciting poems in unemotional voices about their pain and death. It's not a part of the game that I can play without my dog in the room.

3. Cairidin's Research

The Golems of Amgarrak is a pretty weird place. There's a lot you have to do in it that involves different dimensions and colors. The whole area is torn in some way, magically, which is extremely weird because it's in an area that mostly golems and dwarves dwell. Dwarves are unable to practice magic.

While you are exploring this area, you start seeing these creepy creatures skitter past you every once in awhile. They are just fast enough to freak you out without you getting a good look at them. In the end, you slowly find out that these creatures are actually made from the body parts of dwarves and that they can combine together (or fall apart when attacked) to make a giant deformed, flesh monster. It's pretty gross and scary when you discover this. I remember being disturbed by it.

2. All That Remains (Your Mother Is a Zombie)

I haven't heard of anyone playing this part of Dragon Age II and not being affected by it.

You're working on solving why so many women are going missing in Kirkwall. It's pretty obvious from the evidence you gather that all these women were likely murdered. As you are making progress, suddenly your Mom goes missing. You feel dread in your stomach, but surely you'll be able to make it to your mother in time. You're the hero and it will all be okay.

After losing your sibling earlier in the game (in a unique way based on your choices), they won't make you also lose your mother, right? Hawke's life couldn't possible be that sad, right?

Well, it's much worse than you could possibly imagine. This man is not just murdering women, he's collecting their body parts and assembling them to recreate the love of his life who died. He studied Caridin's research and he's completely insane.

You're confronting him about all of this when the woman sitting in the corner shuffles around and turns to you. It's your mother! He shaved off the face of your mother because it looks just like the lost love of his life. She then proceeds to die as you progress through the game. You kill the creepy guy, but you're haunted by what he has done.

Hawke's life is very sad.

1. Creepy Broodmother Poetry

The video shows Hespith after you find her, reciting the poem quickly. But what happens before you get to this part is terrifying. You're walking around in a dark cave underground and an unknown being is slowly whispering to you (as you progress), a poem about how everyone she was with down here was slowly killed and/or turned into a monster. The descriptions put a really creepy picture in your head and you dread walking forward and finding out what she is talking about. You almost don't want to keep progressing in the

The broodmother, which is what her poem is about, is pretty disgusting and creepy to look at.


"Dragon Age" Is Filled With Creepy Moments

It took me a long time to compile this list as I considered all the different creepy moments in the Dragon Age series and tried to decide which ones were the best.

So, what do you think? What were the creepiest moments in the Dragon Age series in your opinion? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, especially if you think I overlooked something.

© 2016 EB Black


Felix on July 18, 2017:

There is a way to save the girls from "Kitty", you need to lie to the liar...

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on November 02, 2016:

I agree that the Broodmother was the most horrifying moment in Dragon Age. I haven't played II but Inquisition is one of my favourites. Watching how the future had messed Leliana up is definitely up there too. Glad you put the Broodmother as number 1 because I definitely agree!

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